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Caleb goes to Military school!

Caleb goes to Military school!

Guys, I’m- I’m so grounded. [Screaming] How will explain all of this? The next day. I told dad I did not need to go to military
school. WHAT IS YOUR NAME. Caleb. SILENCE. DO TEN BILLION PUSHUPS. But that is not available on Plotagon. AHHHH! No more excuses or this will happen again. Do I have to wear this? Watch the Emoji Movie until next morning. Next morning at 5 am. It is early. Be quiet and take the razor. [Cries] I want to go home. Midnight. I ordered 5 million megaphones and they are
here. Later. I lined them up and turn down the volume and
watch at your risk. [Screams the lyrics of Jake Paul’s worst song
ever so everyone can hear it] [Everything explodes from the horror.] My ears! It’s so quiet in here. ENGLAND IS MY CITY CITY. I got home but I have been there so long it’s
Christmas! WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE UP EARLIER!! Phew, it was just a- OH no… THE END.

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