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Buying a M1 Garand from the CMP in 2016

Buying a M1 Garand from the CMP in 2016

why hey guys thanks for watching thanks for tuning in well I finally did it I finally went out and got my very own in one grants let me tell you about it so I got home from deployment and I went up to the Civilian Marksmanship program store in Anniston Alabama it meant that much more to me that I actually got to go to the store and handpick my m1 garand right off the right and the one that I wanted and the one that I chose is a Springfield and according to the serial number it was made in August of 1942 1942 holds a significant place in my heart if you know anything about Navy Seabee history in march 5th 1942 that is the date that the navy cds were curated so that's the main reason i picked this particular rifle at all the other ones on the rack this type of rifle is what they call a cmp special what it is is they take the rifle they take all the parts off of it strip it down repolarize it so basically what you have is brand-new 1942 in one guy ran with the tolerances set back to like zero or one plus so it's really tight tolerances the barrel of course is not original to this rifle along with the wood the barrel was made in October 2015 the wood I believe was made in January of 2016 but from what the guys told me there at the Civilian Marksmanship program store is this is the type of rifle that a lot of guys use in competition because of such tight tolerances and I don't know about shooting competition but I did want to shoot her I didn't want to be able to have a piece of history I could put in my hand and fire and that's what this rifle means to me it is a big piece of American history and I wanted to have a piece of that I guess peace is the word of the day but I was really surprised when I got to the store because I've been watching Iraq veteran 8888 videos the whole time I've been looking into buying a and one in a while I was deployed overseas and when he went it was like wall to wall in ones they had filled great service great brand new ones the specials like should I have hey Kraig rifles 22s and I'm all excited thinking I'm go there to see all kind of stuff and maybe even pick up spring 1903 Springfield that really wasn't the case when I got there there was only 12 rifles maybe in the in Iraq that I could help that I could afford and the rest were like either drill rifles which you couldn't shoot the sniper version which were pretty cool about this you know I wasn't really after that and of course like the $3,000 plus ones they had no Craig's they had no other rifles there and you know they had some accessories and a few spare parts so I was kind of disappointed in that so the pickings are getting slim so if you're thinking about getting the m1 garand now might be the time to go ahead and you know pull that money out and do it because they're only getting fewer from what the guys were telling me they're from some research that I've done online there are 86,000 in one grants crated up ready to go to come back to our country sitting in South Korea right now but due to the gun ban that Obama has imposed even though that these rifles were made in the United States since they are military surplus they're not allowed to come back to the country that they were even made in so that just sickens me to death that you know we are being stripped you know our way of our privilege to own a piece of history to have back you know something that belongs to us you know it's not like we're importing a case from Romania stuff like that that those are in one grants those are american-made rifles you know I'd love to have those back anyway let's talk about what all I got when I got it of course you get this nice case they put it in I even left the tag on here the way to show you guys the price of this particular rifle was 1030 dollars for a special I originally went there I was looking to get a service grade for like $750 but those weren't even existent so this is the cheapest rifle they had there with one thirty dollars but you know what I don't regret it all it's worth every penny in my eyes so of course you get the rifle one thing that kind of threw me off guard was once you get done blowing paperwork they asked what address you want to ship it to and I was like no I drove all this way here it's coming home with me and they don't allow you to do that but you have to pay a 10% sales tax so just a heads up on that if you actually go to the store and buy one there something up no one's ever mentioned any videos that I've ever seen and also when you get your rifle comes with just your standard canvas slings and one clip now this is a clip this is not a magazine this is actual clip all you've non-educated gun people yes this this is a clip it can't be reused but it's made to be dispensable also of course you got your little instruction book talks all about the rifle and course safety and how to load it in all the different parts of pieces and now I'll fill strip it then you get your sling instruction guide will thank you purchasing card uh but also while I was there I picked up a couple other items as you can see here I got a big can of 192 rounds of 3006 ammo which they're already ready to go they're in their bandoliers already loaded in their clips all I had to take them out slam them in having fired this rifle yet I've been waiting to do a review on it because there's some things I want to go over with it so you guys that buy one or kind of get a heads up also while I was there what's it in one without a bayonet this was still covered in cosmoline hiding and clean it yet and this bayonet was made in 1943 so one year off I've been also if I could have a matching year on the bayonet in the m1 but still pretty cool I only get around in that and also I didn't get this at the cmp but upgraded to the leather sling this is a replica aftermarket one of course I think I picked it up on Amazon but it was cool on it is on the sling is stamped 1942 so I thought that's pretty neat matching your sling and rifle now as I was getting around the saying about the rifle itself has been safety-checked nothing in the chamber as you can hear real crunchy they have got this thing stripped down all the way there is no Konstantine no kind of grease or oil or anything on this they just reap our prize to put it back together and stuck it out there on the shelf so when you pick this up don't go to fire it right out of the box take it apart move it up you're nice and slick ready to roll also on the wood very dry wood very dry and has a not necessarily a rough texture but it has what I like to call whiskers like if you run your hand along it you can feel slight like raising like really really thin splinters I guess you could say in the wood so my plan is I'm going to take tung oil and refinish this they'll make a little bit darker a little smoother give it like a semi-gloss and also get all those little burrs off of it so hopefully I'm going to do a video about that so you guys can you know come along watch me do that see how it transforms it so you get one clip I've already done this once or twice because uh I love that iconic sound yeah who doesn't all right let's go over the receipt that way you guys kind of get idea how much everything calls I got right here like I said the rifle itself was 1030 dollars that's sticker process without tax or anything 190 rounds of ammo greek by the way one hundred and fifteen dollars in that bayonet that I couldn't do without $65 they also had the m1 cleaning kits they're for $45 I wasn't about to pay that much for a cleaning kit that doesn't mean that much to me so I was playing up getting one on Amazon or Ebay later on down the road but I am happy that picked up the spanda it just adds a whole nother look to this rifle look sweet darlin one of the things to be expected of course this rifle is very heavy especially compared to the modern-day ar-15 or m4 but when you have it in your shoulder it's very well balanced very balanced that's piyah what made this rifle so accurate back in the day was the weight to it I can't wait to get out there on the range and actually see what the accuracy is gonna be like with this rifle first things first though I got to clean it some people in shoes you know regular ol hops nine other people say you know you have to use grease on it so we'll experiment with that and see how she runs but as always we thank you for watching don't be stingy with his likes go ahead and smash that thumbs up button helps me out and stay tuned for more videos there's a lot of gun reviews out there on YouTube but this one's mine see you next time

