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Bulletproof Blanket Will Shield Kids During School Shootings

Bulletproof Blanket Will Shield Kids During School Shootings

a company outing oklahoma is producing
for one thousand dollars bulletproof blankets for kid use in schools because
the thing about a school shooting the course
we had another one yesterday just never stop there was a one week before we’ve got some images a blanket 3i thousand bucks he can protect against
ninety percent of the weapons that have been used in school shootings in the United States
there were 13 school shootings in the US the first six weeks up 2014 we’re now for months past that and so I guess purse is this just
inevitable that every kid is gonna be going to
school with the a bullet-proof blanket I don’t even have words for how
appalling the idea that we now have two kevlar our kids blankets in the schools because
god forbid we do any tiny tiny thing about guns in this
country in said no we all have to be walk around
with bulletproof vests that’s the answer I i KK my me I
definitely think they’re a good idea you know i mean the there’d
attempting to solve there’s something to put out the smoke
rather than put out the fire ran for like a better X expression by
Tom because it doesn’t look like gun reform is happening anytime soon in this
country and people are actually dying in a manner as just another shooting that occurred you know yesterday arm I think that to have those in school to
be a a positive thing and the animal approve doors but they’ve been experiment where is it
all a little bit absurd a fake protection because the idea that the kid would be you know
with when this would happen I assume they don’t keep them on them all the
time or probably even under their desks that you know you mean by the time you were
able to get it out of the closet or something the bathtub is already have so I do this
is just sorta just I do with it is it bakery for the pairing emma is it that
telling kids oh by the way you could get shot at any moment so do keep this handy enos so that’s the
part that I think the most intriguing do you think that would be that the real bad part is the conditioning
that all these kids are gonna grow up thinking that this is just really part of the way like this even
though I I guess is at some level but also I i think that you have to adapt to
the times like I went to highschool are elementary school in manhattan and
we are remember growing up we had drills where we have to get into the deaths in
case there was a like a nuclear attack or something like
that up in the fifties no there isn’t doing enough for you
otherwise I remember there was you have to get on the desks and brace
yourself for some kind of like attack or something like that yeah to as
like in New York and obviously I don’t think that that a applies today but today we have this
very real and present you know dangerous school shootings
something i read online this week that was interesting was that one of the
great semantic to remove you know twists over
everything years is that we keep calling these shootings and nobody ever calls them murders then
if we called the murders maybe we were taken more seriously but shootings different things more
innocuous than that and that allowed at the kinda process this on a daily basis that is
constantly happening and we are more appalled by the yeah is
that the other scary part here is that so when I saw the shooting yesterday I remember where was where was it
because this happens constantly who are already know the right was an organ and
I guess the shooter and one other the guy in North Hollywood couple days
ago right and then what what was one last week the last week was getting santa Barbara is
that we can have a um but i think is happening in this go
to the conditioning part is what I see on Twitter there’s a
shooting now it doesn’t even phase me for a split second or you know to me to
my co another one make and that to me is the
scary parts are we just becoming the warrior yeah I mean are we just
becoming more and more okay with it so I so this is something
these blankets even if its not real protection I saw your flakes
are completely exposed on those things you know yeah I mean the guy was the day you get what you needed 200 medley
something like a big turtle show you should get that is I wouldn’t do
anything to do with I really get a boner I mean if they save
one life you know I answer that there is a great initiative yeah um
so that we can change gun laws which it seems like we can’t seem to do since we couldn’t
get anything passed after a new town and area the if we can’t do that then what what
should we beat actually tacking meant to help more because it seems to me that so I guess
is a lot to do with mental health and prescription drugs only one shot ahead
said yesterday though with their withers mentally hell mentally ill people all over the world
and there are violent video games all over the world and there are
frustrated single guys all over the world this is the country where all those
people get gotten better yeah exactly to yes any video game
caused by later they say every time I be an Italian plumber eating my cum jumping
a turtle I am the measure that is they really do
with about the video game

Reader Comments

  1. Most schools can't even afford books. There's no way they're gonna SHELL out for kevlar shields! Fail!

  2. There is no way these things are overly effective. The shooter can just walk in and take his pick of who he wants to shoot out of all the huddled masses.

