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BOB bug out bag table # 7 Belt

BOB bug out bag table # 7 Belt

come on attagirl welcome back folks is the next part of the series you can see I have the things you just saw laid out what I'm going to talk about this time is the actual belt that i have it on and why do I have this here what I've seen recently is that that is a having a hammer simple claw hammer and this one I won't take to the feel that's too old this is just hanging around the shop type thing you can see why but a claw hammer is extremely versatile the other thing is you can hang lots of things on this while you're working it comes in extremely handy the belt is a little bit wider it's an East German combat belt for their uniforms and it's wider it doesn't bind i like it holds that nicely if i want to throw a water bottle on there it's quick little web gear system frugal prepping frugal bush gear and that's part of my budget ok so if you like this sort of thing you want to find out more come on out to the format cannon Preppers net you chat about this all kinds of things ok Cheers you

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