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Camping in Western Pennsylvania

Camping in Western Pennsylvania

got the tarp all set up there's the war bonnet hammock that's sucked in last night it got down get down to about 20 degrees last night so it was definitely cold and using the ilbe I brought this solar panel I haven't had a chance to try it yet but it's been charging up all day yesterday so hopefully I get a try it out today and see if it actually works with my phone I got this on Amazon I'll put a link down below but mega woods Walker his channel he reviewed one of these and he had favorable things to say about so I thought I'd try it out this weekend that's the pile bees got all my crap in it and back there's my buddy Dave's tents then go over here you see back there there's a little teepee going that's Derek's set up user cooking area the guys are talking about what we're going to do today and figure out what we're gonna be doing and then the tarp I'm using which I've used on my other trips is the slumber jack this will rat nice stand a hemlock over there protecting the stroller cooking so we're out on a little bit of a scouting mission my buddies are out looking for chaga and since I'm still on light duty on my knee I can't walk back where they're at because it's pretty pretty rough terrain so they're gonna go look for chaga and I'm gonna stick back by the truck so today we're just gonna drive around the forest and look for some new spots to camp so every time we come out here we find a spot to camp and then we try to scout out a couple of extra ones that way we're moving around and we're not always camping in the same spot every time we have three or four campsites Peck picked out throughout Allegheny this area that way we're not depleting the resources and you know sometimes you come and since this is dispersed camping there could be other people there too so we want to make sure that we have reserved a campsite so that's what we're doing Scout and today get back this afternoon back to the campsite and probably gather some more wood and start cooking lunch didn't do it a lot of filming last night when we got in didn't really feel like it just spent some time catching up with the guys but today is more work and things done around camp and I'll try to film that as much as possible but it's it's so beautiful back here I love I love western Pennsylvania is just gorgeous beautiful woods and it's gonna get up to about 50 today and then drop down about 32 tonight so pretty big changes in temperature you really got to be ready clothes wise and with your sleeping gear but I was pretty comfortable last night woke up a couple times some cold spots but in the hammock but not too bad all right draaga hang up some trash yeah I'd say it's about three pounds when it dries it'll be maybe a pound and a half now you use that for tea right yeah my wife and I drink it every night you just dry it shave it off you big use about as much as what goes in a tea bag for a cup and this is about enough for us for ten months for you Wow yeah it doesn't take a whole lot but yeah that's good haul nice fine BAM you you [Laughter]

Reader Comments

  1. 😸🚬 great video sorry about you getting a little cold especially on that knee thanks for the view James KCMO

  2. I'm recovering from hip surgery so I haven't been able to get much dirt time. I'm chomping at the bit. I cannot wait to get back to the woods.

  3. Thats great Panz!…nice spot.
    You've been running that ILBE for sometime now, so i reckon its working for ya…nice….good to see you out there amigo…gotta ask, is the War Bonnet as good as they say?…kinda spendy, but if they are that much better, well then they may be worth the extry bucks….be well brother!…woods

  4. Brilliant Kenny. Loved it. Gonna have to try some chaga eventually and grab me a cold handle pan! What did you think of the solar panel? Sucks about your knee but at least your in the woods!

  5. Good job! Had I known, I might have managed a visit. Maybe that's why you didn't tell me lol. I am right over in WV.

  6. Nice vid. Glad to see you're back out camping and having fun after your knee surgery. Smart to take it easy on that knee for sure and not over stress it. Cheers!

  7. Yay. Good to see outdoors. Nice area to camp. Great video as usual.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ•

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