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Canadian Army Uniforms 1815 and 2009

Canadian Army Uniforms 1815 and 2009

hello I'm Sergeant Edwards I'm certain Dave enzmann not from the Toronto Scottish regiment so as you can see I'm wearing pretty much what you see right here is what the sergeant would have worn the red coat represents the British soldier the three stripes represents the sergeant and the cuffs the different color cuffs represent the actual regiment the belts actually are very large they cartridge box also I have a whistle which is used struck soldiers to advance I also have white as you can see and then I also have square toe boots that have metal horseshoes to protect our heels our headdress that we would wear is a belgique shake oh the green cords that you actually see represent what type of soldier I am I am the light infantry soldier so we were actually trained to do different type of tactics such as guerrilla warfare tactics and such this is a fatigue hat that we would wear when we were doing fatigue duties such as digging latrines cutting blood the type of food that we rationed is salted beef and a heart attack breath also we were issued a bread bag that came with plates and cutlery soldiers would have also have collected extra plates and cutlery throughout the years of service as well as cuts for I have a pair of wool pants that we would be wearing on campaign as well as during winter service you can see our knapsack is painted campus so it was actually waterproof it says my regiment and what type of soldier I have here is a wooden canteen that would be the issued for every British soldier in North America we were also issued shaving kits that includes straight razors mirrors so a brush also we had our own musket cleaning kits our Flint fall patches and powders as well as ball starters also we had our own toiletry bags to keep ur horsehair toothbrush subject also we have a fire starting kit that's flint and steel and some char cloth on this side is my bedding bag right so this is what we would fill with straw so we would sleep on top I also have a shaving kit leather gloves for the winter and polishing kit that includes shoe polish brick dust and oil for our brass and brushes went steel wool to polish our steel also other soldiers would have picked up little things along the way such as telescopes and tin whistles for our own as well as tobacco our own pipes to smoke we also have candle holders and candles for light and we have a bugle light infantry soldiers use this as a walk talking to pretty much communicate across the field also I have a drill King because I am sergeant and other soldiers were not this luxury also this is the flute musket that I would be carrying the way that it works is like a modern lighter Flint getting steel creating a spark and igniting a flammable substance in this case it is black powder all you see right here most of this kit pretty much inside of my my barracks box so now Johnson sergeant move up a notch into the 2009 area which were in now so I'm also going to start off with our helmets that we would have in this day this is our Kevlar helmet back in the past we would have it would be two parts it wouldn't be able to stop a bullet but it would be doubled as a washbasin the pattern here which matches our pattern for our Bush caps this is kind of our count that we would wear when we're lighter it's also part to match the uniform I also have my three stripes which you got to move in closer for but I have my three stripes which resembles that I'm a sergeant as well the uniform itself is a CAD pad uniform it's digitally produced so that it throws off the image that's better camouflage overall so we're more worried about camouflage as opposed to back then they want to stand out identify the work we don't want to be identified better move into a small pack is where we would keep our ammunition and our ammunition pouch with our Canadian ette and be carried on our chest pattern as well this is what we call a tactical vest it's just that it's the best we put on ourselves we also carry our water in here as well as because I'm a sergeant I would carry a field message pad i whistle will be attached to it compass those items as well so again they use the whistle back then we still use the whistle today we also have radios smaller radios for communication to talk to each other which is a lot more modern and understandable trying to define you'll notice here I have a small pack in here carry all our extra ammunition as well as food our rain gear whatever parts of equipment that we have this pack fits nicely overtop of the attack vest underneath the vest we would have the body armor I have a shape kit as well mine's made out of a basically a hand towel that I fold it over over the years back then they mentioned that soldiers would modify their kit we would do the same today we still find things they don't issue us shade kits so we have to put together our own so I just created mine because I enjoy it they have our fuel taps which we add water to these making it up to cook our meals we eat a lot better than they did back then right this is called a InP individual meal pack American sodas MREs and is ready to eat for us we have our dessert pack as well as our main food our bread is in here it's not hard to at all it's quite soft and quite good also I should pop chocolate orange peels this here is just one meal we would carry three meals and entire days with the rations I'm a little school have been in for about 20 years so I actually have an old basically a stove pot set that I would keep with the add shoes the frying pan portion I have eliminated the rest keep kids and stuff in a first-aid kit in here as well plus we carry on under here you'll notice that we have our mat they have their bed roll we have our shelter half now listen here's a British one again I modified get you advocating one it's a little more Balkan so knocks down a little more so I prefer it never spare uniform under long underwear t-shirts as well as underwear a change of socks we have our backpacks this is an older style pack it says 64 patterns which I designed in 1964 it's used of airborne jump rooks things like that if you're going to be jumping out of airplanes well if you have a police that attached to the top the more modern versions that we're getting getting moving packs it's going to go all different love better the other packs we have fill the bottom these ones they go on top inside your police you carry all your sleeping kit your your bug screens whatever extra food extra ammo so you just keep more stuff in here just your stuffing in what you can you notice I have five pockets on mine the original ones came with three I preferred more so I just have more soda into it when I had the the extra packs mate we light it with a garbage bag most of its water-resistant anyway the frame I had cargo straps on here so I can just store more equipment then just jumping back I also have a flashlight they then the candle I have my gloves for contact whatever else sleeping bag down filled it comes in a three part system get two bags as well as a liner for the summertime we don't carry that much so I would only carry this a bitty bag gonna be shelter so that when there's waterproof we'd slide football our kit right into there our bed roll which is our air mattress and I have my bug head net which I'm sleep with as well as an entire head body bug net if you wanted to I also have a jacket that doubles as a pillow – rain jacket and have my rain gear here as well so this is for Texas with sweet water resistant as well but we'll see how that works we also have the follow bag that I would carry they had their Barrett box middle Barrett box as well usually just have a follow-up bag and go in the field that carries another uniform or city clothes or sleeping or not stinky or other city clothes some extra toiletries and whatnot then we have our C 71 service rifle the more modern ones have scopes on and things like that they're also getting shorter different stocks this here's the image of the one of what we had okay so what we've done is we've walked you basically through all the kit from 1815 to the modern-day soldier hope enjoyed it again uncertain

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  1. YAy for Canada! We just set another record sniper kill from a whopping 3400m! That anihilates the last record by nearly an entire km.

  2. I couldn't make out what regiment Sargent Edwards is from but I can see its from fort York Amory can someone please make it out?

  3. Did you get this stuff from fort York? I recognize some of the gear from the back room where I volunteer…

  4. Depending how long you were in you may get a pay jump faster than others, one of my mates was in for 6 years and hes going to be getting leading seaman pay before me, and we only finished basic in august. Just dont tell your instructors at basic you were in cadets for a long period of time, say like a year or something, they really like to pick on cadets when they fuck up drill and shit.

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