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British Army 120ltr MTP Bergen Customisation

British Army 120ltr MTP Bergen Customisation

afternoon Logan just come back from the operation hand and so having some customized with customization worked and I'm very happy that I've got great ideas in my head but sometimes I just haven't got the skills to put into practice what I've got in my head so I didn't have to ask people and to do the work for me because I just got the skills I'm with a saw machine anyway and this is my under-20 leader MTB Bergen their army and there's a reason why I chose us but basically if it's good enough for a funny story of us this is good enough for me and they see what have it done to it so if you need to ask any questions put them in the comments and I was here will answer all the the way they are used whether it's 38 mil for the waist wrap whether it's 19 mil for the water coming back the food about bladder Camelbak or whether it's a 25 mil they're all MTB webbing and all the buckles are nexus did either a 19 mil buckle they've got a 25 mil buckle or it's a 38 middle buckle will come from a company called contact left if you buy these parts off eBay they have the hang expensive if you go to their website I'm not a fairly bit sore contact left in any way shape or form but I got a good service there the delivery was quick and the cost of the equipment webbing and buckles from contact left it's a third of the price of what they are on their contact left eBay page so I must say that Gordon their website on buy them or from there if you're gonna do this right this is why I decided to do right it's fed up of carrying more turning in bottles or stuff like that so I decided to buy a 3d camera back so what he decided to do was buy to 90 mil clips for the bottom which are mil clips and they go into the female I tied him onto the very bottom of the burger we using paracord and that's on a very last run of the the weddin on the bottom today they are cinched in to their I then wanted to buy another 218 milk 990 Mel sorry mail battles and my just having to do then was ask the operation how to sew some 19 mil webbing on top of the burger and then that allows me then to carry than we would on the top of the burger and I was he doing well I'm hiding – I don't want to be they get there just quick release it's one two three four and then I've got my food camera back ready to use they'll be great for them overnight devil anymore we'd have to find a water source right and what else hear that okay cleaning it all but when I had the food again because I'm a fourth year East and obviously when we go while camping and we normally have got a couple of layers on and sometimes where they gets bad and it's got to be sweatshirt maybe a gore-tex rain jacket and then you smock and that obviously that adds to about the size of you so that didn't fit me so I don't have to get thirty eight mil MTP webbing obviously from contact left and a thirty eight mil quick-release buckle that's an operation had to stole that phony with excited cinch it down and she did that great and there's no buckle so that would perfectly now okay so that's that turn it back around going to keep it on there I'll keep the last night I decided to get get twelve need a spoon strap to go around there's a reason behind the sternum strap self-explanatory when you're hiking with these they just tend to drift off your shoulders a little bit so I've been using the students strap you just pull them back in to come down your chest so that was Jackie of the students trap so that's that turning around I then decided to have some utility straps made now the utility straps self-explanatory they go on the top lip it again under the webbing and they've got two Nexus Clips there which are slave these clips they not quick-release and basically what the idea of that was was to put my sleep enrollment in there so last year between putting them on the top of the rucksack but if I don't need them if I'm not going to use a roll map in the summer just take the straps off and I'll put them in into the rocket coaches or into the top of the burger right okay they're also this I did that I want didn't have something to tie down the rocket pouches because obviously when you're hiking you're doing things to be flopping around and everything else so I decided to have cinch cinch down straps me know what I had to do you because the sewing machine of the alteration hand couldn't go through two pieces of webbing zealously it needs to be doubled over they couldn't go through two pieces of webbing another piece of webbing which you need to do it and a thousand Danya fabric just couldn't call so we had to compromise a little bit rungs the webbing and then come through and then so it's but if you can see that and then sew it through there so that is rock-solid getting on four points of a set where the that goes up the other site so you've got no cons there and as I said there's a cinch down strap and that goes through the two straps on the side of the rocket poachers so if I mean if I need to use that and I can just load them up put the 25 little webbing some of the buckles and then just cinch it down and that's gonna be waiting there that's set for life right okay the