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Camo Basha Bug Out Camp

Camo Basha Bug Out Camp

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  1. Instead of buying meths at extortionate prices try bio ethanol from B & Q ( sold for imitation flame effect heaters ) which comes in at around £6.00 for 2 litres. It burns hotter than meths and a damned sight cheaper. I dilute it with 10% water the same as I do meths. ATB

  2. Absolutely brilliant!!! 👌👍 Really good to see you back doing your brilliant videos!👌✌

    A question if you don't mind me asking? What would you say or consider is the best type of Army Ration pack/packs from your perspective?.. Or if you could give me a link to your own personal choice it would certainly be appreciated.👌✌ as their is so many different types from different Counties it's what you might call a bit of a Minefield…. (excuse the pun) 😂
    if you don't mind me asking please thank you.😊👌✌

  3. Hi Mr funkyprepper.

    Over 10 years ago, I was operated in the left shoulder and the surgeon made several mistakes that destroyed several nerves in the shoulder. This has resulted in constant nerve pain in the left side body and left arm, from my hip to my neck. Unfortunately, I'm never going to get well again. I am in and out of hospital every 14 days where I get pain meds under anesthesia in addition to the meds I take every day. The hope is to get a little better so I can live by myself again on my farm. I have a farm on almost 2500 acres. But I always have to live with a lot of pain and a handicapped arm. Thank you for the videos you make and share. They give me joy, entertainment and a little break in my head from a life in constant pain. Appreciate them and what you do. Thanks.

    All best wishes to you and your family.

    Sincerely Thomas Andersen.

  4. Well one of your best from over the years Really Great Job Have a great new YEAR to and the family Cheers Joe

  5. Bloody hell, where to start ?

    Obvious things I guess …. thanks for the vids, I’ve watched a few in the frozen winter over here (SW France) and loved them.

    I do a fair bit of outdoors myself and it’s good to see how others do it. Your stuff is just like being with a straight mate where you end up with the inevitable “look what I found/found out” conversations. Plus it isn’t some berk opening a box of something they won’t use. I’ve picked some stuff up from you and wanted to say thanks.

    In other news …. if you fancy a trip to the Massif Central sometime, just shout via my outfit here ( I don’t mind a cigar or two myself, a malt or cognac and do a hell of a lot of food prep for wilderness canoe expeds in Scandinavia and Canada too. Drop me a line and I’ll send you some stuff.

    Ps. Meths is about €1.50 a litre here

    Forgot to say, if you still need web help for the prepper meet, just tell me. I can sort that mate

    Take care fella.

  6. Hello , Good video of an other part of world ……………………..I agree with your bottle piss of the night ……………..I have two nalgen , one for drink and other for don't stand up in the night……………..sorry about my english……………….Your " camo " is perfect for three seasons .
    I've bought a DD Hammock camo and it's same your .
    Good woodcraft of France………………….ciao……………….thank's ………….

  7. i love my silky saw. my husband seen it and kinda rolled his eyes but the first time he used it he had to have one of his very own!

  8. Great vid funky as always, same as you I,very not been out and done any wild camping or new videos for ages due to ill health, and. Someone close to me passing.. Not long ago. But I hope to be back out there early next year… Anyway all the best. To you and your family..

  9. Nice surprise to find new and very nice video after the long break. Regretting the loss of his friends. The best for you and your family. Take care and survive, a hug

  10. Hi Funky. best video yet. I've had a pretty crappy time recently and you nailed it. family is number one. the pee bottle made me smile and the missing friends made me cry. looking forward to getting out next weekend. cheers mate

  11. Good to see you back man… Really chilled my bean right out watching this. Cant go wrong with all the British army gear. Well made and bombproof. Im loving the ground sheet dude. Cant wait for the next video.
    Stay funky

    Dragon Outdoors

  12. A couple years back I had trouble at school, I'd come home upset and the thing that cheered me up the most was watching your overnight videos. As someone who couldn't camp alot it was almost like I was living vicariously through you, and all of my concerns would disappear for the hour or two. After you took your break I started to watch prepping and bushcraft videos less and less, until when you started again and for some reason I didn't click the new videos. I recently started college and as you can imagine it has been pretty stressful. Last night I had a sudden urge to check your channel and what do I see? A new overnight camp! Watching this I remember the old dreams I'd have of going out to Alaska and building a log cabin for myself. I don't know if you realise but you have a really good healing effect on people. Next time you go out to the woods for an overnighter I'll be the first view on the video. I wish you all the best and stay funky!

