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Camino Frances Update 30 | Portomarín to Melide

Camino Frances Update 30 | Portomarín to Melide

Day thirty, Portomarín to Melide. I cannot believe I’ve been on this epic
adventure for a whole month now. Anyway, we left the albergue at 6:30 am trying
to beat the crowds. A fellow pilgrim at the main square pointed
us in the right direction, and we made our way down the desolate streets under the rain. The nearest bar was eight kilometers away,
but it was worth the wait. I had eggs for breakfast for the second time
on the trip. A pilgrim cannot merely live on bread and
butter alone. My buddy agrees. We had a few laughs at the expense of unexperienced
pilgrims struggling with the elements. And thenjumped at the chance to refill my
water bottle at Ventas de Narron where I got a stamp from a talkative blind volunteer at
a dark and humid chapel. Came across horreos, cows, friendly dogs,
and the strangest of contraptions. A tall glass of orange juice at a bar, you
know, to keep the tradition alive. Palas del Rei was initially the final destination
for the day, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? We decided instead to push on an extra fifteen
kilometers. We headed to the church in search of the second
oldest “stamp design” on the Camino and ordered a round of beer while enjoying a much-needed
break to air out or wet feet. Question, if no one is around to see it, did
it happen? where have you been all this time? a farmer and his herd of cattle crossed our
path. These are the moments that I will remember
for the rest of my life. We still had an extra nine kilometers cutting
through the most beautiful landscape before reaching Melide at five pm. I took out much-needed cash and headed to
a private albergue where we treated ourselves to a private bedroom. We watched a soccer, I’m sorry, a football
match on an iPad before calling it a day, a forty-kilometer day.

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