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Bulletproof + U.S. Ski Team

Bulletproof + U.S. Ski Team

– Hi I’m Rebecca and I’m here at the Bulletproof tent at
the Killington World Cup. And I’m here with some athletes from the US ski and snowboard team, and we’re gonna have quick conversation about what it means to be Bulletproof. – I’m A.J. Heard. – I’m Abby Jewett – I’m Alice Merriweather – So, what are some
things that you personally either like do as a pre-training ritual? Just to stay focused? Or what do you do to just
get over those jitters and just kind of focus on where your at? And keeping yourself at peak performance. – I mean, it changes a lot but
definitely listening to music and just like talking to one another. I feel like kind is good for nerves and get rid of them (laughs). – I kind of have like some routines that get my body ready and stuff. And that like helps me feel prepared which like puts my mind at ease. So, I like that but definitely
talking to your teammates. I think yesterday there was no getting over the nerves for me but having these guys here helped. – Keeping it really casual
and not getting stressed out about the environment of a World Cup is key to staying calm. And I also, I do a very
strict warm-up routine, where I do the same thing
whether it’s training, I’m working out, it’s
always the same warm-up and that just kind of refocuses myself and my brain and gets me ready to go. – So, post-training,
either in terms of helping your body recover or just kind of helping your mind recover. What are some like of your go to hacks? – Take a nap. (laughs) Lie down in bed for awhile. – [Reporter] Yeah, yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah, we definitely do dry run in the afternoons to help our bodies recover. I don’t know my teammates are definitely a big part of that, if you have a bad day, or a good day, they’re
just awesome to be around. – I like to unwind with a little music. I travel with a ukulele
and one of my teammates travels with her guitar
and so after a stressful day of training or racing, we’ll go back and just play music and
sing and have a good time. – Is there anything
else you’d want to share with someone who is maybe
either watching this race for the first time
and just feeling like super excited and motivated
by all your hard work. Is there anything you’d want to say about just your experience as a skier representing your country? – I mean I definitely
feel so lucky to be here, representing the U.S. in the U.S. I feel like that’s
really awesome experience and I think we all feel the same. – Yeah, I guess kind
of what we said before just work hard and believe in yourself. It can happen. – I mean, we’re here
because the fans are here. The fans are following us and so I mean thanks to everyone
that’s supporting us. Because, we literally would
not be here without everyone. – This has been Rebecca. We’re here at the Killington World Cup waiting for the second run of
the day for the slalom event. And it’s a beautiful
day to be Bulletproof. Thanks.

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