  13. Awesome video Funky , looks like a great spot mate. Some great tips & hints too, look forward to seeing more adventures, stay safe-stay wild 🐻👍🏼

  14. Funky…sorry off topic, but im looking info on the bushcraft show you all go to ever year?? where can i find this? links etc. i will be travelling from northern ireland if i get and would like to plan it if i can for 2019! thanks buddy.ATB Paul.

  15. The big .50 cal rod is my primary fire starter too. That thing is like dragon breath. I like the large camo netting for cover too and use it as often as possible but it can get a bit clunky hauling it around with gear but I have a smaller one that packs up compact whenever I want to swap it out.

  16. If you like whiskey try Talisker Skye – the first mouthful makes the top of your mouth go numb, the second makes the bottom of your mouth go numb and the third gives you a shit faced grin – ATB

  17. I want your stream!!!!!! 😀 great vid, looked like you needed the dirt time to chill and re charge. Glad you got out after all this time. I'm only just altering to get out my self after about the same amount of time off solo camping for simula life changes. Got to the point I was only doing shaky and your summer prepper meet. Now I'm working hard to get the BOL ready. Trying to get as many supply's down there as possible and dam off the stream so I can install a pump and filter so I have it on top like I have fire wood to hand 🙂 I did see the bit on this vid where you say you get a lot of invites but yours still stands at camp wow sly. You can have one side of the stream and I can have the other to save fighting over the trees and still be free to film 🙂 all the best to you and the family.

  18. Some great tips on this one. Love your videos. You should break them up. It will give you a better chance to get more likes and such. I love my Olight's. I have 3. One small one that works on a 3 A battery the h1r head lamp and the S10R BatonII. I like the later 2 because if the battery goes dead on the head lamp I can switch it out with the S10R and I'm GTG. Then put that on the solar charger/battery backup.

  19. Absolutely superb! So many truths spoken in this video (one or two that got me a little choked up). It was great to see you in your element enjoying the outdoors after such a long hiatus, and to see Arlen's little happy face towards the end. Blessings to you and yours D x

  20. Hi I just came to the end of this video and wanted to tell you something. My name is Rachael and I am 65 on Saturday plus I am disabled and would love to do what you do. What is holding me back? I do not have the equipment that you have or the funds to get it. find me somewhere where I can hire it, borrow it or get it very cheap and I will be there. I am inspired.

  21. Good to see you back in the Great Outdoors Funky, thanks for the videos they're always informative and entertaining.
    All the Best.

  22. Hi Daz , great to see you out and about again, missed seeing your videos hopefully now your back we can look forward to many more. cheers mate ATB

  23. Just got back from Australia, I live and work in the Middle East now and given myself a few hours to watch funky back on our screens 👍

  24. at the end you say you make videos to inspire people into it & also for people who cant get out there to do it for whatever reason, your spot on dude i liked this video very much really relaxing and also realistic so an awesome show to chillout to.

    mabe we should do a collaboration?

    all the best

  25. In a word .. Superb! And several others .. thank you for such a chilled honest approach ! Loved every minute of it and agree on so many of your points . You're the Man !

  26. Great to see you back again. Brilliant video. Loved your "windy stew" description.
    The Swedish Trangia are great. The burner is larger than the ones you'll buy in the retail outlets. I'm trying to get a set together with all the same dates on the bits n bobs.
    Leatherman Surge is my multitool of choice. It's a bit larger and heavier than most of the range but I believe it's more than worth the penalty and in fairness you don't notice it after you get used to it. However be aware the leather sheath has weak points around the belt loop. Easy loose one this way. I now use the nylon sheath. The diamond file is great for a quick dressing of the blade and indeed outdoor knife in the field.
    Looks like you had a great time, hope you enjoyed it as much as I have watching the video.

  27. Hey funky, epic video bud, great to see you back out there again, I’m glad you enjoyed the cigar 👍 it looked like you had a great time, it was good to see Arlen at the end, shame Saff didn’t show herself…atb…chunky!

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