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You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the bangtan universe. So today I’ll be summarizing, the Bangtan universe. Remember that this is just a storyline and not real life events. This was all created by Bighit themselves All this information was gathered from the notes, “save me” webtoon, music videos and clips Let’s start at the beginning where the boys first met March 2, Year 19 The boys were late for school and as punishment they were all sent to clean a storage room Through this event they all became close friends and made the storage classroom their own hideout They began to create a lot of happy moments together June 12, Year 19 All the boys decided to ditch school to go to the beach and while they were at the beach Hoseok suggested to visit a rock that was 3.5 kilometres away They got to the location only to realize that the rock was no longer there. It was under construction for a seawall But then they began to yell out their dreams over the loud sounds of the drill This was when they took the first polaroid picture at the beach As time went on their own hardships began to tear them apart On May, Year 20 Namjoon decided to move to the countryside with his brother, mother and ill father He was about to write a letter to the boys but instead he fogged up the window in their hideout and wrote “We must survive” Then Namjoon left without saying anything to the boys Namjoon has always lived in poverty Him and his family would struggle to come up with money for his father’s hospital bills He did his best to earn money from doing a bunch of part-time jobs The boys always looked up to him because of how responsible he was, but he felt the pressure Taehyung looked up to Namjoon a lot When he was young his mother left him and his older sister behind Both him and his sister grew up getting abused by their alcoholic father Since Taehyung doesn’t open up about his feelings and hardships the boys don’t know what he’s going through June 11, Year 20 Seokjin was forced by the principal to reveal their hideout The principal threatened to tell Seokjin’s father about how he was a bad student Teacher walked into their hideout while Jungkook and Yoongi were playing the piano The teacher came up and slapped Jungkook Yoongi became defensive and pushed the teacher He ended up getting expelled from school and Jungkook blames himself for what happened Seokjin lived in a wealthy family. When his mother passed away his father sent him to the US to live with his grandmother’s His father has always been strict and cold towards him. Seokjin just wanted to make his family proud September 15, Year 20 Hoseok and Jimin were at the bus stop when Jimin ended up having a seizure. He was brought to the hospital Hoseok wanted to stay by his side but Jimin’s mother turned him away When Hoseok was about 6 or 7 years old his mother brought him to a carnival and gave him a chocolate bar She told him to close his eyes and count to 10 When he opened his eyes she was gone She abandoned him and he ended up living in an orphanage for 10 years Through this event Hoseok developed narcolepsy, or at least that’s what he says Theory: Hoseok actually doesn’t have narcolepsy but a disorder called Munchausen syndrome It’s a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly or deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental Illness when he or she is not really sick September 28, year 20
Jimin is still in the hospital and today was a special day for him He lied for the first time and told the doctors that he didn’t remember a thing When Jimin was about 8 years old an incident at the Flowering Aboretum scarred him for life Ever since this incident he began to have seizures and his parents would keep bringing him to all these hospitals He ended up transferring to five different schools because of this Theory: Jimin witnessed a little kids murder at the Flowering Aboretum There was a five year old kid whose last name was Choi His father’s company went bankrupt and men were chasing after him The men must have brought him to the flowering aboretum and Jimin witnessed them killing him Jimin ended up running away Now this little kid named Choi is also linked to Seokjin He was in the same class when two men tried to come in and take him Seokjin saved the boy and brought him over to his house to hide but then the men came over there Seokjin’s father let them in and stopped Seokjin from helping the boy September 30, Year 20
