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BTS Surprises ARMY, Liam Payne’s Burning Questions, Ed Sheeran’s Beyoncé Duet, and More

BTS Surprises ARMY, Liam Payne’s Burning Questions, Ed Sheeran’s Beyoncé Duet, and More

Hello, Ellen Show! We’re South Korean K-pop group– BTS! You guys tweeted your
questions to @TheEllenShow, hashtag #EllenShowMeMore,
and we’re here to answer the questions. Here we go go. We went to Disneyland
two years ago. I remember Buzz Lightyear. To infinity and beyond! I love dance. [ROBOT NOISES] I love my eyes. I love my height. I love my brain. Brain? Uh-huh. I love my face. I love my music. Ohh. I love my game. Game, wow. I think Jimin is
the professional. Yeah. In Korean, he’s menen. You’re menen. You’re the latest. Thank you. Post Malone. Oh, Post Malone! You see me, call me, please! With collaboration. Let’s go! We want to collaborate with
so many American artists. Please call us, our company. It’s in Korea through. We want to come back this
Ellen Show next year. Oh, next year. Yes, we got so many CDs
to go, so we’re planning. So please stay tuned for media. Yeah. We love K-pop! Oh my god! Now, will you ever
run for anything? I did this in high school,
but never told my parents. [MUSIC] Lean back,
lean back, lean back. Hello, Ellen Show! We’re South Korean K-pop group– BTS! We’re backstage at
Ellen, and today we’re going to surprise some
members of the BTS army. We want to meet
as many as we can, so we’re only going to have
a few seconds with each girl. Let’s do this. Oh my god, I’ve been a fan
of BTS since like, what? Since their debut? I love them so much. [SCREAMING] I love you! I love you forever,
thank you so much! Oh my god! [SCREAMS] Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. [SCREAMING] Hi! We love you. Oh my god. Like a family. They’re so down to earth. They’re so humble,
talented, hard working. So nice. [SCREAMING] Hey! We love you, OK bye. We love K-Pop! [SCREAMING] Oh my god! Whoa! I love you! Oh my god! They’re so pretty in real life. Like, honestly, I just died. Boo! [SCREAMING] Hi! How you doing? Oh, thank you! Oh my god! They’re very sweet
and they’re so funny. Pretty. Yes. And they write their own
music and produce them. And it’s so hard to dance
and sing at the same time. [CHANTING] [SCREAMING] I’m crying! Oh my god! Thank you, Ellen. Thank you, Ellen. Thank you, Ellen. Thank you. Thank you. See you next year. Women are having a movement
and next year, 2018, is the year of the woman
and it is unstoppable. A song title of yours which
best describes your love life. [HIP HOP PLAYING] You’ve announced that you’re
quitting your talk show, and you’re going to focus
on political activism. Well, I’m partnered up with– I’ve partnered up with
Emily’s List, which is an amazing organization
that helps get women, progressive women who are
pro-choice, pro equality, who want to raise minimum wage. All these women that they
endorse are powerful women and I want to get women elected. I think that’s the
key to everything. [CROWD CHEERING] And Emily’s List is
responsible for people like Elizabeth Warren, they
endorsed Kamala Harris. They do incredible work and
they do incredible outreach. And this year
alone, I mean, there is a huge silver lining
happening with this election. And as ugly as things can get,
or have gotten, or will get, we have to know and– I mean, and you have to realize
this is a beautiful thing that’s happening with women. Women are having a movement,
and next year, 2018, is the year of the woman,
and it is unstoppable. As heartbreaking as it is,
every single day to have a new woman come out and talk
about something that’s happened to– whatever, I agree. I think that all this
stuff had to happen to have this
movement, and I think it will help women get elected. Yeah, we missed– We didn’t get a
woman elected, but I think what we’re
going to get in return is going to be far superior. I think we’re going
to go the distance, because women realize
this is an emergency. And these women– We had
our first in Virginia. I mean, our first trans
women were elected, our first Latinas, we had
the first like, mayors. An Asian-American
mayor was elected. I mean, these are
incredible things that are happening right now,
so we can’t get tired and we have to
keep up the fight. And so I’m really honored. You can look on my Facebook for
