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Boot Campaign – PTSD and TBI Treatment – Cerebrum Brain Treatment

Boot Campaign – PTSD and TBI Treatment – Cerebrum Brain Treatment

Hi, I’m Janet Hunter, I’m with Benchmark Mortgage, and this is our fourth annual Boot N’ Shoot this year. We have about 100 veterans, about 90 shooting teams coming out this year. We started this event to help veterans and raise money for Boot campaign and to raise money for veterans. But we also wanted to invite them to enjoy a day, to let them know that we appreciate them. This year we have partnered with Carrick Brain Center, and we are proud to be partner with them because they are doing amazing things for veterans, they have an amazing veteran program. So we’re happy to offer scholarships this year for veterans to be able to be treated at Carrick Brain Center. We’re shooting sporting places, and today we’re shooting three seperate courses. Good morning, Dr. Randall here. We’re at the 4th Annual Boot Shoot here in Dallas, Texas. We’re providing neurologic assessments for traumatic brain injury for veterans and civilians alike. We’re really excited because we get to provide more awareness and understanding for what traumatic brain injuries are, and what could be done to prevent them. We’re really excited to be part of this event. We kind of raised the bar to take care of children and women, and take care of us.

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  1. We teamed up with The Boot Campaign to provide TBI assessments during the 2015 Boot N' Shoot event on April 9th, 2015.

    #TBI   #BootCampaign  

  2. To appease those peoples killer instinct and reintroduce them to non violent civilian life( some of them maybe true villains) I recommend extensive training for duck hunting transference psychology.

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