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Camp Organization – The Kit Tree

Camp Organization – The Kit Tree

hey guys it's tell from Oshawa bushcraft it's July 20th today and I'm at the bushcraft USA Ontario chapter July gathering we got in here last night pretty late I got my shelter up real quit quick and we went through some some real serious weather last night and it's now the morning after and we're getting ready to get going for the day I'm just gonna put my camp back together and I wanted to show you guys a really cool idea I saw from another bushcrafter at the last gathering now I think they draw a little more from the ultralight backpacking crowd but I hope this is a great idea I don't think it's their original idea it certainly isn't mine I'm taking it from them but I wanted to show it to you guys so rather than me describing it to you I'm just gonna show you and then we'll talk about it so stick around alright guys so this this big hardwood trees right in front of my shelter here I didn't hang all my camp up in this tree I worked it for doing this in the front of my pack easily accessible this could be done as soon as I walk through the camp I've got a couple of multi-use lengths of cord it doesn't have to be 550 cord for the any kind of cord this is a I don't know if you'd call it a multi-use toggle I usually use these in my shelter you pass them through the grommet to your tarp so you can stake it down easier there's gonna be a multi-use item today and you guys see any my gear in the videos you see I always have carabiners hanging off anything anyway those are gonna come in handy for this so this is just a link to paracord probably from my shelter kit I have a few extras depending on how I have it set up with with a loop tied in the end so multi-use item something I'm carrying anyway it's useful from a lot of other things what do we read about neck level there we go a simple Slipknot it's not that tight doesn't have to be the first thing I'm gonna do is get my pack up off the ground a carabiner from your line that goes up on that now I didn't go much higher because I want it low enough that I'm gonna be able to look into my pack what else can we get up here another carabiner with my haversack do alright guys some more ideas we got standard Nalgene bottle I've been carrying a couple itical water bags or if you're using a water filter you got to hang the thing up anyway that's easy enough that's an item you're into 20 times a day one of the members here had an idea for me I didn't even think up I was gonna carve out like a coat hook out of wood to hang in here but he in his kid he had a shed Hitler how is this for utilizing local resources that you'd captain to come across one of these this becomes a multi-use hook to be your coat hook I'm gonna move my wool blanket over here to dry it out this morning your axial hang out in there where it's easily accessible I would normally track with my full-size Coleman lantern but a pretty good example if all there and stuff you can hang on this actually other thing I wanted to show you that multi-use toggle we had lets you hang up all the stuff maybe you can't normally attach carabiner to wrap your toggle around it could be your pot set could be your coffee pot could be your axe handle alright guys know why is this such a great idea well right off the bat to me I'm a tall guy I saw this and I'm like you don't have to bend down 50 times a day to dig out something out of your pack you're kneeling down you're bending down to look through it and it's a pain ensues you lay the pack down stuff rolling out of it so it's a high where you can get out everything up where I am I like that it keeps all your stuff organized obviously something I thought of is that I'm using a pretty low shelter here and I'm down below the underbrush if maybe like today if I wasn't in a set campsite Mike walked in here made my shelter went to bed for the night tomorrow I get up to go to the bathroom turn around my campsites gone I got nothing I could see right I'm down below the brush line I'm never gonna find my way back to my boob site and I've I've lost gotten lost I've wandered around a little bit looking for it this plus my gear up where I can see it so even even with the level of the brush 100 yards off I can see this and this is definitely something I'm gonna use you know that the paracord is a multi-use item you're carrying it anyway I already have a bunch of carabiners on me I think this is a great idea so you're gonna see me doing this in the future so uh in no way is this my idea I'm sure it's a very old idea you guys have any more ideas for getting organized like this way feel free to post them up I'd love to hear your ideas so till next time guys go outside and have some fun YouTube will be here when you get back

Reader Comments

  1. gotta love all these folks. park the pick up, carry your 40+lbs. of gear 100 yards, impart wisdom to couchborne commandos. spend your time on Home Made Wanderlust and Survival Lilly. Mack Daddy 1911 for redneck fun.

  2. Top trick !

    i'm jus gettin back into camping & my bushcraft after a 15 yr lay off and you sir, have earned a new sub.

    Thank You.
    >places right fist on open left palm and bows<

  3. It crossed my mind when you said that you got lost several times, that you can wrap sth hi-vis around a tree next to your camp up high so you can see it from all angles no matter where you are.

  4. Really Big Monkey uses Bungee Cords for this (aahh I see someone said that well I echo that), I like it, great Idea here, I like gear up off the ground and at waist level, also like all the other items hanging on there like you got, wrap a poncho or plastic bag over it in rain. I also would build a quick table off that tree using it for one leg, or I was there for a while I am going to do this next time, one idea would be to make your waist belt removable on pack

  5. Thank you, someone else suggested a leather belt with D-rings for the 'biners but my thought process was that im already carrying the cord anyway and it is a multi-use item. I dont usually carry the haversack but I was using it to haul my "base camp" luxuries that day (chair, large kettle, large tarp, ect.)

  6. That's one huge Haver Sack my friend. David Pearson uses bungee cords with the carabiners on the ends. Qutie effeciant… You should look into it Tell. Thanx

  7. Great idea and practical ways to take advantage of it. Don't know where it originated, but the first time I saw it was in a video put out by Ron Hood (Family Camping, IIRC). Thanks for the vid!

  8. I like the way you end your video with good adivice to get out and enjoy the out doors , great video containt I'm always looking for things around my camp sites !!!

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