the candidates I’m supporting and the ones I plan on
going around campaigning for throughout the country, and
you can look on Emily’s List also. Now, will you ever
run for anything? No, I mean, I can’t. I can’t run for office, I mean– In case you do, we made
a campaign video for you. So let’s just see if it– Let’s just take a look. Wouldn’t you like a candidate
who’s honest for once? Unlike others, Chelsea
Handler has nothing to hide. Chelsea will never be drunk
on power, just wine, vodka, a six pack, and maybe
a couple old Zimas she found in her trunk. I mean, doesn’t everyone
want a president you can have a beer or 10 with? And when her opponents
go low, she gets high. So if you’re looking for
someone who is by the people, for the people, under the
people, on top of the people, look no further than Chelsea. And if you need another
good reason to vote for her, we’ll give you two. This message not paid
for by Ellen DeGeneres. Say some lyrics
to strip that down in your best Scooby Doo voice. Strip that down, eee-hee-hehehe. We both got our bicycles
and we cycled to the pub, and I was going down a hill
and I braked, fell off, like hit both arms, but then
was like, it’s my only day off, I’m going to the pub, so. Hi, I’m Liam Payne and
I’m in the Hot Seat to answer Ellen’s
burning questions. Say some lyrics
to strip that down in your best Scooby Doo voice. Oh, Raggy, strip that
down, ee-hee-hehehe. I did this in high school
but never told my parents. We had to go to
church every month, and the one time I didn’t go. Sorry, Mom. If I could have been in a boy
band in the ’90s, It would have been *NSYNC, 100%. Are they ’90s? That count? OK, so off screen, everyone? What is your best
celebrity impression? I can do like, oh, well
it’s Tom Hardy, innit? He’s here. All right, then. I don’t know. You can’t really do Tom Hardy
without swearing sometimes. If you weren’t a musician,
I would be a fireman. Dream singer you’d want
to collaborate with– Mine would probably
be rapper though. Does that still count? Jay-Z. A song title of yours which
best describes your love life? Strip That Down. What do you spend
too much money on? Yeah, probably shoes, or
trainers, or sneakers, in American. The advice you’d give
15-year-old Liam. Have more fun. Go-to karaoke song. This Is really funny. I actually went to a karaoke
bar a few weeks back, and I was like, looking
through the list of songs, and every time I picked one
that I was going to go with, someone else got up
and did it, so then I was left with nothing. What was your most
painful tattoo? On the elbow really hurts,
or anywhere that is ticklish. So inside here, it was
quite painful as well. If you never got full,
what is the one thing you would eat forever? I would say pizza, because
it’s just too enjoyable. Reality show you’d love to be
on, I think it’s called Love, Hip Hop and Hollywood. But you just have to do a
lot of shouting on there. I’m not really angry
enough, I don’t think. Thanks, Ellen. You’re welcome, YouTube. Bye! Yay! Woo! [HIP HOP PLAYING] [UPLIFTING MUSIC] [MEOW] [HIP HOP PLAYING] How many cats do you have? Got two cats, but like,
they’re both really, really, really
strange creatures. [HIP HOP PLAYING] [MUSIC] Do the
rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back. [HIP HOP PLAYING] I have to say congratulations. You were nominated
for two Grammys. [CROWD CHEERING] I also have to
say, I am outraged that you were not nominated
for Album of the Year or Song of the Year. How Shape– I cannot believe
that that was not nominated for Song of the Year. I mean– I think, like, my outlook
on it is like, it’s just some years you have your
year, and some years you don’t have your year. And maybe this
year, isn’t my year. Well, that song, I mean, it
did not leave my head, I mean, ever. But that’s the point. That’s where you win. That’s where the validation
comes from, where you actually see people, genuine
people, enjoying the songs and stuff like that. [CROWD CHEERING] I’d rather have like, a lifetime
of people coming up to me, or saying like, this song
affects me in this way, in a positive way, and like,
this song is my wedding song, this song with my first
kiss, than anything else. I think that’s where where
the validation comes from. Well, you’re a very
well-adjusted person. So in Perfect, the