  3. First: Everytime I hear Oklahoma I hear taht stupid song (Thanks Connie and Carla)

    Second: This is so sarcastic rather buyng bullet proof anythings for children instead NOT giving every Lunatic guns…..

  4. Do they seriously think schools or parents would be willing to pay $1000 for each kid to be protected? I dont think so.

  5. a bullet proof blanket would stop the piercing of a bullet but it wouldn't stop the force and that can still kill and cause even more harm. 

  6. Kevlar can stop a bullet, but will only lessen the energy that the wearer receives, it probably won't kill you, but bruises and broken bones can happen.

  7. All it will do is make kids even more nervous because there will always be a little on edge knowing that they gotta race for their blankets at any moment.

    Lessening the amount of deaths is not the answer. Any number of deaths above 0 should be considered unacceptable. The answer is to prevent the shooting from happening in the first place, which is easily done with better security. People will always attack the more vulnerable target. It's why just the existence of home security systems drops the chances of you being robbed to virtually zero. The security system itself will rarely be used. 

    There should be at least 2 armed security guards in every school of every grade, and it should be very well advertised that they are there. Perhaps a big sign in the front and back of the school. It would serve as a warning to potential shooters and you would eliminate almost all of them before they even start.

    Security systems only really work if everyone knows that you have a security system. They obviously should not know the specifics, but just the knowledge that you have one is mostly sufficient.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the company that sells this blanket is part of the lobby to stop gun regulation. 

  9. they dont even really protect the kids they dont even cover them all over there is two massive gaps at either side

  10. We should arm the students, but then again, that might interfere with a Fundamentalist Christian's right to bully other kids.

  11. I'm not sure how gunmen operate, but I don't think a gym mat over a kid who is in the tornado drill position would stop them from killing the kids…like, I'm sure bullets can get under the mats. 

  12. As someone else pointed on in another video, there are more "sane" gunmen who kill people in either mass shootings or just your everyday killing, so it's not just a mental health issue. 

  13. wow. cant believe America has come to this,teaching kids how to use bullet proof blankets just in case a shooter comes in. that must cause so much mental trauma to kids

  14. So I'm assuming these blankets will be easily accessible. What if a shooter grabs a couple and wraps them around himself? Tax payer funded bullet resistant armor for mass shooters, great idea.

  15. what if all school hallways and doorways are metal  with built in detectors to lock the sick'o down and let the kids out. Oh and this shit is sick little kids having lessons on fear.

  16. They will be conditioned to be scared of guns. How about you increase the number of School resources officers. Or make smaller schools with higher teacher to student ratio so the teacher may be able to pay attention to the students more. Or put All public schooling online and make all internet access free to the country and give every kid a chrome book.  WOW problem solved. NO schools NO school shootings. 

  17. People have to cause guns to go off; the problem begins there, regardless of how you feel about gun ownership. Let's spend a classroom's worth of "blankets" on counselors who might assist more effectively at helping the kids who are being driven — even if only inside their own minds — to do what they do. 

  18. What about bullet proof desks? I mean it's a shield and it will stop kids from carving "rob was here" soooo duel purpose?

  19. its happen to black or brown or even the amish u dont care its happens to wite america and then yall stat complaiin yall dont what to hell out a opressed yall olny wana help the opressa fucking wite people 

  20. Apart from the fact it is appalling that this kind of protection is required in schools, surely lying there with the blanket over you is the wrong way to use it as the gunman just shoots under it or flips it off. Obviously the best way is to wrap it around you and run away.

  21. I ain't no scientist, but I'm pretty sure the pressure of the round will smash anything underneath it. Look at 12 gauge v.s. Kevlar. The Kevlar is fine, but the cheats cavity is… Liquified.

  22. The current rationality is that if you give more guns to the good people, the good people can be protected.

    But this logic is fucking stupid as fuck, first of all the only "Good Person" is the people who respond to emergency calls, civilians should never be able to walk down the street and buy a gun from some random.

    And how the fuck can you determine who is or isn't good?

    People also say that "people will get guns no matter what anyway so we might as well have guns circulating. The fucking problem with that logic is that nothing gets done.

    I find it embarrassing for the US to know that even though there's 22 million people in Australia compared to 300 million in the US, besides the Monash University shooting not a single shooting has ever happened in Australia and the toll in Manash was only 2 deaths.