Jungkook would go to their secret hideout every day in hopes of one day seeing them all gather together again In the end they didn’t. It was just Hoseok and Jungkook Jungkook relied on the boys a lot. His father left him when he was 7 so he lived with his mother, stepfather and stepbrother Now he would get abused by his stepbrother while his stepfather and mother just watched and did nothing So his family were the boys who were now falling apart He was very close to Yoongi, and they were the ones who would always go to the hideout to play the piano together Yoongi has always loved making music, but when he was about 15 years old his house caught on fire with his mother still inside She passed away. She was the reason why Yoongi started to play the piano, ’cause she used to play it herself Him and his father didn’t have a good relationship and it seems as if his father didn’t want him to continue making music anymore Theory: Yoongi’s mom was the one who started the fire to commit suicide Now the story goes on Namjoon left for the countryside without telling anyone but ends up coming back after over a year and lives in a container Seokjin transferred to a school in Los Angeles without a word Taehyung whereabouts were always unknown Yoongi never showed up after being expelled from school Jimin never came back to school after going to the hospital Hoseok was now working a part-time job at a burger joint. And sometimes he would see Jungkook in his school uniform April 11, year 22
Seokjin finally came back to Korea after 2 years and 10 months He drove to a gas station and spotted Namjoon working there. He decides not to say hi though and ended up driving away May 22, Year 22 Seokjin begins to wonder what the other boys were doing now. He decides to go back to the gas station to visit Namjoon But when he got there, he found out that Namjoon ended up going to jail He got his phone number and went to visit him Namjoon revealed that he got into jail after getting into a fight with a customer Hoseok was in hospital after a bad accident He didn’t know where Taehyung and Jimin were and that both Jungkook and Yoongi were dead Seokjin was heading out of the police office when he saw Taehyung outside of the entrance. He was tied up and convicted of murder. Taehyung murdered his father and was going to jail Seokjin went back to the beach they once visited back in high school “Where did it all go wrong?” He asked himself Then a voice spoke to him: “If you could turn back time do you believe you can straighten out the errors and mistakes and save everyone?” He woke up and it was April 11 again He thought it was all a dream and continued his day like nothing had happened He went to the gas station, saw Namjoon then again decided not to say “hi” and he began to drive through an alley when a body landed on the hood of his car Then he realized it was Jungkook His heart begins to beat fast and everything shattered like a mirror around him and it was April 11 again He kept thinking everything was a dream and so the same things happened again He went to the gas station, didn’t say “hi” to namjoon and this time he was walking down the alley when jungkooks body dropped behind him Everything shattered and a voice spoke to him again “You won’t make it out here alone in this entangled destiny Here’s how to remember the loop once you open your eyes…” Now he began to see fragments of the previous timelines he was in Seokjin finally realized that he’s been going back in time Now things get super complicated during this journey He begins to find out how each of the boys get in trouble and how they die But every time he traveled back in time a few things would change and that’s because of the butterfly effect Butterfly effect Now I personally recommend you reading these save me webtoon for a more detailed story Cause it gets super complicated Cause he travels back so many times and orders to save everyone. So its a mess For now, I’ll give you the order of events for each member along with their reasons On April 11, Year 22
Namjoon gets into a fight with a customer of the gas station This event caused him to be sent to prison He’s been dealing with rude customers all the time but this time he had enough and you could say he was tired of being looked down on Later that night on April 11 Jungkook falls off the building of a construction site and dies He no longer stayed in contact with the boys and he felt like his family didn’t care Quote: “That gave me the idea that I could die if I just took one more step, but would death bring the end of anything? No one would be sad if I was not around anyways”. May 2, Year 22
Yoongi burns himself in a motel or hotel The location keeps changing every time. There’s like three different hotels But he also tries to burn himself on April 29 and May 10 During different timelines because of the butterfly effect Now Yoongi would always go around town drunk He kept his distance from everyone he cared about because he felt like he would always hurt them He thought it was better to just end the pain May 10, Year 22 Hoseok falls down and hits his head while walking on a bridge And on May 12, Year 22
Now he was at the hospital for a checkup after hitting his head from having narcolepsy And he thought he saw his mother and tried to chase her down the stairs, but ended up slipping May 12, Year 22