song that you just did, you said that’s
your favorite song? Yeah. Yeah, it is. Why is that? You know what, it was like,
one of the fastest songs that I’d written, and had
just kind of come out. And it was the first song
I wrote for the album and I’m still not
really like, sick of it. I still listen to
it and like it. And we’re putting out a
remix tonight with Beyonce. It’s just come out. Oh, really? Wow! Which is exciting. Which is one of those
things like, I kind of– I did it, and the song
came out so long ago, –in the scheme of music
now, like music kind of goes so fast– and I was like, I
want to do it as a single. And then I thought of a
way of relaunching it, and I was like,
well, I love Beyonce. Should I ask Beyonce? And then in my head, I was
like, she’s going to say no. And then I was like, well
you might as well ask, and she said yeah,
so here we are. Wow that’s going to be amazing! [CROWD CHEERING] And is it about your girlfriend? It is, yeah, yeah. I’m so happy that you’re happy. So you’ve been with your
girlfriend for how long now? Almost three years. That’s fantastic. I’m very happy for you. We went to high school together. [CHROWD AWES] She’s– I know. Yeah, she’s really cool. We live together, we have cats. They’re really cool. We just got a Christmas
tree, put that up. How many cats do you have? Got two cats, but like,
they’re both really, really, really
strange creatures. Why? I don’t know, it’s kind of
like they don’t have any– They do have ribs, but they kind
of sit like humans, like this. They’ll sit up like this,
with their legs like– It’s really strange. Like you walk in and they’ll
just be looking at you, like that. You need to– Are you are
you Instagramming them? Because that’s
actually really funny. They should have their
own Instagram account. They should. Yeah, they should. What are their names? Calippo and Dorito. Well, that’s why. You’ve named them– Dorito’s got like,
little orange Doritos. I don’t know. Yeah. And the other one? Oh man, I don’t– Well, Calippo in England is
an ice cream, like an ice, like iced flavored thing. Pop, ice pop. But yeah, thought
I’d call it that. Hey, tell me what
happened to you. I saw pictures of you with
broken arms and things. What happened? I was cycling to the pub. It was my– You were on your way to the pub,
not on your way from the pub. No, no, this is the
weird thing, right. I had two days off. I’d just shot the perfect
video, which I was skiing in. And I can’t ski, so
if anytime you’re going to break your
arms, I assumed it was going to be then. I’d just shot that and I had
two days off in between touring. And I went home and stayed at
my girlfriend’s parents’ house, and we both got our bicycles,
and we cycled to the pub. And I was going down a hill
and I braked, fell off, hit both arms, but then was
like, it’s my only day off, I’m going to the pub. [CROWD LAUGHING] So cycled to the pub, drunk with
all my mates, then cycled home. And then in the morning,
I was just in so much pain that I drove myself
to the hospital. And then they were like,
you can’t drive back. What had you done? You broke your arm? I broke my wrist, this
wrist, my elbow, and my rib. Oh my god. And you lasted all night
long at the pub without– Well, because I’m
quite a clumsy person, so I kind of thought
that I was overreacting. I was kind of like,
oh the pain will go. And then it didn’t go. Yeah. Man oh man. Well, I’m glad you’re OK. Thank you. That’s horrible. And were you wearing a helmet? Yes. [CROWD LAUGHING] Do you you know what, I will
be wearing one from now on, now since I’ve crashed. You should wear a body suit,
kind of like, I don’t know, what people wear when they
practice dogs attacking them. You should wear that. It was weird though,
because I mean, once the elbow kind of got
movement, it was all right. But I couldn’t cut my own
food, wash, like, open doors. Like I was really, really
dependent on Jerri, for like, the whole thing. For how long? At least a month. Wow. And then, you couldn’t
play guitar probably. No I had to cancel
some tour dates, which I’ve never done before, which
wasn’t the best things to do. But like, yeah, I just finished
up the Asia tour though, so I know I can play guitar. And obviously I’ve performed
today, so I’m good. You’re moving around OK. Yeah.

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