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Bushcraft Gear: Italian Canvas Tactical Backpack

Bushcraft Gear: Italian Canvas Tactical Backpack

hey guys this is gene with Hogtown prepper and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my bushcraft bag I've newly gotten into bushcraft Joe has been helping me and the biggest problem I've had and the most intimidating factor I've had has been trying to pick out a bushcraft pack that serves as pretty much a day hiking pack and/or an overnight pack and I've tried out several different ones and they've all had the same problem me being five four they just don't fit properly even if I cinch up the straps as tight as they'll go it just doesn't fit it still hangs it still puts all the pressure like up here on my shoulders even with a sternum strap even if I try to improvise some kind of waist belt it just doesn't work for me to give you an idea this is the pack that Joe had bought for me that we thought would be perfect basically it's a lumbar pack with the harness and where as it was it was really comfortable in theory I couldn't get these cinched up tight enough so that it would actually fit me if this cut came in like a smaller size or if I had the ability to cinch it up just a little tighter but you know what this as tight as it could go it's still it just it was too big I couldn't get it to fit properly and it was just pulling on my shoulders you know the entire time otherwise though I liked it the concept I had no complaint with it the only thing is whereas i do like a more canvas old-school kind of look I'm not really all about the camo so much so I really had my eye on old surplus packs or even I've you know been on Duluth and I love the packs I love the way they look but again I'm really concerned that if I were to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a pack and it didn't fit me properly I mean that would be so for now I've been hitting the web and doing some research and trying out different things this is the Swiss Mountain pack that Joe had that I tried out for a while for a day pack what I did was I removed the leather straps that it came with and I put some old backpack straps on where I had added this sternum belt and this was actually it carried pretty well this back strap here landed at just the perfect spot for me and the only problem is this pack is like five to eight pounds empty and it just on a four-mile hike it made me tired you know so I really I wanted something just a little bit lighter but otherwise this this pack is awesome I mean it's rubberized your stuff's not going to get wet and you know if I were just a little bit sturdier I would carry a pack like this but I needed something a little bit lighter so while I was looking around online on YouTube I saw reviews for this pack and this is the Italian canvas tactical backpack boy there's mosquitoes and the reviews I saw were from guys who are you know your average size guys 510 six-foot and one of the complaints that they had about this backpack was that it was too short for them you know through the torso and the straps they had to let them out all the way to get them to fit and I'm listening to these negatives and I'm thinking you know for me I think that would be a positive so I found this on Swiss link they had abused and new used was like 1899 and knew we liked $24.99 the shipping was kind of steep I think it was like 15 or $17 for the shipping itself so almost the price of the pack but you know it shipped on time I had no problems with my order at all and I went ahead and gone I went with the use pack because I don't mind the character you know but as that little used character but I debated a lot of different packs and looked at them and I loved the fact that this has the canvas the scale for me being five port is really good it fits well it doesn't look overly huge but this pack is amazing because it holds so much I actually I don't know if any of you are like fellow DMD geeks out there but I call this like my bag of holding because it doesn't matter how much I stuff in here I have all kinds of room still it has the two side pockets here and I mean you can see this is like my elbow it goes all the way down to my elbow and it has the pocket in here and it also has on the outside this laced sleeve area so you can tighten up on the load make this larger you can slide stuff down here to carry it has this rubberized up top to shed water and it also closes with this nice stiff velcro and I know some people have complained about the velcro but I mean I like it fine it's it's secure it closes you know I don't have any problems or complaints there the other side same thing and then the main pocket very deep you can lace it down it has this thick I don't know if you can see this on the camera get that angled but it has this nice thick plastic coating at the bottom it's like a plastic layer so you could set this down on the damp ground and not have to worry about it too much but I love the fact that even empty it has structure it stands up by itself I like the fact that even without an internal or external frame it's the structure just helps it feels more comfortable and what I did was right after I got the pack I took and loaded it up with the gear that I would take out on a day hike and I didn't even eat I went ahead and threw on the pack and went hiking for four miles in a fasted State you know I kind of want to give myself the worst case scenario no food and you know hiking for miles no stopping no taking the pack off to see how these straps would feel for me a lot of guys take these straps off and replace them with Alice pack straps which i think is a brilliant idea but I wanted to see if it would work for me first nice heavy closures you know nice-looking straps and the only thing is it doesn't have a sternum strap so what I did was I took this bandanna and while it's on me I just basically take the bandanna and I tie it in a square knot and that helps to give just another point of support there and I found it to be fairly comfortable I will say though by that last mile my shoulders were kind of feeling it one thing I've done in the past is I've taken a sash and I've run it through the bottom of backpack straps and that didn't have a waist belt and I've tied it to my waist and that's helped me on this pack they have these it's for ski poles or tent stakes I believe is what it was originally used for but what I could do it's too small for like a blanket roll or something but I could put my sash through it and basically use that as an additional support but the size on this is really good for me you know I put it on it fits well the sash would help add that support down there but as you can see this is a good size for me and where the load sits it sits comfortably so I think that if I were going to take this pack any further than say four miles at a time without stopping I definitely replace the straps but so far for my test run I did and that was without my sash here to give a little extra support it was doable it was definitely doable and that tiredness I felt through my shoulders could have been not eating but I think all in all it's a good pack I think for me the size is good but I can certainly understand how if you were a six foot tall guy this pack would be a bit of a problem but if like me you're vertically challenged or you have somebody who wants to get into bushcraft who might be a you know a young teen or you know petite female or you know someone smaller definitely give this pack a try so far I'm satisfied with it it even has a place to carry a hatchet which I think they used to use like ice axes or something but so yeah so far I'm happy the price is right it's good quality sturdy sheds water and it holds everything I would need for a day hike easily or even overnight so this is what I've got so far I'm gonna make another video here in a minute to show the kit that I'm accumulating I'm new to all this but I'm getting my stuff together and I want to share what I've got so far and talk a little bit about ideas I have but yeah I just wanted to share my new bushcraft pack with you guys and I hope that was helpful and I hope you enjoyed it thanks