Jimin tries to drown himself in the bathtub at the hospital Now jimin’s been stuck in the hospital for years His mother wouldn’t let him out because they were ashamed of his sickness and he just wanted to be free May 20, Year 22 Taehyung murdered his father and went to jail He came home to his father beating up his sister and without thinking he broke open an alcohol bottle and used it to stab his father May 22, Year 22 Taehyung ends up jumping off the viewing platform by the ocean in front of the boys in a different timeline Seokjin discovered all these events one at a time after multiple failures, multiple attempts. It was just such a mess But these are solutions he found during the save me webtoon April 11
He gets to Namjoon at the gas station before he gets into a fight Then rushes over to Jungkook at the construction site to stop him May 2nd
He then has to figure out which building Yoongi will start a fire in Busted to save him because Yoongi would choose like three different buildings all the time May 10 He catches Hoseok from falling on the bridge, then he kidnapped Jimin from the hospital After so many tries Seokjin finally gathered everyone together They all met up at Namjoon’s container place and celebrated It seemed as if everyone was happy, but then Seokjin let his guard down He totally forgot about Taehyung stabbing his father. He travelled back in time again and this time he decided to give Taehyung a ride hoping to get something out of him As soon as he dropped him at his home they heard screams from his place Taehyung darted towards his place as Seokjin realized that talking to him was probably not enough. He chased after him and came into the room while he was beating up his dad Seokjin tried to stop him but instead he ended up getting stabbed April 11 again
This was one Seokjin realized that he can’t save everyone on his own Theory: In the next season of the webtoon were still going to go through so many failures such as Taehyung jumping off the platform by the ocean and also Namjoon potentially burning himself in his container This was actually part of Taehyung’s dreams, which I forgot to mention Taehyung has these nightmares of the past timelines. He thinks they’re all a dream but these things actually happened Now we’re still trying to figure out though if these dreams are of the past timeline, or can he see the future? but anyways I’ll give you my theory as to how each member will be saved In the notes Seokjin decides to keep a distance from the other boys and leave hints and clues behind for them to find You’ll understand what I mean in just a second So Seokjin goes to the gas station to save Namjoon After that I don’t know what exactly Seokjin does but Hoseok ends up contacting all the boys to invite them over to Namjoon’s container house Which is how Yoongi ended up calling Jungkook phone before he was about to fall off the building Now in order to save Yoongi, Seokjin uses Jungkook Taehyung actually spotted suction in the act of helping He sent Jungkook to visit Yoongi at his workroom which ended with Yoongi running out and running to the motel/hotel Seokjin left clues in front of the building entrance in order to help Jungkook find Yoongi Jungkook makes it to the motel and saves Yoongi from the fire And instead of Seokjin saving Hoseok from falling on the bridge and hitting his head he lets that happen Why? So Jimin can meet Hoseok. So Hoseok ends up in the bed next to Jimin at the hospital When Hoseok was about to fall down the stairs after chasing who he thought was his mother Jimin was there to catch him Since Hoseok didn’t fall and get hurt again he was released from the hospital Hoseok and the boys went back to kidnap Jimin Before leaving they had a little party in the hospital lounge with snacks and soda A nurse ends up catching them and they all ran out of the exit together Seokjin then used Hoseok to save Taehyung Hoseok droped Taehyung home and just when he was about to leave Seokjin called him over the phone and asked him to call Taehyung This made him go into Taehyung’s house just before the fight was about to happen May 22, Year 22
This is a day that Seokjin couldn’t get pass And finally he was able to celebrate with everyone being alive Now they all went back to the ocean where they made their wishes back in high school. Everything was all happy or at least you thought Now something must have happened because Taehyung became super sensitive I don’t know if it’s because he overheard Namjoon’s conversation over the phone and thought he was talking about him but Namjoon was actually talking about his younger brother, or maybe a mixture of Taehyung already suspecting that Seokjin was hiding something. But anyways, they were at a place by the ocean when Seokjin was about to confess He said he had something to tell everyone and it’s something he should have said a long time ago, when they were back at high school Now Taehyung ends up interrupting him by saying: “When you ratted on us to the principal or when Yoongi got kicked out of school because of that?” Then