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Bulletproof backpacks put to the test

Bulletproof backpacks put to the test

in the 2018 school year there were more than 23 school shootings in this country that’s an average of more than one active shooter every week combine that with the heartbreak of the Santa Fe massacre in our own backyard and it’s obvious we need to take better care of our children at school now more and more parents are looking at a brand new idea it’s a device similar to what police officers have worn for years with the school year just beginning bill Spencer investigates this device aimed at bulletproofing your kids on campus it’s 6:30 in the morning and daniel smith and his sister Larissa are starting a brand new year at school but today they’re packing something new into their backpacks it’s a bulletproof shield it really makes you feel safer you pretty much have a bulletproof shield that you can you know guard yourself with if something were to happen I would not want any shooting to go down in my school but if it did happen I would feel much safer to have it so if a shooter were to come in the school you’re gonna just crouch down behind it like this across town Natalie Kramer is teaching her two children Carly and Tyler how to use the very same thing a ballistic shield that goes inside their backpacks extra protection she says that schools just art offering we have to take charge and be the safety you know for our own children the question is will this pint-sized body armor really work now with help from two former United States Secret Service agents Jim Napolitano and Tom bullsh we’re about to test out for different ballistic shields all designed to save your children’s lives this is the guard dog security bulletproof backpack the shield has already sewn into the backpack itself first up it’s the guard dog security ballistic shield and backpack retail price a hundred and eighty nine dollars designed to protect against handgun fires we’re gonna go ahead and use the sig sauer p227 45 semi-automatic pistol now we pumped several shots directly into that backpack okay so you put one two three four five you can see the holes right in the front of the bag but nothing goes through next up its the Tuffy packs ballistic shield it slides right into your backpack is flexible and retails for a hundred and twenty nine bucks bill we’re gonna shoot at this panel with a 357 rigueur Magnum we hit it with a 44 Magnum as well Wow we put one right through the middle but once again zero penetration it was a magnum at 357 nothing came through thing came through what do you think are you great does exactly what it’s designed to do keep the children safe which brings us to the veterans manufacturing Hyperlite ballistic clipboard it retails for 199 dollars the weight of it is incredible for ballistic material this will supposed to protect you against handguns we fire at it with a nine-millimeter handgun and it also holds up under heavy fire you can see all these rounds we shot nine-millimeter none of the rounds penetrated lastly we take a look at the veterans manufacturing backpack plate retailing for $300 this shield is much thicker and heavier but unlike the others this promises to stop even a high-powered rifle fire so we fire at this heavy-duty shield first with an ar-15 rifle and then with the even larger caliber ak-47 and Wow so our original ar-15 rounds and then our two ak-47s as for Daniel and Larissa just knowing they’re carrying military-grade protection with them to school is making a difference will you feel safer this school year with that bulletproof shield most definitely yes sir it just makes you feel very protected now tonight we do want to thank Tom bull she’s with the Saddle River gun range and he helped us with this story they’re located in the woodlands take another look at these shields they’re very light they’re very flexible the very thin as you can see take a look at this you guys this is what is inside this is a material inside you can see this side is all shot up with bullets this side completely untouched and this is that heavy-duty shield we talked about it is much thicker take a look at this it is much heavier weighs about four pounds and it’s hard sided it is not flexible at all the last thing is you want to teach your kids how to use these devices in a proper way so they can protect themselves and give themselves the most advantage we’ve got a special tutorial we’ve created about that on our website at what is surprise you if the schools didn’t allow kids to bring these to school yeah and that’s another thing good point if your school has already banned the backpacks or they take the backpacks from the kids in the morning then this device probably won’t work the device you might want to pick up is the bulletproof clipboard which we showed you in a story because they can carry that all day long all right good great bill thank you

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