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British Army receives first Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle

British Army receives first Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle

in June 2013 the British Army received its first strike by wire and remote-controlled terrier combat engineer designed from the outset to be air transported by RAF c-17 Globemaster tree for Airbus a400m terrier gives the rule engineers with powerful and versatile route clearing capability very is also the first UK compact to enter service designers and integrate to their electronical architecture which facilitates drive-by-wire and remote control making the vehicle highly capable survivable and adaptable like you to a Swiss Army knife Patera can carry out multiple roles providing mobility supports such as obstacle and rig clearance captain mobility involving the anti-tank ditches other obstacles and survivability such as they need at trenches in armored fighting vehicles once can also be operated by wireless remote control from up to one kilometer away the bucket can be quickly replaced with a surface mine clearance device which can be used to clear roots of surface laid munitions it takes around five minutes to reroll into a remote operated vehicle thanks to its drive-by-wire digital systems 60 bit was being my bae systems with a violent area due to be delivered to the British Army for January 2014 ahead of schedule you

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