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Bushcraft/Camping-Winter Sleep System

Bushcraft/Camping-Winter Sleep System

hey guys what's up Jenny here and today i have a video going over my winter sleep system i was lucky enough to get some really nice gifts for Christmas and i have yet to put them to you so I figured I'd give them a try out a nice little gear test at home before I take them out into a remote area so tonight on my front porch that's where I'll be sleeping I'm not sure how cold that it's gonna be right now it's definitely not gonna be warm I live in New York State and it's wintertime I think it's gonna be in the low teens if I'm not mistaken maybe a 10 to 20 mile-per-hour wind so we'll see so worst comes to worst if the gear is not sufficient for the tent then I walk in the house and all as well but I'm really eager to test this stuff out I had a new zero Degree bag down bag my first time using a down bag I've been using synthetic bags so eager to try that out also I have the usgi bivy brand new it and getting used maybe it's because I'm a woman I don't know I just didn't want to get inside something that somebody potentially probably was sweating and guys and whatever else who knows but I figured I wanted brand new no wear and tear put it to the test and see how it does so that's that and I'm gonna go over everything real quick and then later I'll show you this out and check in with you before I go to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night I'll check it back in with you if not I'll see you in the morning more than likely I'll wake up in the middle of the night because I work nights and I rarely sleep more than four hours straight so yeah I'm a night owl so yeah guys stick around here we go first things first this is the u.s. GI army issue vivy 100% gore-tex waterproof windproof it's a shelter in itself I pretty much got this for the added protection and also to ensure that my down bag stay dry due to the snow ice and whatnot in the wintertime so yeah that is the base pretty much this is everything won't be stuffed inside of here if I can fit my foam pad inside of here I'll probably do that as well if not the foam pad will go under this so the u.s. GI bivy I believe if I'm pronouncing that right if I'm remembering the right order of the word or the letters so that's that and then what would I do next I would put in the thermal rest I'm not suppose the redressed the thermo redressed I've used this a couple times it works very well it has the reflected reflecting kind of choline on one side so that's beneficial in the colder months so that goes inside I have yet to set this stuff up so I'm hoping it should fit inside the baby if not it'll go under it like I said moving along I have the Big Agnes Air Corps I believe it's called yep Big Agnes Airport and this is awesome I use this for several years if it inflates up to three and a quarter inches so it's a nice little comfort for short when ground sleeping beside you know someone once I like to sleep in a hammock as well so that's pretty much my way to keep me cold I mean excuse me to keep me from being cold and off the ground and insulated from that so that's that part this is the free smoke free Spanish we have a free slant to keep them from freezing a fleece liner from sea2summit I've used this before this thermal liner works really well as about 10 to 15 degrees on your sleeping bag if I'm not mistaken and also the baby the baby bag does as well and degrees warm even long this is my down sleeping bag I was so happy when I got this for Christmas cuz these suckers are expensive but I managed to find a decent one so I didn't break my loved ones pockets this is a hiking bike zero degree Fahrenheit you yola's the oldest I believe the oldest e o us Aeolus I can buy a ola zero degree Fahrenheit bag zero Degree is the surviving temperature the low comfort is 15 and the high comfort is 30 but yes I keep it in this king-sized pillowcase so it's not all compressed up and it keeps its loft and therefore has more insulation and can do its job so that is my sleep system that I'm going to use tonight I'm curious to know if I will be warm with just this stuff if not I have a backup I have another sleeping bag that's rated down to like 28 degrees I believe Fahrenheit and I believe with that in this pair together in the fleece liner and the baby I think I might be too warm but I definitely won't be cold with all of those things but first I'm gonna try with just the the sleeping bag the liner the air pad the foam pad and the baby and we'll see how that goes so I'll check back in later guys when everything is all set up and I'm getting ready to knock out I'll show you how I got it put together and I'm sure I'm not gonna freeze I think I have faith in the setup we'll see though