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Boarding School Interview: Prep, Questions & Answers –

Boarding School Interview: Prep, Questions & Answers –

(guitar note) Dov: Hi. My name is Dov,
and I’m the Director of Logistics here at Top Test Prep. Today, I’d like to go over with you a very important part of the private and boarding school admissions process,
which is the interview. It’s very clear that the private and boarding school interview
can be very stressful. You’re trying to impress the
school, as is your child, while your child is in the spotlight. So here are some tips
to make the interview go a little more smoothly. The first tip we have
is to do your research before the interview. While you’ll find out more
information about the school while you’re on the
tour, be sure to read up on the school beforehand. While you’re on the tour
and in the interview, don’t ask simple questions that show you haven’t really done your research. Make it clear that you know something about the school and that
you’re eager to attend by making such remarks as, for example, “I know your school has an
excellent music program. “Can you tell me more about that?” The second tip we have for you is to prepare your child. That can be easier said than done but, if your child really wants
to attend a certain school, be sure that your child
knows some basic information about the school beforehand. For example, your child
shouldn’t be surprised if he finds out the school doesn’t have a football team. Your child should also
practice some short statements about his or her
interests, whether they’re academic or extracurricular,
before the interview. Older students may actually be asked about current events, so it’s
best to have them read up on the newspaper a couple of weeks leading up to the interview. Younger students may be put in a situation where they’re observed
while they’re interacting with other young students,
so prepare your child beforehand regarding that. Also, remember to have your child shake hands with the
interviewer and thank them once the interview is complete. The third tip we have is to dress your child appropriately. It’s best to find out what
the school dress code is and, when you show up, to have your child wearing something that’s at least similar to what the school dress code is, or the same level of formality as what the other students are wearing. Many private schools have students wearing a button-down or polo shirt, so it’s best not to have your child show up in a t-shirt or something that may make him or
her look out of place. The fourth tip we have for you, and it’s very basic and very simple, is don’t stress yourself out and don’t stress your child out. Although the interview
is a very important part of the process, you don’t want to put too much pressure on your child because that may show during the interview and it might cause your child to forget answers to questions or, possibly, even to cry, which doesn’t come across so great with the interviewers. The fifth and final tip we have for you is to avoid overcoaching. You want the interview to sound natural. You don’t want your child to make up interests or talents just
to please the interviewer. As I said, it should be
natural and sound genuine, and the interviewers,
they can usually tell when the child is faking an interest just to please the interviewer. For more information about boarding school and private school admissions, call Top Test Prep at 1-800-501-7737, or visit our website

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