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Bosphorus Cruise Tour Cheap and Easy | Istanbul Tours 2019

Bosphorus Cruise Tour Cheap and Easy | Istanbul Tours 2019

There are some possibilities to do a Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul. I would like to show you 2 of them. Starting point is Eminönü area in the old town, close to the Galata Bridge and the Spice Bazaar. This is the ferry station for the Bosphorus Cruises and the Princess Island ferries. The Short Ferry Circle Cruise starts at 14:30. The tour takes 2 hours. Here is where you can buy your ticket (12 Lira/August 2019) Istanbulkart is not valid. A very good price. The Ferry is a big one, as you can see. There is also an upper deck. Unfortunately there is only one Ferry a day. See the approx. route of the circle tour on the map. The Ferry stops short for new passengers in Üsküdar and Ortaköy. And stops again in Ortaköy and Üsküdar before arriving in Eminönü. This is a 2 hours Circle Tour. Like i told you, there is only 1 tour starting from here. But there is another option you can use. You do not have to walk long. Don’t forget to make some… …photo shootings or selfies on the way. Pass the guys who wants to sell you Bosphorus Tours.. This is the place, where the Bosphorus Ferry Line starts. It is not a circle tour, more a transportation line. You can use it but more time is needed. If you have limited time in the city, you will loose time. Here is the Tram Line T1 Station Eminönü. We pass this place too! Here is the Kadıköy Ferry Line Station. It is not far anymore.. GALATA BRIDGE Now we walk under the Bridge to the Golden Horn side. Opposite the street we can see the Spice Bazaar. There is a underpass to cross the street. The Fish Sandwich boats.. ..i am not a fan of this boats here.. ..but you have to know… This ferry station belongs to the cooperative Turyol. They have regular ferries to Kadıköy, Üsküdar.. .. the Princess Islands and Bosphorus Tours. For the Bosphorus Tour you have to buy a ticket.. The price is 25 lira for a 1,5 hour circular tour. Prices are rising in Turkey. From 15 Lira to 20 and 25 lira now.. very short time.. Sit on the left-hand side of the boat (port side).. ..when looking towards the front of the ferry. So you won’t miss anything. But you should come half an hour before the tour ferry starts.. to get a good place. The Ferry can stop short for new passengers in Karaköy and Üsküdar. And can stop again in Üsküdar and Karaköy before arriving in Eminönü. Here is the Timetable for you.

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  1. Here is the link of the City Ferry Administration (Şehir Hatları İşletmesi) where u can find timetables and prices:

  2. A small error: the short tour is halfway before the second bridge, is not passing beneath it. For your videos, a BIG thumb up and my warmest congratulations.

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