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  2. I got my Garand from the CMP in 2007, I got the service grade and I just love shooting that gun. Its actually called an enbloc clip. Enjoy your gun sir, thank you for your service.

  3. Great vid sir.. Like to see more… Good luck with the channel.. I subed… Blessings from southern Oregon..

  4. Glad I got my mostly correct Service grades 20 years ago for $310 and $275 (less wood) and my latest C grade receiver to build my Italian Typo/2 7.62mm Nato. Will never pay CMP's inflated prices.

  5. I'm shooting this ammo..brand new and great ammo!

  6. Is that the M1 Special? I've had a couple of those over the years..very nice rifles. I put 1907 leather slings on mine.

  7. I've been wanting one for decades and I'm finally working on requirements to get one. Years ago could've got decent one for $500-$600. Now anything decent is $1000+. I had some nice old relics I sold I wish I had back.

  8. I got my rifle at a gun show about 25 years ago for $300.00 the before they were popular. Back then I did some reading about the m1 no internet. Turns out I got lucky the stock was a little beat up but all the parts large and small were in great shape. All original Springfield except that trigger group that's WRA a step up from what the rifle came with. Mine is from mid 1945 . Spent 28 years in service and we got busy from 1990 until I retired in 2008. Not a lot of time for recreational shooting but now dark into it. How do you like you rifle from cmp did you wait long and was the selection good. Basically are you happy with your purchase. Enjoy your rifle stay safe.

  9. Good luck with the Garand. My first issued military rifle was a Garand. Always loved them much more so than an M-14 or an M-16. As a 28 year Army combat arms veteran, my two cents is no Grease but lots of oil. Not in the barrel of course and not on the face of the bolt. I too went to Anniston to select mine. The guys on here who annoy me are the ones who are buying 2 or 3 at a time for either re-selling or just hoarding. I think CMP has finally put a stop to that with a yearly limit.

  10. Let's see that Parkerizing. Parkerizing comes in two types, light grey, and dark grey. But it has a strange chemical reaction when it's left in contact with cosmoline, that wonderful stuff the government is so fond of packing guns full of when in storage, if left for a decade or two, that turns it a strange shade of green. That's what the collectors are all looking for, that green color. But brand new, it shouldn't be green.

  11. I had mine delivered two days ago. It is a beautiful rifle. Thanks for this video. I look forward to you next…

  12. Here is the word on the Korean M1s. Most of them are shot. Korea bought many of them so they are not returnable to the Army so would not go that route to the CMP. No docs so all of the ones in Korea would come back through an importer. That means that they would have to be import stamped on the receivers. Watch the CMP Forums and you'll know if the CMP gets the ones from the Phillippines and the ones from Turkey. The ban does not affect the CMP as they come back under an agreement with the Army and Congress. The CMP ones are not imports, they are returns so no import stamps.

  13. First of all thank you for your service Seabee277. Two of my friends were killed overseas and my Grandpa was on Guam in 1944 with the 3rd Marines.I own six Garands. I purchased my first Garand from the CMP in 2015 and scored on a nice LEAD rebuild 730XXX serial number, July of 1942. I also have a 782XXX Garand with commercial tiger stripe stock that I use exclusively for hunting. You did well with your purchase, I was a participant in one of the October 2016 advanced maintenance classes through the CMP. The Garand supply is diminishing RAPIDLY and as of today's date the CMP will probably be out of Garands ENTIRELY in a few months. The rifle I built in the class will be my match rifle and it shoots GREAT. I am recommending Bruce N. Canfield's book on the Garand. It is pricey (95.00) but it is THE Garand bible. Enjoy your freedom boomstick.

  14. when i ordered my m1 garand, a lot of their options were out of stock. i ordered a service grade, which ended up being a very nice example of a garand, but not too long after i received it, all the service grades were out of stock.

  15. hey great video! what battalion were/are you in? I was in 10 and 1. retired BUCS Hope you keep posting vids.

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