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California Prop. 63: Gun and Ammunition Control

California Prop. 63:  Gun and Ammunition Control

Hi, my name is Alec Lopata. I’m a sophomore
at Claremont McKenna College and today I’ll be discussing Proposition 63, a gun
control initiative that’ll be on the ballot this November. California has long
been considered a leader on gun control issues, with some of the strongest laws
in the nation. After the tragic San Bernardino shooting last December,
gun control advocates have pushed for even stronger regulations, specifically
focusing on ammunition. Opponents, however, have continued to oppose these measures,
claiming that they’re ineffective and burden the rights of gun owners. This past
summer, the California Legislature passed a new package of gun control laws.
Proposition 63 would look to strengthen and expand on those laws. The major
provisions of Proposition 63 would ban the possession of large-capacity
magazines, subject anyone who wants to purchase ammunition to a background
check at the point-of-sale, require that all lost or stolen guns and ammunition
be reported to law enforcement within five days of discovering them missing, and
enhance efforts to keep firearms and ammunition out of the hands of convicted
felons and other dangerous persons. Proponents of Prop. 63 claim that by
closing loopholes and strengthening gun control laws in California, this initiative will keep guns out of
the hands of the wrong people and therefore create a safer society
throughout California. Opponents claim that Prop. 63 would turn law-abiding gun
owners into criminals and would create burdensome changes on the
ammunition market. They also say that California should instead focus on
enforcing current gun laws. Democratic Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is the
leading proponent and funder of Proposition 63. Liberal-leaning
individuals and organizations and the state Democratic Party have endorsed and
funded the measure. Gun-rights groups, including the National Rifle Association
and the California Rifle and Pistol Association, are the leading opponents of
Prop. 63 and have provided funding to the “No on Prop 63” campaign. In summary, voting Yes on Prop. 63 would ban the possession of large-capacity magazines, increase
regulations on ammunition sales, as well as strengthen other gun control laws in
California. A No vote on Proposition 63 would reject these measures and would
maintain current gun law in California. For more
information on these initiatives you can visit the following websites.

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