    However in the US there's a shooting every week and to a point where it's so common people aren't serious about it anymore.

  23. This is so fucking stupid! That blanket isn't going to save anyone. This is just a company trying to cash in on people's fears. If you want your children to be safe in school don't give them blankets, don't whine about gun control (that will never happen), but leave the US. Move to Canada or Mexico. It's safer there!

  24. Dave Rubin nailed it 100%…when I look at the picture of the kids covered in the blankets all in a row it looks like a video game. A challenge to the shooter nothing more. Sad.

  25. Who doesn't see the flaw with these blankets? When you have the kids cowering like they were in the image shown in the video, their sides are all exposed and all the gunmen has to do is shoot them from the side. If some company wants to charge folks $1k for this device, then it needs to allow them to hide their entire bodies. However, I don't think this will work, it costs too much and secondly, how battle tested is this blanket? Bullets come from guns at hundreds of miles per hour and I just don't see how this thin ass blanket will protect someone from a bullet let alone an armor piercing round.

  26. Does anyone find it rather strange that there have been more mass shootings in the past year than in the previous decade? it seems rather fishy to me…

  27. Why is this even necessary? This is a problem USA has and is doing nothing about. I don't know why more people don't try to do anything about this?

  28. Just an idea.  But here in Australia we don't have school shootings, mainly because every man and his dog isn't allowed to carry a gun.  I know it's in your constitution and all, but really.  Considering the number of gun related deaths and/or injuries in the US exceed pretty much the rest of the planet combined I really think it might be time to re-evaluate the whole gun laws thing.

  29. Combined with those nuclear bomb resistant tables from the 60s and you got yourself a full spectrum protection. However… $1000 for that much Kevlar in 2014??

  30. I think you guys totally nailed it. Americans have become numb to statistics, and unfortunately, numb to anecdotes as well. I can't imagine what it would take to get some significant gun control, but basically the only thing they want to do is, like Max said, get rid of the smoke rather than putting out the fire. Nice analogy, btw.

    You wanna know the real American exceptionalism? Americans have accepted gun deaths as a normal part of life. That's what makes them exceptional. Instead of fixing the problem, they just want people to learn to live with it by making bullet-proof backpacks and blankets and all this crap…
    Meanwhile, I'm sure gun manufacturer live in well-guarded houses with very expensive security systems. Hey, they can afford it. They're making a killing.
    Pun intended.

  31. better to  buy bomb armor or police shiled (Bulletproof) . The Kids will be  train how to use it to defend the self. DEFENCE  You look more cooler than Bulletproof Blanket over your head.

  32. Yes, in the early 80's there was still a scare that the Russians could attack America. I remember those drills also.

  33. "Protects against 90% of weapons used in school shootings."
    Really? 90%? You mean it'll stop pistol rounds, right?
    Even a military grade ballistic Kevlar vest won't stop a rifle round.
    (At least not without the steel plate armor, which I assume these blankets don't contain.)

  34. $1,000 per blanket X 50,000,000 students (excluding college students) = $50,000,000,000.
    Yeah, that's a rational investment.

  35. So now a shooter can come in on a school, shoot some kids on their flanks (because why what's stopping him from taking down a kid?), and he now has bulletproof blankets to protect himself better from the Police. Genius!

  36. Big deal. So you give the shooter something to do while he's changing his smaller-capacity magazines.

  37. I live in Canada and even WE had school Lock Down drills when I was in high school.
    Mandate bullet/fireproof doors for all schools, implement lockdown procedures and developed a close relationship between police and schools.
    These steps will be cheaper and more effective than bulletproof blankets, but then the company selling the blankets won't make a ton of money selling their ridiculous crap. "Can't have the government standing in the way of the market! Let's throw money at them!"

  38. Lol those things cost 1k each? What a load of shit, they only protect your back as if the shooter is going to just pop up behind you and shoot down at you.

  39. My hubby lived on an airbase and they did drills for air attacks. I work in schools and they now have lock down drills. Teacher halls kids into the class. Emails who they have and we sit in the locked room in the corner waiting for the all clear.

  40. There might be a lot of school shootings but gang violence takes a lot more lives. Why doesn't anyone report on that? The number one cause of gun violence wouldn't be stopped by a gun ban. Wrap your head around that.

