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BREAKING NEWS !!! Bomber Watch By Helgray Watches

BREAKING NEWS !!! Bomber Watch By Helgray Watches

helgray watches has created a new
timepiece called the bomber which has been inspired by
military planes and watches and has been over built to be reliable yet packed
with ridiculous value say its creators the bomber watch has launched via
Kickstarter and already raised over 167,000 dollars thanks to nearly 700
backers with still 51 days remaining on its campaign pledges are available from
$179 or roughly 128 pounds with delivery expected to take place during October
2018 if all goes well with production features of the bomber watch include a
42 hour power reserve see-through exhibition case back a me iota 82 s5
mechanical self-winding mechanism the bomber is available in either an
automatic or battery-powered quartz design the bomber is the fifth project
by Helle gray in spring 2014 I released the WWI series raising close to 160
thousand dollars from more than 700 Baker’s I came back during winter 2014 –
15 with the silverstone crushing my previous effort with close to $230,000
raised from more than 800 Baker’s I then followed with the Hornet which became an
instant icon and last year I released the LeMans which was the most
sophisticated helgray watch the bomber watch is available in a wide variety of
different finishes and watchstrap combinations from tactical black out to
rescue orange

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