last bit of customization they had done – the burger was I one did somewhere that I could have shorter utility straps top and bottom right down left site that would kita for a hike in tracking walking pulled and also Biffy paws as well when I'm using the 4×4 DD top so what I guess he did was I asked her to make me four straps and she kandi did that for smaller straps so you they are that's their that's one of them there okay it's one of them there that's the top site that's there and I've got school then on the other side that's one of them there and the other ones on the bottom so two of them going to be walking stick and walking poles and I told them I'm going to be Betty paws and I just then cinch them down and tighten anything wrong minute again as I said it's a 120mm MTP Miller to burger the reason why I bought it I was because I've had three big uns over the last two years I had a green olive green which is about a hundred litres and that was nice but I wanted to update it didn't get an MTP one so I sold that and then bought a pro force 88 liter Highlander rucksack now then I think Highlander try to put it up then it's a a basic entry-level Bergin all I'm going to say to you is I wouldn't touch up with a bargepole no disrespect to Highlander but the 88 need pro force rucksack we was shocking it was 600 Danya fabric and he was waterproof okay that's a benefit but when it comes to the zips on the burger on the rocks academic there's ups a shock it and after using it for about two weeks on one can't basically that was the zip slightly failing contacted a guy bought it from and he was on eBay nice enough guy he said yeah not a problem he said sorry it's failed and you can you send it back and send it back in money back so to help you that I then saw another burger which was accompanied on eBay the ruin of their company was their passing game offers alpha tactical I've had to see this although the product wasn't very good the service was because I bought the rucksack it came two days later I wasn't very happy with it because very very thin material well as this is if that wasn't Dania that was 600 denia and he was went there yes but this is bomb-proof and that didn't look to me as if he was going to take a lot of strange activity then to Greek so confident company said listen I'm sorry I'm not happy with a Bergen they said no problem can you send it back yes give me the money back so not feelings on the both of them you know it's just other than things I then I did a couple of quick to it and I came across this an eBay and aggrieved by Chester Beck's with it yeah this heavier than the standard Bergen and the military-grade Ospreys boo guns I know we axon anything nice like that but this is bomb-proof it'll last forever this is built to last and as I said it was good enough for a frozen breast it's good enough for me and that's basically why I decided to buy it that all the equipment is from a company called Kanto left as I said again many questions just leave them in the comments and I will answer them I hope you enjoyed that quick review but it's just what I decided to do with my boot again he wants happy with that break this one to do a little customization to well I've got when I'm hiking and when I'm going why can't men I can carry everything on my on my burger like the caddy everything your net by domain carry Nepal's outside obviously and the big important and the tarpals the bevy pause I'm not a buddy devil carrying their money outside but everything else needs to be insane in drag bags no the rucksack is supposed to be waterproof but it's probably more show a proof than waterproof there are parts of it like the lid waterproof layer I'm not sure about the main party but they said if you put everything in dry bags you can't go far wrong so that's it that's the revealer of the burger I hope you enjoyed it any questions leave them below and thank you much for watching have a nice day and I'll catch awesome thanks a lot

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  1. Nice vid Reeco. I think you made a good choice to go for something issued rather than Pro Force / Highlander, as much as they offer some good products in other areas. I too like to get my rucksack completely suitable for my use and I have done some strap work, etc. and I I hand sewed some PALS / MOLLE webbing straps onto a padded rucksack belt once (using thick black kevlar thread – it took ages but was rock solid when finished).

    One thing that might be useful for impromptu loops for trekking poles, etc is what they call 're-usable cable ties', available from eBay. They are made from Nylon 6-6 and so easy to clip onto rucksack straps etc. Just a thought…

  2. Fuck me cunts like this who have never seen a Fucking day in the Army but are 20 years older than me. Love to play dress up like on the weekends like a child. This cunt had the same opportunity as me to go to Afghan or Iraq but preferred to not do that for some reason (Fucking pussy). and now has the Fucking balls to dress his ass in mtp.

  3. bloody great buddy . she looking fit for battle . lol . the mods look great . have you been out on a test run? ? . thanks for sharing an tackling the time too do the video . ATB

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