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  1. Nice review young lady. I just stumbled across your channel and enjoyed your "can do" attitude. Looks like you're off to a terrific start!! Keep in mind that all the straps and buckles can be changed or modified or adjusted according to your own preferences . If you sew or know someone that does, most of the changes can be DIY. Also, ifn and when the time comes, check out REI. They will be happy to take some time with you and FIT one or two of their packs to you needs and size. The draw back is they can be pricey. In any case, nice review. Keep up the good work and keep hiking. Best wishe…… Ax

  2. I like your mountain pack, is it something you would be interested in selling or maybe a trade if you dont use no more? Thanks for the video was just curious

  3. I just ordered one from command military surplus,com. they were sold out but sent me an email to say they had more in stock, grab them while you can they go quick, thank you for the video.

  4. 24,99 $ ??? how the hell is possible here in Italy That's cost about 20 euros u get it for a very honest price !!

  5. Just subbed you, nice simple review, no pretentious nonsense and enjoyable to watch.
    My wife has the same problem with packs as she is also small framed. There are some great products out there if you hunt around for them long enough.
    As for the Italian pack you just reviewed, most people with medium or large framed bodies complain about the packs placement when worn as they are used to traditional style packs and forget that it is designed for issue to mountain troops and as such is required to sit high on the shoulders facilitating the use of climbing harnesses etc and is not intended to rest on the hips with a waist belt as most other packs are.
    It's great you have found a workable option with the Italian pack, I would be scavenging some old bits of straps and a padded waist belt to stitch on to the pack, with a little thought it could be made into a traditional style pack for your frame size.
    We are looking forward to watching your other videos, keep up the great work.
    Kind regards, Jack & Karen.

  6. Love the gaming reference!  The way I see it, bushcraft is real life adventuring without the threat of dragons. =)

  7. that first bag you showed it may look nice but it is a very poor design that could hurt anyone. I really like the second bag I have been looking for a good bag. I have used the allies ruck sacks wail I was in the military but know I want something nicer. good video

  8. Just found your channel. Looking forward to more videos. Not enough women bushcrafters. I have enjoyed what you have out there

  9. Nice video, very well done. I do not have much time on my hands so I find myself taking morning or afternoon hikes. So I just might try that pack. Keep enjoying the great out of doors. 🙂

  10. I use mine in combo with a haversack (gas mask bag). The combo carries all the gear I need for a five-day random scoot. Recommended.

  11. you can shorten your straps on your lumbar harness so that you can cinch it up tighter to fit; undo the straps and cut the approximate length you need to cinch up a fit.

  12. One more thing… Campmor sells Retrofit Sternum Straps for about $8.
    You should be able to easily attach them to your should straps and be set there.

  13. That's a great way to review a product. Well done. I personally have the Swiss Military Engineer's Rucksack you have. I added padding and covered it with some nice leather to the waist belt and have leather covered padding for the shoulder pads. I also installed a sternum strap to it and added a waist belt I scavenged from an old tool belt. I love mine. I'm glad you found you "baby bear/just right" fit in the Italian pack. It's a really nice piece. Enjoy.

  14. Thank you for watching JC. I think it is a really great pack. I hope that you enjoy the pack as much as I do. =)

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