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British army MTP jacket review (for bikers)

British army MTP jacket review (for bikers)

this obviously bike jacket you can have shoulders and you're gonna be wearing so this is just an something along those lines doing is now if you've seen those guys it was show you some of the details on the jacket I don't know wow this is gonna be in half video but you can see it's sort of a standard standard raincoat if you like if I come up closer to you now hopefully the material and all of the seams are fully taped which is it's easy to care for as well that's good now I know for a fact for the breathability of these jackets is on a par with some of the proprietary brand breathable fabrics I'm sure you get what I'm alluding to so okay you've seen the inside the jack you've seen the tape seeds and we'll just have a little move onto the jacket itself I mean it's not really waterproof jacket whether it's about 20 degrees here at the moment but Celsius by the way we will suffer for you guys today the jacket is standard zip fastener here you can see it's over lamps that it just fits down sort of below your buttocks okay which folds over when we close second flap so don't crow all the way down there like so that great ward-prowse so any water that gets in pass that velcro is only gonna hit that channel and run down so fairly standard stuff now in here you know the seconds it nothing behind it the idea of that obviously is you can reach into an inner jacket this was made to work with the military issue jackets be out there but could be useful to you could be superfluous so okay in terms of other features of the jacket pockets pockets too big chest pockets there you can certainly get camera some dry gloves a little bit of food quite sizable in the tube so we've got that cups velcro closure fully adjustable which means you can wear it over your winter gloves you can wear it under them equal air over the motocross gloves as is your preference so in terms of the exterior features of the jacket mostly it we have a ranked slide not really relevant to us but thanks on the jackets all mention it and then in terms of the so this is the standard-issue MTP camouflage now why would you choose one of these the color is not the most fetching really certainly there are some parts of the world where wearing however for domestic trail riding it's fine and the reason that I would take one of these over a climb is you'll get these on eBay for about 20 UK pounds about $30 very lightweight very nice but kit and all that orange piece of paper is for not part of jackets there we go compresses relatively well well certainly doesn't take up too much room in the bottom of my Krieger then so that is as I say the standard British Army they say gore-tex it's a proprietary anyway if you buy surplus you're not gonna be able to go back on the gore-tex guarantee anyway I know that fabric works twenty pounds you can't really go wrong I hope you enjoyed the review if you did feel free to leave a comment at the bottom subscribe to my channel also look us up on Facebook we are operation honey badger we're a motorcycle interest group and I'll be adding a few more reviews and sort of sharing biking news and things with people as and when I come across it just for the good of the sport really so hope you enjoyed thank you very much and go check out the review of the lightweight breathable waterproof over jacket so thank you very much goodbye

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  1. Brilliant review, learnt so much in this video and so I don't forget it's been written down. Well I'm without doubt investing in this jacket can't thank you enough. Regards. Ethan.

  2. Hello and thanks for the great video. I've been looking at a jacket and trousers combo. How is the sleeve lenght? I am an average 5'10" ans I really don't like sleeves that ride up on a bike or in firing position. So what do you think about sleeve lenght and what NATO size is it (such as 180/104)?

    I have no chance at trying them on and delivery can be quite expensive to my country.

    Many thanks in advance.

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