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Can 2 Women Install a Window? YES!

Can 2 Women Install a Window?    YES!

hey I'm at Home Depot getting ready to head in there and pick up a window this is gonna be fun Home Depot is my husband's candy store not necessarily mine let's see if I can make it in faster and out faster than he can all right headed into Home Depot it is currently 1141 let's check this out and how long it takes a little more light you can see it's getting dark in here we are off grid so we're gonna light the other lantern just so we have a little more light and so we're here there's a couple of different choices for the size that she is looking for yeah I'm good thank you and we have 36 by 24 we have a 12 by 36 we have a 24 by 36 we have a couple of different choices now I just need to Lee to call it back and let me know which one she looks like I'm just getting back to my car it is now 12 o'clock see Darwin it can't be done fast I'm off and I'm gonna head to Julie's house and see how things are going up there and hopefully remove some 10 and then install window and we'll see how far we get on that today so we have all of our little self tapping metal what are these called they're the ones with the rubber on them so that it holds the sheeting to the wall here at all I don't need the thing screws metal screws and so we're gonna start with no do they save all your screws yes so we recycle the screws for later because it's surprising how quickly they add up on a project like that yes so this is where this the drills and everything belong but that's not where the kids put them obviously you'd never want to put something up because then you would be able to find it immediately and not have to look for it you sound like a mother Julie I know so I have the what's it called charger charger here I have three batteries I have three drills and that way when I do have guest helpers it's nice to have extras seems like the batteries are the most like expensive parts it is guys don't think about that kind of thing if we look to me but shuts in we look like we're crazy but if you if you try to take a film like this and you don't show any but shots it well you can't show everything another should we're going with the same pad I could use or should I just and you're like look 3d yeah pull nails woman your husband's not super Tully's there is II know you're both shorties my husband he's here it's like honey you with the monkey arms you can see so I'm going to show this picture I'm going to show them the front of the book and then I'm going to show them this picture that shows the the supports underneath oh hi we're here now so I think seven inches looks like to the bottom of that 2×4 we have multiple heights on all the ceilings both sleeping lofts are different heights from the floor which means that the two by fours are different heights which means we're just going to guesstimate and say that seven inches down from the bottom of the 2×4 is going to be the top of the window I'm gonna stay out here with Mel because it's ready to the hospital I want to know now instead of after she cuts her hand off please don't die I won't die it's just not not about 30 straight line it doesn't have to be it has to be close enough I don't believe in perfect but if you want to aim for it I guess that's fine [Laughter] [Applause] Wow is it more sunlight I love your outfit okay so I'm washing potatoes for lunch [Applause] oh yeah right and you feel like there's a said in there yep well you'd be able to know if you if it got really easy all the sudden yeah they're gonna make a difference is it gonna be enough I think it's gonna be awesome there we go yeah oh look at those little you can still be good at something without actually being good at the thing that you're supposed to be there you go and so I used to do spotlight Sunday maybe the cams right there so we're at Scotty's and we're getting ready to go pick up some things – I'm not even sure what we're forgetting the expanding foam so that it'll secure the window into this frame just a little bit better and also insulate it oh okay that goes with stuff like water I think I've got like six cans so far and all I've done is I probably wasted I'm not very good with it cause it works so well we have fun yeah

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  1. Let's see you get into and out of a shoe store, that fast! 🙂 LOL Every time I see the title to this video, I think… "Two gallons of what"? LOL

  2. Home Depot is MY "candy store"! I have to make sure I "forget" I have an HD account when I go in there. ;D

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