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Escaping the daily grind again… Let's roll the tunnel section up. These persistent insects threaten to ruin this trip.

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  1. Hi there.
    I don't know how I came across your video, but really enjoyed the attitude and humour. .Subbed straight away.
    From all the comments it looks like I have some catching up to do.
    Regards from S Africa

  2. I love it you sound like my grandparents did when I was young pronounced v with w
    They were Norwegian. Loved the video 👍

  3. This is a brilliant upload thank you very much. Can you please tell me how much this tent weighs please.

  4. Where did you buy that tent? I like my American military gear, but I have yet to find a tent with a floor like that for cooking.

  5. Your brand of sarcasm is just about as good as it gets. I subbed this week and continue to enjoy the ride!

  6. haha. Great video. Lot's of 'snowflakes' in Helsinki. Pun intended. I know I used to live there. 'Sisu' (as you Finns would call it) is sadly lacking in a few. Safe space types indeed. I love your videos Pop. They make me 'home' sick for Finland. Your point on how all political parties love the bicycle was brilliant. 🙂

  7. Another excellent video and commentary. Question for you Pop. I asked you once if you had a Finnish military bicycle. You replied that they are hard to find. I would imagine that the Finnish Army had 10's of thousands of them and that they had even more in warehouses along with tons and tons of spare parts. Why are they hard to find? Has the military given up on bicycles as a means of mass transportation? And if so, what were the reasons given?

  8. You need to learn how to pitch that tent better. It looks like it has potential if that liner is removable.

  9. Pop they all want a piece of the action even the large British lady. Did she like the snap (food). Did she come with the tent .

  10. That takes me back to the 1980's! I had a Canadian ridge tent, didn't seem to matter how much it rained or how strong the wind was, I always stayed dry, and the sound of that rain on the fly sheet just used to send me sleep almost right away! Of course, the excuse was "night fishing", it was just an excuse to take the tent and drink "camping coffee" 🙂 Camping coffee had an alcohol content as brandy was added to the mix just before drinking 🙂

  11. funny how you mock millennials, yet you old farts can’t figure out right foot from left, right vs wrong or how to keep your judgmental comments to yourselves.

  12. Never understand why people cook in the GI mess kit…. it is a plate with a lid that can also be used for serving with dual compartments.

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