that’s when the famous line came in, the whole “Seokjin, is that all? Aren’t you hiding something from us?” Now Namjoon tries to calm him down, but that he said “What is all the fuss about being together? What are we to each other? We are all alone at the end.” That’s when Seokjin punched him and a fight broke out In the end Seokjin must have went back into the past again But in another timeline Seokjin leaves before all this happens So when the boys got to the ocean by the observation tower Seokjin climbs it But then Taehyung follows after him and after a while Seokjin climbs back down, got into his car and drove off leaving the boys with the no ride Later the same night Jungkook got hit by a car Theory: I believe it was Seoklin There are clues in the notes pointing to him, especially with jungkook being suspicious of Seokjin that night and you know we’ll wait and see though After the day may 22, they all fell apart and didn’t contact each other much This is when the highlight reels come in Hoseok was the first person who heard about Jungkook’s car accident He was working at the burger joint when Jungkook’s classmates came in and talked about the incident Hoseok and Jimin came to visit him after he was unconscious for 10 days and they were upset that he didn’t contact them immediately Taehyung rushed to the hospital but when he got there he heard Namjoon and Seokjin talking and he couldn’t bring himself to go in Jungkook ends up meeting a girl at the hospital who helped him stay positive during his recovery Yoongi was making music again and with the help of a girl who played the guitar She was giving him free solo performances at school and hospitals and he was supposed to join her at the hospital the next day Ever since he got addicted to his work again he would lose sense of time He wouldn’t answer phone calls or check his messages Finally he charged his phone, but then his phone rang and it was a phone call from Jimin Jimin told him about Jungkook’s car accident the night they all came back from the beach So Yoongi went crazy, he made it to the hospital, but he couldn’t bring himself to go in He felt like all of this was his fault Jungkook went outside with the girl he met at the hospital. They were hanging out sitting on a bench and he began to sketch Until he heard a familiar song It was a song that Yoongi would play during high school He looked over and it was the girl with the guitar. He got closer and noticed a lighter hanging on her guitar with the initials Y.K. Taehyung is now all alone. He catches a girl stealing at a convenience store and they run into each other a couple more times and ends up basically becoming friends They spent about a month together until one day they were spraying graffiti at the bus station Namjoon usually stops at The cops began to chase after them until they were cornered Taehyung ends up surrendering and after being released the girl was nowhere to be found Jimin ends up going back home after they returned from the beach After he ran away from the hospital he lived with Hoseok It was time to go back. His mother ended up forcing him to join in Academy And he also decided that he wanted to dance so he joined Hoseok” just dance” class During dance practice Jimin and Hoseok’s friend collided Instead of him reacting to the girl getting hurt he ends up running into the bathroom to wash the blood off his arm in a panic Now this reminded him of what happened at the Flowering Aboretorium And as soon as he realized what had happened he ran after Hoseok and the girl with an umbrella to help out but stopped and turned back around Hoseok carried the girl in the rain to the hospital. In the process he ended up hurting his ankle They made it to the hospital and the doctor told him that she just had a mild concussion Hoseok discovers a plane ticket to the U.S. In her backpack though He realized that she had passed the overseas dance team audition She became conscious and was ready to go home When they were at the entrance she was about to tell him about her going to the US but instead Hoseok avoided it and made an excuse to get an umbrella Namjoon becomes interested in a girl he’s been seeing every day for a month They would take the same bus to study in the same library before he’d go to work at night He’s never spoken a word to her but began to wonder what she does and what kind of things she’s been enduring It’s probably because she reminded him of himself He got her a hair tie but ended up leaving it on her backpack when she was asleep on the bus Eventually, each of the boys begin to rediscover themselves and realize they want to become a better person Taehyung no longer wanted to be the same and wanted to protect his sister and father. His family Hoseok decided to leave town and was gone for a while to heal his injured foot During that time he helped out a performance group and even toured with them for a little bit They asked him to officially join the group, but then he realized