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Bodied – Official Trailer – Produced by Eminem.

Bodied – Official Trailer – Produced by Eminem.

Alright what’s up? This is the Killerfornia Battle League and I be’s your host Donnie Narco. AKA The Walking Drug Lab. AKA Mr. Splash put my drink on your bitch’s ass and won’t even tip the glass. You feel me? Battle rap is a street fight… you got someone right in your face trying to tear you apart. I don’t know if I should slap you like a bitch
or punch your face like a man. Cuz I keep switching from open palm to a fist… like a white boy… shaking your hand. Actual Gs, you ain’t kill none.
So shut the f*** up and chill son. Just cuz you look like Kim Jong-un… doesn’t mean your ill son. – You have some creative Asian jokes.
– Y-you think? At least you knew I was Korean. Far as I’m concerned, that’s culturally sensitive
by battle rap standards. Adam, you out there killin’ it huh? That audience reaction, it’s like… heroin. So… What do you do? I mean besides appropriate black culture for your livelihood. Oh. She bodied you- Not tonight Satan. Whenever I battle I’m gonna get the bitch bars
and you gonna get the Asian bars… cuz that’s what the audience wants to hear. Intolerance will not be tolerated! Delete your account. Ho ho ho what you gonna do? You ready for this? You’re crunchy granola… I can tell by your pungent aroma. We got bitches, blunts, pregnant prostitutes. This bitch got a wider gap than the income
between white and black. Are you trying to satirize? If I did then would you be… satisfied? Stop rhyming you little- When I’m done with this soft white rapper… he’ll be online after… typing… All lives matter. Haha! White people! That’s why I watch rap battles.
You bodied his entire family. Look: Front, back, front , salute. Got it? Got it. Aight, that was great.

Reader Comments

  1. Aka the walking drug lab, mr. Splash put my drink on your bitches ass and won’t even tip the glass

    ( after 8 mile for sure 😂 )

  3. Eminem be like "hey go see my handler Ms.Ray Chandler she get you a kid no time flat you like em skinny or fat. Whatever it is just hit me back. I run kids for sex in other countries with Robert DeNiro banking that cheddar or should I say DeNero. Ray Chandler means child handler I fukd her at 15 and put her to work so she kidnapps kids and I get to test em as a perk. Im a jerk I like to Jerk to a black 4 yr old girl when I see her twerk.

    Chorus- cuz Im a pedo pedo selling kids from the ghetto ghetto. Cuz Ima pedo pedo addicted to adrenachrome so lets go.

    We found out Eminem uses a girl named Rachel Chandler to abduct kids for sex slavery with Robert Deniro in the Canary Islands pimpin out kids to politicians and the elite. Google Rachel Chandler also go to where it shows the info. Also the movie on youtube Q the plan to save the world.

    M was my favorite rapper of all time and this shit sucks!!!! I will never listen to him again. Thats why he did what he did to Trump cuz Trump signed an executive order putting human ttraffickers and pedos to death. Thats why Robert Deniro is also threatening Trump. All of Hollywood is filled with pedo satanist. Its all about to end shortly keep your eyes open and see for your self.

  4. Looks a bit shit honestly, what is the plot even about, is there even any real motive behind this corny white dude?

  5. Hi every one, can we see the Italian version of this film? Or the subtitles in Italian? Thank you and sorry for my English. Bye

  6. What’s with that cat in this movie lol he everywhere ny to Cali from streets or hotels lol man is everywhere.

  7. At first glance I was like “a movie with rhymes, c’mon…”
    But then something clicked and it turned monotone

    With every next rhyme I kept hearing afterwards
    My desire to watch that movie now bursts into fireworks

    And I can keep going, but I’m too lazy 😁

  8. "Mr. Splash, put my drink on your bitches ass and wont even tip the glass" gets me every fucking time 😂😂

  9. Don't watch this *rap. Don't poison your mind with this bs. There's nothing to learn except dumb arse "culture".

  10. Let Eminem kill mumble Rap. Because Rap started from poetry and without poetry it will only seats to be. You know what i mean. So in my eye i can recognize Eminem is doing nothing but saving the love of the art. We all still have in are heart……..POETRY and my words of what Eminem trying to tell you in the movie😁

  11. My comment has nothing to do with this awesome Trailer but please make a track together with Germanys Rap Legend Kool Savas. This would be incredible and would push the whole rap community here…

    The track: Yin Yang Twins feat Kool Savas (rewind) shows his abnormal skills. 2 Legends on one track = godlike

  12. Another crap production trying to hook up kids into thinking anyone can make it big perusing rap, featuring a shit ton of cliches, political correctness and further promotion of an agenda.

  13. Pll think that nigger is a bad word but what if i say negher 😀 will it still be a bad word!

    Yeah think about that🤔😏

  14. Appropriate black culture…. 🙄 oh dear…. and you're speaking English not african soooo…. cant we all just be human beings and just share our life values. You further that racial gap everytime you mention a difference between pigment in skin try not being hateful towards any race… racism works all ways.

  15. So…this movie basically sucked. I'm pretty sure that it's going to ruin KOTD and any legitimacy that they've built. They most likely paid Eminem some large $ to piggyback on his name. For some reason I can't see him getting behind this for any other reason but to keep a fan base in the industry. From a fan of KOTD, it was a shame to see this "representation" of battle rap.

  16. Eminem, your such a fucking bitch!! Just give it up and retire your tired ass! Your a sell out, a poser, and a bitch, now go away!!

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