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California Gov. calls for more taxes despite surplus

California Gov. calls for more taxes despite surplus

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  1. Please remove ALL Illegal Invaders, Socialist Democrats and their Social Liberal followers from C.A. and relocate them to Venezuela! Allow California to start fresh!

  2. Newsom has no answers to California’s problems. He talks about leadership, “at all levels”, and then appoints another task force to look into it. Investing in flashlight and magnifying glass companies would be financially beneficial these days. The Libs want more and more money to sprinkle around and feel like they have solved something. If California stays on its current path, I give it one year to become full third-world status.

  3. Now the liberal trash are coming to Texas running from their liberal trash policies they created in California. Don’t blame California blame the liberal trash who spread their misguided ideals. They’re coming to Texas and voting for higher taxes, sanctuary cities, help the homeless. All the trash they left behind in California. On to the next place to trash. Nomad trash and filth spreaders.

  4. Commiefornia.. highest taxes and highest poverty rate .. such a silly state filled with heathens and heretics.


    Please sign these petitions to remove Gavin Newsom from office as Governor of CA and to remove Xavier Bacerra from office as CA attorney general. And vote in republican candidate John Cox to be CA governor and republican candidate Eric Early to be CA attorney general. Thank you.

  6. Let’s all go to the San Andreas with pry-bars. Let’s do the United States a favor and send California out to sea

  7. Half of californians think they are paying too much taxes? That would be 99% of the people who ACTUALLY PAY TAXES! 50% of the people in cali are net receivers, not net tax payers.

  8. The gov was hilarious, in one video he says how welcoming he is to illegals then when Trump threatens to send them all to California, hes all tears and whining. Typical lefty. Actions speak louder than words.

  9. California is so in the deep in the red ink tax revenue is way down folks and businesses are fleeing the state. Don't know what this dope is trying to pedal as far as a budget surplus.

  10. Californians aren’t paying enough taxes because, Democrats are STILL in charge!
    Plenty of money for Democrats to steal in California!

  11. We have the second or third highest state tax. Our sales tax is capped at 10% with most counties collecting close to the limit. Our gasoline tax is also close to highest in the nation. This tax policy is regressive and hurts the working people disproportionately. Now Gav wants more tax money to do what? Finish the boondoggle of boondoggle high speed rail?

  12. Did the government call for the taxes or the people??? Do the people even get to vote on it??? It's obvious that democracy doesn't exist in California. Socialist or Communist fits the description better but California damm sure ain't no democracy or a Republic.. their representatives are for the gov NOT THE PEOPLE. Americans are not leaving California…. they're in exile.

  13. This idiot has not seen how many homeless Americans are sleeping in tents , under bridges and in cars. Is this idot blind!!! California is about to implode.

  14. Keep voting democrat morons 🥴
    Just because you hate trump, when in the end you’re hurting yourself 😂😂🤣👌🏽

  15. lf California has a surplus (which i'm sure that only some creative book keeping can make happen) then why don't the clean up those shitholes LA and SF?

  16. Any news coming from California and New York needs to be taken in with a grain of salt. The breeding nests of immorality!!!

  17. Remember that the biggest pillar of basic democrat ideology is wealth redistribution, thus, it is almost unheard of for a democrat to not call for more taxes and ever increasing tax rates. Democrats breathe taxes, it’s the very blood of their political system! It’s also why so many democrats want socialist economic policies too!

  18. He isn't counting all the people from all over the world flooding across the border, the replacement migration plan.

  19. Highest taxes and highest poverty rate Democrats R in control and have been for a long time hummmm Gee how would a logical person change this? Vote Republican, just saying

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