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¿Bota de Trekking Táctica-Militar? | Condor Richards Review en Español

¿Bota de Trekking Táctica-Militar? | Condor Richards Review en Español

Hi, my name is Galán and this is Infamous Airsoft Reviews I don`t know if you remember an old movie, about a boy with no talent for basketball Find his sneakers pending on a cable, he climb to reach them, is struck by lightning, falls to the floor… he doesn`t die, and instead, his shoes acquire super powers, and wearing them He becomes in a NBA Superstar Well, on this video you will not see anything like that… Today i want to share with you my new Condor Boots Im talking about the Richards model,
a coyote tactical 9″ high boot externally the boot is essentially
constructed in 2 materials… 100% Genuine Full Grain Cow Leather
to promote breathability and in places of greater friction
has Coated Nylon with great resistance The Richards design is very sober,
and the total weight is 700gr / 1.5lb Those who make it a very comfortable and practical model, specially thanks to their side-zip Which allows a quick fit and facilitates
posture and removal in emergency situations A radically differentiating aspect of this model,
is the Waterproof bootie membrane This thanks to their AQUASHIELD® technology I tested it a couple of times,
and the result was always the same… My feet stay dry, and the boot was dry
before 10 minutes inside, even in the zip part,
feet are free from humidity which can leave, but not enter This, thanks to the inner fabric weave
thats helps feet respiration On top of the boot, there’s a velcro that acts as safe Preventing an accidentally opening Oh, about the zipper…
This and all the plastic rigid parts Are 100% non metallic,
What makes them completely safe Let’s see the bottom The sole is developed in high quality polyurethane That provides great resistance with very low weight…
And the footprint Promotes traction and comfort when you walk To evoid the separation between the boot and the sole,
Condor have used a direct injection technology That provides a better quality seal, higher than the market standard That prolongs the useful life of the boot, solving a very common problem in this type of products Another aspect very intresting in this model Are the elastic laces… Which, in addition to resistant… They offer the great advantage of generating uniform pressure throughout the foot If you consider yourself demanding or directly lax,
You will thank this laces Because they allow to put and remove the boot without losing tension Now, if the last part don`t get your attention… Addionally the Richards brings a pair of traditional laces Thinking about comfort, this model includes padded polyurethane insoles Which are removable, washable and interchangeable Trust me when I tell you that these insoles makes walk with the Richards, something incredibly comfortable And not only for tactical tasks, also during daily life Where these boots become very practical,
especially for trekking and hiking lovers I’ve been using these boots for a couple of weeks now And I’m totally satisfied with how comfortable
and light they are So I’ll definitely im gonna throw out my old boots Maybe the Richards don`t make you a better soldier, but definitely they will help you run more comfortable So if you want to improve quickly, I recommend you keep training… “Ouch, you hurt me!” If you want to know more about the Richards model, I recommend you visit the Condor Outdoor website Or click on the link that I will leave in the description Do not forget to give “like” to the video, leave your comments and subscribe to the channel.

Reader Comments

  1. Una pregunta a todos los subs de Infamous airsoft
    Ustedes cuando galán hace un directo de preguntas y respuestas ustedes mismos le quieren decir la pregunta por voz o prefieren escribirla simplemente

  2. Normalmente no soy muy de las "botas Tacticas", generalmente opto por zapatos de trekking como los Asolo, Salomon o Lowa (si bien algunas de esas marcas tienen modelos "tacticos"). Pero tengo que decir que se ven bastante bien.

  3. Perfecto para los perros simpáticos que se emocionan con los zapatos…psd el de la intro soy yo cuenta mi historia


    Descripcion: "Las wea botas que patrocina Galan"

    +20% movilidad.
    -5% Camuflaje.
    +10% precision.
    +30% resistencia.
    +5% peso maximo.
    +200% zukulentura.
    +1 a ser Cuico.
    -1 a ser roto picante marginal

    -Tus adversarios al verte quedaran aturdidos 0.5 segundos preguntandose si las compraste por Galan.

    -Cada 10 minutos tienes la posibilidad de 0.01% de salvarte de una caida (No afecta a Galan).

    -Disminuye la cantidad de clavos peligrosos a solo "grandes".

    Eso ultimo me paso y gracias a que tenia unas botas no me llego al pie xD.

  5. tengo unas botas chinas delta y estan mas comodas que mis zapatillas para correr😁 pero igual le hecho una mirada
    editado: las venden en Chile o tengo que encargarlas por fuera del país?

  6. Que tal…
    una consulta, acá en una tienda especializada me indicaron que el modelo Richards se descontinuo por fallas en la producción… tienen noticias de este hecho?

  7. Muy buena marca de botas Cóndor hoy tengo las mías gracias a los amigos de Tactico y a Galan con su review 😊

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