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Breguet Type XX Titanium Transatlantique Automatic Chronograph

Breguet Type XX Titanium Transatlantique Automatic Chronograph

hate you know when michael into antiques take a look at it working titanium chronograph type x x reference
number thirty eight twenty so the type of x x pretty chronograph is forty militarist never done cleanly screwed up crown does come with me sapphire chris on the front as you can
see it is at dome sapphire scratch free as a carbon fiber the watch is uh… short maybe one link if it’s up to park list seven and a half
interest comfortably squatter system to a hundred meters began being that the watch ok sam bracelets constructed out of titanium it is quite light believes he has the date at six o’clock overall the watch is in great condition period questions what is your cordial
proves call trial at two three nine six four nine seven four four seven money through friday ten a_m_ to five p m eastern standard
time thanks for watching

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