    That being said, I'm all for this. It's a pity politicians aren't making our kids safer this directly. I hope they'll step in and subsidize them. Schools aren't a terribly lucrative endeavor.

  41. We've never had a school shooting in my area, but a couple of times during this past school year my kids' elementary school had drills in case someone did come into school shooting.

  42. Yeah… Because this "bulletproof Blanket" will work? Here's the thing.. its "bulletproof" or "bullet resistant", meaning it will only do so much. Plus what's the rating of the Kevlar used to line these blankets? You due know that just because the blanket may stop the bullet you still have that kinetic energy that has to go some where? Multiple shots would break through it and also what if the weapon being used is stronger then what the kevlars rated for? Unless their using AR500 plate armor that can stop a .308, but that wouldn't be cheap to sell. I doubt this would work in a real shooting.. i dont think it'd be strong enough if the person was using a stronger round.. Also you have different weights for the bullet and different kinds of gunpowder that have different burn rates and such. There are way to many variables for this to work.

  43. Um that shit would qork if it covered more. But I could easily shoot from the side or take the blanket off. And its not like there gona have those around them b 4 every class just waiting for a shooting to happen. I would 7se a silencer and they wont know im in the school til im in there class room shooting them.

  44. how about a panic button that immediately locks all doors( install bullet proof ones)and alerts police, hire guards or is that too much money? since its only kids lifes huh?

  45. This is great, I LOVE shooting up schools and when kids sit on the ground with heavy orange blankets, it makes it easier. Thanks.

  46. How does anyone support this stupidity? Teach kids how to ESCAPE, or actually HIDE, or hell might I suggest DEFEND THEMSELVES. Anything is better than laying on the ground like a wounded animal with a giant orange target on your back for the shooter to say "Oh look, they lined them up for me with these pointless blankets that I can shake off in a matter of seconds and shoot them point blank. " They don't even cover their whole body, shit all the shooter would have to do is fucking crouch and he can take every one of them out without even removing the blankets. This is setting kids up for execution. Then on top of it, after slaughtering the kids lined up like bowling pins he can take the blankets and wrap himself in them, and now you have a bullet resistant blanket covered shooter. Nice idea, really. I'm clapping in front of my computer screen at how impressed I am.

  47. Why make the blankets bright red? It's like painting a bullseye on someone. Make them beige, or grey, or khaki in color.

  48. Are people this f#cking stupid, I'm serious, Look how exposed they are. A high enough caliber weapon is going to shoot right through that. They would stand a better chance covering there back side with the blanket and running in the opposite direction of the shooter.

  49. 2 problems with this blanket.
    1. The sides are exposed and gunfire will lead to immediate death.
    2. the school wouldn't have enough money to buy all of them.

  50. Ur more likely to die on the way to school in a car than you are at school from a school shooting. And u should ask yourself what your sources are calling a “school shooting” because someone killing theme selves with a gun in a school isn’t a school shooting

  51. The TSA is always feeling up potential terrorists at the airports.  This could help with travel anxieties as well.

  52. You can buy 4 reliable semiautomatic guns for $1000, lest than a dollar for bullet, you my need 2 to 3 bullets to stop a bad guy

    We don’t have enough cops to protect all of the people

    Everyone including kids need to be able to have a tool to stop a bad guy from harming us, for example: papers spry, stun guns and firearms with the proper training and ccl

    We have to recognize there is evil in some people’s hearts (sad but is true )

    God bless everyone!!!

  53. Ha ha ha ha ha ha there are so many problems with this, first the obvious the open area on the side, second the fact that there are many angle points that are soft points, the fact that there ORANGE

  54. Just gonna say…90% of weapons used in school shootings ?
    that´s JUST kevlar. that can stop 9mm bullets. that´s all.
    this thing is just a heavy blanket. Doesn´t properly cover them, is BRIGHTLY coloured, and considering this is the US, it´s not worth those 1000 dollars.

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  56. Those are not even blankets they could still get shot with that at least make it big enough where you could cover your whole entire body like a blanket and have it where some type of fucking weapon or gun comes out and kills the bad guy

  57. Blame it on the violent movies and violent video games that's right don't blame it on the people that are sick minded and Evil we'll also blame it on the rap songs to it wasn't me Slim Shady said to do it again 😂

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