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Bulgarian Makarov – Military Surplus Excellence!

Bulgarian Makarov – Military Surplus Excellence!

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  1. That little tab on the magazine is a vestige of the early, (1949-1953,) production guns. These had an auto slide closure that operated with a "J" shaped projection on the magazine release. It did not do well in practice and was dropped when the design of the pistol was modified in 1953. One offbeat benefit of the tab is that the folower puts no pressure on the magazine lips. Oh, by the way, your Makarov is dated 1988.

  2. Being an average shooter with a handgun i used my Bulgarian circle 10 Military Makarov to qualify for my CCL i shot a 100% percent with the little pistol that day. not at all bragging about myself but for the accuracy of the Bulgarian Mak.

  3. Bought my Bulgarian Makarov in 2003 for $175. In new condition. Now running $600. Came with original holster/lanyard/2 magazines.
    After 4 rounds discovered how painful slidebite is..Entirely my fault…but that 1 gun started my nice collection of all types of firearms.

  4. The Makarov is a an amazing military surplus pistol. Let me know if you have had any experience with one.

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