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Bushcrafting uk Taiga Swedish Army Mountain paclite gore tex jacket and trousers

Bushcrafting  uk Taiga Swedish Army Mountain paclite gore tex  jacket and trousers

hello folks it's me there's this case in the British countryside as you do and I have a few mates this weekend and in this video I want to show you show you a bit I want to show you these let's be serious now because I'm a serious person at wilderness gathering this year people that know they ever bring a boy stall there and I don't normally buy a bus fare much fun to bring a boy stall but this year I was looking at I wanted to get a new running sock because if you know if you've been watching my videos a bit of my reference to me doing a bit of cross-training and I've been doing a bit more running and that kind of stuff and basically what I wanted was a new windproof kind of come waterproof top my old one that I had which was by mama finally died of death it was a Pertex top that I'd had for about sort of 8 10 years and it was brilliant hot but what started to happen is the I started to get a tear in the slave a tear in the side and it was more like a grungy look every time I was going out running so I kind of threw it away and bought a new one Oh went obviously looking for new stuff and I found that a lot some of the running shops I was looking at in the shop didn't really fit my bill with any of what I wanted and about the gavurin issue getting back to it I purchased a set of this is swedish this the Swedish army man in light weights or pack light stuff bye bye tiger and that's C AIGA I believe it's absolutely a bit of kit so I'm going to just show you show you the features in a work of a jacket and the trousers I actually purchased it for fifty pounds which I don't know what that is in u.s. dollars for example in the u.s. sort of followers probably about what ninety dollars hundred dollars or something like that so I felt it was a pocket deal with especially for the money earth especially for the size of it in well because they're all extra large I made being of the athletic type that I am I obviously win for that kind of size and it moves right down the bill so anyway let's go through the jacket first I mean I folded the jacket way if you've seen my previous videos but I've done that before essentially just folded up in surface it's very like yeah I've done much lighter is you know but he's he's very very light I take the jacket itself what I'll do is I'll put the garment on and then I'll obviously show you like the features are tiny Buffalo yes the jacket is um it's made from the materia itself is obviously gore-tex yeah now some people you know these days and I think for ticks sometimes a little bit sticking – some people don't like it and all the rest of it I prefer whatever whatever but as I say the money that I paid for it there's them as the mic yeah so this is a sort of a Swedish army pack light mountaineering color belief okay two way zip on it was it's nice and strong sturdy guys got storm flap on it as well nice nicely well velcroed he studied at the bottom okay velcro cuffs although not I don't fell cuffs on my jacket which states the reason doesn't it you know if you want to sort keep the faith in and all the rest of it it's nice to sit about the cuffs off toilet they've also got sort of pockets here and I suppose if you were you know observing in the military or even if you like wearing morale patches of stuff a lot like we've got one on either side so it's a place on here it's elasticated on the hem as well there's two Nystrom ok fits me super ok the size I am the pockets there's just two pockets on each leg fellow pockets okay and they open very wide okay yeah real estate you know enough you could almost get almost a pair of binoculars in there you know you need to fit a map in there there's quite a lot size and there's a little bit of quite to the pockets as well okay okay underneath you got me the vents though the vents are obviously quite good as well especially for me well and running alright they open up quite well with ground okay on either side obviously around the armpit area go under the arm area alright I heard the hoods a little bit floppy on the peak but it's draw called in as well we last a cage or called it and as I say it does not quite you know it's lovely tonight top I went out running in it a little while ago and what I noticed the rain was feeding on it superglue it really was the rhyme is just saying oh there's no rain getting through if anything it's just cuz I was obviously because I sweat a bit I was just getting a little bit little bit sort of moist inside but that's you know if I was sort of just moderately walking and all erisa copy won't be as bad as I was doing when I was running so that's the jacket you know jacket fits fine it's an excel the trousers are pretty good as well the charges are XL as well I'll talk about the trousers as well because sometimes walk for it to trip up and I don't normally open up all the way up but a pair of them make of trousers they'll open up to about the calf we actually swedish armed police fees once they open right the way up okay so after wearing a gate system and boats and all the rest of it now and you're wearing bulky footwear it's actually handy just to slip in Australian okay they're going to Ricky said I won't put the trousers on it's an elasticated waist okay white noise and they're quite a long little Sam sort of six three and the length that they are is that they're ideal for making yes very lightweight I mean as much as I'm wearing them for running it's kind of a setup it's a kind of a bit of walk for a closer now that I kind of just sticking the rucksack too tight with me as well one because they're very they're quite compact and it's a very light okay so yeah that's it really folks well it's this is a tiger I thought not exactly the the the technical name for it being so obviously swedish I mean it's a Swedish army camp it's pat pack light can be worn in the mound scene so it can be worn anywhere I'm wearing it in the woodlands right now and it's it's a nice waterproof waterproof system say what they cost full price I have no idea as I say this is just I'm just showing you purchase that I did at the gathering this year alright so as you can see it's quite a quite a nice purchase that I've got there so I just say thank you for watching folks take care I'll be having some more videos on the YouTube channel it's all in the next couple of days Annette and and when you enjoy my time out in the woods with some friends a nap and you'll probably see a little journey throughout the weekend and see how it goes alright so thank you very much thanks for watching all the ever before forget your subscribers and I'll wait here if you've got you've want to subscribe to my channel I'd love you to and I love every wants to comment I love the comments that I'll get normally no no and I'm putting on no I'm set on sandal they're all positive okay so thank you for watching take care have a good

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  1. Love Swedish m90, trying to build a sniper load out for airsoft, but this stuff ain’t cheap, good effort with this gortex outfit, think you got a bargain there. To be honest out of all of the gi issue camos , the swedes really know about quality and design.

  2. Great buy on a great bit of kit. Thank you for showing them to us, Des. I will have to keep my eyes open for something like this.

  3. Nice.. and a reminder for me, my cheap trousers just got torn on a walk so need to look out for more waterproofs, will look in to them!

  4. Looks like a great especially for Gore-Tex. That stuff is expensive in Canada. Awesome find!!

  5. Des, you have no idea how many times i fondled that suit at the gathering, it's top of the range mate and Swedish M 90 cam, which i feel is one of the best forest cams.. Β£ 50 was a right result mate you would not want to know how much they are retail even if you could get one that way mate cracking dibble ..

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