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so all of these are a dollar all of these $1 you said why am i holding on baby oh I would have a back down are you looking at in my line my boy welcome back to me cut off your knees my time make sure you all subscribe because I do a lot more videos similar to this okay so today we are laying it to surf shop today which I'm excited for I'm actually in the parking lot must go in right now but I just wanted to talk about this thrift store I actually love it because it's like the sole private it's in like as you can see a private neighborhood where you like you cannot find this thrift store unless someone tells you about it you like shopping here is because number one the prices are good and they like they're stagnant like they never move obviously open to the public there's nothing cool honestly they're just close so I'm going to bring you all along today sisters are social enterprises so what those basically are is that they're a non-profit company so basically the profit that are made from people like me that buy things from here it's given to social causes I'm not giving back to like the people who decided to open the strip store or like actually it's a charity bradster store so it's a good cause you're giving your money to social need so what so I watched a shop at their store because it's basically surf stories basically are helping communities I'm going to go in oh it's really hot today for hot but I love it Here I am I'll eat it food so these are cool like they're only like a dollar for like me yeah that's cool okay so I have basically I have bamboo plants that I'm trying to find like my bases or because I don't want to have the bamboo plants actually in mason jars because I just feel like able to rustic from myself so I'm trying to find something glass that I can put them in it looks good so I'm in that like the small little glass aisle right now China find something that would look I think there's instable or something like that so let's look if we can find something here everything's 57 so that's such a good deal hmm I'm going to certamen Sinai the good thing about these stories is that they'll always have like mason jars here like always bobs for like 50 cents or two for a dollar not to for 50 so because there is a lot I'll kind of Oh what about it I think I might get this that's all I need something tall and it's only a dollar okay a bell right here okay kind of empty in here Tony okay so I just always put all my stuff in this have the glass in these here is really those easier to get a glass I was oxley eight million dollar Hey look at these easy wooden going to put batteries in movies these are only three dollars okay people sorry a glove fabulous so you just want my run and stuff you just have to look that's what I'm doing I just look and see what I like it's kind of empty in here today it's Wednesday today and it usually gets more packed in here unlike Saturday's they like great stock all the shell you know I got the thing that I needed just feel like I need to look a little bit more before leave and I don't want to do more so I try not to get anything more oh I wonder if the spot to look better yeah a what see all these are the two dealers that's how Pasha I don't know program boo I want them to stand up so maybe the skinny one would have looked at way better okay so I figured are any man who once escaped I'm gonna see if I can find some mirrors so this is so bad like you'll pick up things that you actually don't need but you like them you like maybe a make me them so you have to be careful when you have my sisters because you can become a hoarder legit if you don't know how to shop at all or you're just really buying anything only a miracle if I can come in here for the one thing that I need in leave out with it that would be good thank you a cessful body like here here the other days are probably gone obviously thank you see here I go shopping or any errands I try not to dress up because just unnecessary and I'm just doing errands and I'm shopping so oh yeah so with a full body length mirror I trying to look for one show me what $2 what $2 okay I'm gonna leave this mirror up at the front and then continuing shopping yeah because I want to drag this around everywhere with me while I'm shopping I'll decide if I'd like really want this mirror okay and I don't need them back so we put out then throughout the day of the wrong Oh mission Kumbhakarna there your section yeah this is back to thee the other $20 each for each of these five table yay or me for a good price I think it was just crazy good kind of $10 each probably would have been better case like maximal one I don't so all these are a dollar all of these one dollar okay so these are all well not all them but here's a portion of suppose that they are here and I just came out of that cart over there yeah don't take his photo yeah it'll be floating same day people sleeping bags we have at eight dollars for sleeping bags and clothes are like two dollars each such good prices here so there's like a whole bunch of different ones that are here and they have fabric here Wow everything's so empty today and the woman dresses are five dollars each and like you just have to love to ski so yeah it's all miscellaneous but I need to stop certain things from here would you like to see me pop on this rock and they're all $2 each this is a cute color actually my kids pretty we got a lot of leaf hops here as well so if you're into like leaf hops and all that you can definitely get all these for the $2 tops like this it was like Sookie proving that really nice hop actually well I'm not really into like laundry I just feel like it's flowing necessary like very unnecessary and I'd like a Tommy Hilfiger here why when I get kind of big cool this is like some medium I'm gonna make it work yay or nay let me know that's enough neh this probably looks so big to me and she goes ahead and throws it in her just like a hit a mess when it comes to the shorts it's all like big ugly short sides open so if they're really wolf like I'm sort of shorter and they have chickens here to step up those really been curtains like these kind I don't have and I'm sure and then there's like comforters over there and then there's some towels tablecloth bottom row five dollars if they have all-male clothing on the side almond milk particular once we stopped where I belong and this is like children for a sugar cute a lot of men so the book fifty cents hardcover at all these are like purses belts are like I think a dollar rich at all so I that okay and then I don't need any me my shoes are fancy actually likes to but these are too small I'll wait there size 8p8 Ernie okay what kind of size eight is visited not fit me are my figure is breaking okay that's nice people Kishu we sleep smoke come off like they won't come out like I'm trying so pretty more exam I noticed I'm okay with sweeper sweeper that a lot of people donate pink and victoriously put sweet slip Victoria and Victoria Secret and pink week were left for the NZ here which is usually on Monday okay I'm going to see if they have any taste here because they mean them I need to find some kind for certain videos so we will see and I'm going to love to see question I many like what is it looks like genie and then it goes up to like like a stretchy material I don't know gate or knee me oh so Janna size 11 can't see me that's a nice color though want some clouds in Clanton maybe I'm not going to fit me that's nice like something to wear inside your house okay so basically I didn't find the tie so I'll probably just wear spandex shorts and I'll probably go to winners or like ideas or sports check to my those bad next Shores but yeah that's basically it for this video let me know if like any search stores near you or Simmons's also let me know if this is such mister stores really good like everyone's really nice iam friendly and all that stuff stuff yeah I basically got what I needed so for sure I think I'm finished and I didn't spend that my search is really good today you have Antonio wash your bobbin or antigen scissors yeah yeah I am eat balloons or since I've been making up stuff now yeah so thumbs up this video if you guys really liked it and yeah I had fun shopping I found like the ones amazing that I needed and this is like miracle diamonds spend like so much money so you

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  1. Your videos are so well edited and its so professional. You deserve more views!!!!!! I'm a new subscriber and I support you xx

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