see if my feet is legit alright guys as you can see everything fit nice and snug inside the bivi I shouldn't say Snuggies it's still quite a bit of room and but that's that's great because I used the SOL baby with the Big Agnes air pad and I had to deflate it a lot because it wouldn't fit inside that baby with me as well was real tight sardine can tight this is a way more spacious way more durable and I can't wait to use it so this is the winter sleep system set up and if I get cold I'll add another sleeping bag the 28 degree Fahrenheit so stay with me not tired yet so I'll get back to you when I'm ready to go to bed alright guys the time is now it is time to go to sleep it is about 20 minutes after 1:00 and I am getting ready to go knock out hopefully I am NOT freezing in about 20 minutes I don't think I will be but yeah I added my camp pillows I forgot to mention those earlier I have an inflatable one and a compressible one when I'm out camping like backpack in I doubt I would bring both one is really really tiny so I probably could squeeze both in there but two is definitely a luxury one is a luxury to is like extra luxury so I have a little thermometer hanging up out there so I'm gonna go check out the temp and then I'm gonna jump in the setup and try to get some sleep and like I said if I wake up I'll come back with an update if not I'll see you in the morning good morning guys I slept well warm cozy all this gear works as it should thumbs up to it all as cozy as I am I can't sleep anymore so I'm getting up getting ready to get some coffee it's gotta be about I think 13 12 degrees out late snow so I get my butt out of this cocoon of warmth get some coffee and I'll show you what I wore to sleep all right guys this is what I slept in last night it was about 10 to 12 degrees so it was cold and we definitely wasn't warm but I was warm I didn't get cold at all and yes this is what I wore so I wore I bought these army US army liner pants cold cold weather army liner these things are super warm like I'm gonna probably buy the top because my legs were super warm and they don't even and I'm short and these go down about your calves and I was toasty in these so I put these on over some base layer pants better fleece lined so those pair up and then I take these smart smart wool socks which are pretty long and tuck tuck this in as well as the army liner pants into the smart smart wool socks and snug as a bug very very warm this is actually a duck down jacket that I refuse to get rid of and I refuse to pay for a new zipper because it probably would cost more than I actually bought the jacket so I went I got some velcro and now I use velcro to seal it and shut it and pretty much has designated this jacket for cold weather sleeping this right here is a gift an awesome one on my dad because you can do several different configurations with this to wrap it around you and keep your neck your head your chest warm all at the same time I pretty much use this to cover my face to stop condensation from getting on my sleeping bag or from inside the bivi so I would just make sure I was breathing on to this to try to prevent any of my hot air causing moisture on anything but that and it worked very well so yeah guys that's what I wore last night nice and toasty these smart wool socks expensive but very very good socks no qualms with those fleece line base layer pants can't go wrong and these first time trying them out last night and those suckers are warm I'm gonna get the I'm probably gonna go ahead and get the top and that might just be my winter sleep gear so yeah guys thanks for watching and stick around I'm gonna try to put out as many videos as I can bear with me take care

Reader Comments

  1. Smart idea to test your gear in a safe environment before getting out in the bush and find out the hard way that it doesn't work.

  2. Ah,,,,,,A Great video from You. We've MISSED Ya. Those Sleep'n Bag's are Great and how they work too.

  3. I would have been less worried about the cold and more worried about being mugged! Great gear review though, interesting place to try it out too 🙂

  4. Now that is a layering system! I have 3 of the GI bivy bags and they certainly are roomy, but I hadn't thought about trying to get two pads inside for winter, though I may take up more room than you, Jenn. 😉 How nice of your family, too, to help with your gear.

  5. Good setup thst you know will work!!! I have the military sleep system and love it. I also love the USMC pull over shirt and polypropylene top and bottom. Have you tried sleeping with 80-100% wool blanket inside the sleeping bags? Great thing about wool blanket is that a broach (blanket pin ) can be used so it can worn as cloak around camp. Looking forward to more videos

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