he needed to go back home And so he finally comes back to congratulate his friend for going overseas Yoongi ended up losing the guitar girl, but even though he’s given up on music countless of times he’d always start music again. And this time he didn’t want to run away from it anymore Jimin continued to dance and would practice by himself every night. He wanted to commit to something and prove that he was good at it Namjoon thought back to his high school years Everything he had given up on he wanted to start it again Jungkook was the only one who seemed to be off especially after the car accident No, he was just trying to figure out what happened that night Now all the boys planned on meeting up for the yearly fireworks on August 30, Year 22 It was Hoseoks idea to get everyone together and after he returned from taking a break their group chat started buzzing again Now, there’s Seokjin In July Seokjin saw a girl drop her diary while crossing the railroad tracks. In that diary was her wish list of things to do He ends up meeting up with her and doing everything she’s been wanting to do but then he never told her that he had her diary One of the things on her wish list was Smeraldo flowers Seokjin was able to find a shop he could order through but they wouldn’t be able to get ahold of it until August 30 Seokjin was thinking of confessing his love for her with the flowers while the fireworks bursted in the sky That was his plan. But of course, that’s not what happened Seok Seokjin was able to receive the bouquet of Smeraldo flowers from the delivery truck He discovered that there was no card in the bouquet and immediately called the owner “Ah! I’ll make a u-turn now. The light just changed…”
That’s what the owner said but before the owner finished his sentence the girl came into view and began to walk towards him across the road then BAM She got hit by the truck. He stood there helplessly and heard a mirror crack Theory: Seokjin travels back again Now, I don’t know when he travels back to since the only date we know is April 11, but dang that is far So he must have traveled back to August 30 before he met up with the girl which explains this clip of him catching the vase like he knew it would fall and instead of changing it to his suit looking all happy and cute he’s now sad and upset Instead of getting more involved with the girl he ends up just giving back her diary and apologizing for having it The diary acted as a starting and stopping point for them He then realized he tried to be someone else he wasn’t He tried to follow everything in that diary and realized that only by being true to himself can he continue to move forward So he stood up after giving her the diary and she didn’t try to stop him Now there were a lot of things that were left out and I felt like they were super important keys But I don’t really know which timeline that falls under At one point when Seokjin went back in time he was searching for “the map of the soul” This was the only hint that he was given supposedly and he began to search every bookstore and library Another important key is the note from August 3, Year 22 When the boys brought Seokjin into their old hideout from high school Quote: Doesn’t it sound like Seokjin lost his memory or something? Taehyung tries to stop Seokjin from leaving and they end up getting into a physical fight All of a sudden they knocked down a wall that they never knew was there in their hideout On the other side of the wall was a chained cabinet They opened it and found a notebook. It wasn’t just any notebook It was the diary of Seokjin’s father Which brings us back to the note from June 25th year 19 when Seokjin noticed the sentence “Everything started from here”
written in the storage room His father attended the same school as him and he wondered if his father also came to the same storage room to hide out in Did Seokjin’s father also have the ability to travel back in time? And yep, that’s all I have so far for this timeline I did my best to summarize what I could but also include the details you needed So I hope you guys enjoyed this I mean this isn’t the end obviously since BTS will be releasing more notes and more content about the storyline But if you did enjoy this video make sure to click that like button and join the flaresquad by subscribing you guys Thanks for watching

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  1. I summarized BTS whole BU STORYLINE into a 30 minute video. I hope this will help you understand what's going on. There's so much more to it but maybe I'll make more more in-depth one. If you enjoyed it, please click that "LIKE" button and share with friends/family! Thank you for watching!
    Btw, I used the TWILIGHT ZONE OPENING reference in the beginning LOL


    I do not own any of these videos but I did edit them all together


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    Map Of The Soul: Persona
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