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Bushcrafting Kit: What I Have In My Bushcraft Bag – Benchmade, Bahco, and More

Bushcrafting Kit: What I Have In My Bushcraft Bag – Benchmade, Bahco, and More

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  1. Glad I found this video, Aaron. I just placed an order for a 2-pack of these bags from a PA military surplus store, $9.95 for the two. One thing you didn't cover is the shoulder strap. I understand the bags don't have shoulder straps(?). Great bag for bushcraft day hikes. An item I would put in mine is a compass and maybe some pacing beads…not a necessity but just in case. Sometimes I go to my "regular" campsite to practice skills and maybe cook a lunch so I'll throw in an alcohol stove, fuel and a titanium cup. I like that Stanley bottle and didn't realize the top could be removed. I passed on buying one because I thought it was a thermos, possibly insulated as well. I also have a Rothco camo bag that I use for day hikes and it's similar in size, however, I like the organizer pockets and dividers in this Polish product. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would include something for emergency shelter just in case of sudden down pour or something it does happen

  3. Cool bag, gives you the option of organizing your gear a bit instead of just dumping it all in the bag and rummaging through it to find something.

  4. It's a very good bag POLISH ARMY .In Poland, on online auctions this bag costs only 3 – 4 $ (new) and 1 – 3 $ used ,but good condition.This bag can withstand several dozen years of use.

  5. I live in sothern nh and work 30 min into mass i want a bag for my vehicle for a get home bag but my main bag ussally has a firearm or ammo because i work part time at gun shop and need to test builds/repairs plus a CCW, I don't want to have to do with accidentally bringing a firearm or ammo into Massachusetts so I'd like to keep a small kit in my car do you think this will work well i was looking at the hidden woodsman's haversack but its $85

  6. Nice kit tailored to your needs, and it is small enough that you don't mind carrying it. I would add a $1 emergency rain poncho in case of a rain shower. Fifteen minutes of rain can get you very wet. Thanks for sharing your kit. I love that knife!

  7. Hiya we have an expression here in U.K. we call a bag like that a "bimble bag" ie you load it up and go for a bimble the idea is you have enough water to make a couple of hot drinks and keep yourself hydrated to get home and if you are really clever you can pack it with enough gear to cook breakfast or heat up a camping meal

  8. Nice i do the same with my kids a hour or 3/4 in the woods good fun. so the books are orderd and will find a way in our bags good tip for learning thx

  9. I sewed three heavy duty straps onto the back of my bag One above the other about seven inches apart and the other level with the top one but just the the right of it that way I can slide a hatchet into the two loops to hold it in place and the third loop I attach a fixed blade knife.So both hatchet and knife are out or the way secure but easily accessible. I got mine from Majorsurplus they had a special 4 polish bread bags for 9.99. They looked like they were in un-issued condition,and a damn good deal.

  10. bushcraft ing is a myth. I grab stuff to do miles. most people that do bushcraft ing don't go more then a few hundred feet from their car.

  11. Say Heah Tim. I got pretty lucky myself. I was at a neighborhood discont grocery/pharnacy store. They sell alot if closeout's. or stuff that store's that went bekky up. Anyhow they had some Camo Flapover Purses made by 5 North or something like that. Anyhiw theyvlooked pretty masculine so I bought 4 of them at $2.99 apiece. Yeah, I use it as my Haversak, I didn't think they would last ling, But I'm still only using the first one and my other ones I use as storage. I made a Lite Carry Haversack with the first ine. I carry my Mora Hatchet and my Bacho Saw. The Hatchet is in the main cimlartnent and the Bacho Laplander is in the flapover that has a ziooer and a three prong snap to close it. The sides house my compact binoculars, and the other side has my compass the other compartments that are ziooered I carry other misc. gear like firestarters, whittler's, whistles, mirror and magnifying glass etc. I also have space blankets and tarp. Also in the flapover, I have a blade that is sort of Damascus, It doesn't look like the usual Damascus, But if I follow the lines, They are are connected. I bought it in EBay aking time ago when I use to shop there. But anyhow it's a wrapped handle and it's a cheap one, But it's very sharp and I threw it in there to make a spear in a emergency situation as a fish/frog spear or simply for defence if I needed to. It's lite so I use this set when I just go out and about, I also through in a Herf-a-Dor Humi for my cigar's and cordage to atleast have my 5C's, I usually carry my Mora 2000 on person with my Canteen and my Victorinox Delemont Collection Rangergrip 78 in a Pouch and I have a 38oz. Nalgene bottle in the main compartment. I like taking this out for my Afternoon Delights and out and about hikes. Yeah, A Bag, or Haversack or what ever you call it and how it look's is Ok, As long as it carries comfortably. I myself like it large enough to atleast carry my 5C's.,,.

  12. thanks for posting this .. have been looking for a decent cheap bag like this ..but all i kept finding on ebay and youtube reviews were overpriced brand name crap or tacticool crap or poor quality crap or way to big for what i need šŸ™ was actualy looking for what i would call a "pit peice bag" + translation = mine workers lunch bag ….basicly somthing to throw a flask and some sandwitches in when going a decent walk if i need more carry space i have various proper packs for that …. these are practicaly identical to the bag i was looking for so thanks again

  13. Nice bag. Can find so much when we look at the old military surplus stuff. I love the minimalist series. I now have all three styles.

  14. hehe i have also one – my is made (like me) in 1988 and i bought it for 5 euro in a weaponshop in GER. i was born in poland so i really love this bag. i carry it all the time with minimal gear in it with me. water (or beer šŸ˜‰ ) bottle. Leatherman SURGE. Flashlight. gloves. dry tinder. matchbox. paracord. food. i take it to work – to shop – to walk – to fish. everywhere.

  15. Another good video. I like that you utilized an older type of bag. I used to be involved in World War 2 re-enactments, so I am fond of any gear of that era, some of which was around even before and used long after. They still make some of it. And the replica or late issue stuff is just as well made as the originals. The designs may be old, but they are still functional and of good quality.

  16. Very nice bag !! šŸ˜ƒ And sir I commend you on actually taking not one not two but three books !! I don't think I've ever seen a bushcraft type vid where anyone even mentions a book before lol

    But you may want to toss in a first aid kit

  17. that's a sick bag brother. loved the video and thanks for sharing. I subscribed to your channel and would love to have you as a subscriber as well. keep up the good work.

  18. Thank you for your fine video. I'm always looking to improve. Not being a "pocket" guy, I recommend this $20 bag. Not the best stitching, but rugged as hell.

    As for bugs, this is safe for clothing.

    For skin, you can't beat DEET. The higher the percentage, the better. But it will MELT shit, so it has to be somewhat toxic, therefore, I shall not provide.

    Finally. Bahco seems to be the word, but I suggest looking onto Silky. I tried a Gomboy. My Bahco has been gifted.

    Thanks again. Later.

  19. Nice video. I have one of these bags and they are great for day hikes. Also, check out the Swiss bead bag. It is a canvas bag, but has a waterproof cover/flap.

  20. a 55 gallon drum liner is always a good thing. It's water proof, lightweight and incredibly versatile.

  21. Ordering one for each on my vehicles. Great for a survival vehicle bag. Was leaning towards the Finnish bag but might get this one instead!

  22. tbh i don't think you want 550 cord around your neck, i think you should at least tie in a piece of dental floss of jute twine so that if it catches on something the weak point will snap and you are not strangled

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