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Bullseye Indoor Range & Gun Shop Tour

Bullseye Indoor Range & Gun Shop Tour

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  1. Great shirt Eric, seeing that restriction etched into an AR years ago instantly converted me into a Second Amendment advocate

  2. Then this happened today:–law/gun-shop-catches-fire-downtown-lawrenceville/sTqpBHpoVmASxwRiqVVTEI/

  3. I was going there today so I looked up indoor gun range on YouTube and ur video was the third one! Coincidence

  4. I can't believe miniguns are legal, but you'd have to be a multimillionaire to afford the gun and ammo plus maintenance.

  5. I like Bullseye.Years ago I Got a lever action Marlin 45-70 off the room rack for $350 because the guy behind the counter said it was "broken". Asked why wouldn't they fix it and make more profit, said it wasn't worth it. Asked what was wrong, he said the gun won't feed right and the chambers probably messed up.

    After a quick inspection it was obvious the only thing wrong was the follower was literally destroyed in the mag tube. So basically I got a great deal because he was too lazy to check it out in detail LOL. That guy no longer works there and Bullseye is still one of my favorite shops.

    FYI that rifle has taken an ungodly amount of hog and now sports a John Wayne loop and rear aperture site. never flawed. lol

  6. one of those guns I know best as the Patriot from mgs3. yes I know some people are gonna bitch about that I'm an idiot.

  7. I have been a Bullseye customer for over 12 years.  They our good people with great merchandise.  All guns usually in stock or able to have it for you ASAP.
    Thanks guys,  E

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