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Blousing Tacitcal Pants and boots with TGO

Blousing Tacitcal Pants and boots with TGO

howdy folks text revenue here with text revenue outdoors and today we're going to talk about blousing your boots okay so first of all these are my coyote brown v 11s they're zip side i love the hell out of these things that are very comfortable i wore them a tactical response and I've hiked in them before I'm a big fan of these 511 boots because what buys once buys twice and I've owned plenty of crappy chinese-made jungles and so I like the 5-11 boots not a real big fan of a lot of their tactical gear but the boots are great I also like the zipper side because they're fast to put on not because I'm lazy I just keep them by the bedside and I can slide into them and then zip them up the side if I need my boots on in a hurry which is I think a good feature of these boots well what's this black thing here well that is a goodie ouch list this here is just a ponytail hair tie that I have down around both of these boots and so it's going to cost you not a whole lot of money but so we're gonna put the boots on by the way you slide them over the top of the boots I've lost my boots because most of the time BTUs are cut to be blaust and if you don't blouse them then they not only look like but the cuffs drag on the ground so now I'm gonna pull this up to the top and just find that hair tie and tuck the cuff underneath and then bring it up to the laces and now that one is blaust bring this one up to just underneath the laces tuck that cuff underneath of the hair tie sometimes the laces get in the way if I can find it and so now I have my boots blouse and they look a lot sharper when their blouse and as I said you're not dragging the ground with them so guys I hope this video has been helpful to you if you want to wear be to use it's probably in your best interest to blouse them so your cuffs don't drag and you look a little bit sharper as always god bless alma ted nugent blood brothers join the NRA to protect our rights thank you very much those to be involved in law enforcement and those of you serving in the military and thanks for watching tax revenue outdoors

Reader Comments

  1. hi dude, please watch others about military way to tie your boots, blouse your trousers, not your funny ponytail hair ties. lol

  2. you are about an egg short of a dozen aren't you? because those laces on the end of your trousers are to blouse your boots….

  3. white socks were only used in porno.,also if you prefer zipped boots you should have removed the laces.,those boots i guess belongs to barbie

  4. perfect. never thought about . I used the same but inside my boot . since I am on post for 9 hours . I was worried about blood circulation, now I learn something different from you. thank you very much. I am a BPO..

  5. Tie the fucker up at the ankle, stick the bottom into your socks for a blousing technique.  Easy peasy… no need for any type of goddamned hair tie if you have the ribbon ties with your BDU.

  6. what you guys could also do is save some money and just use rubber elastic bands, 100 for a buck or something, just use 3 per side put 'm over your boot and roll your pants under them, give's a nice elastic stretch

  7. This is probably the worst boot blousing I've seen. Either this guy is not prior military or was just terrible at anything uniform related.

  8. Stop being such a bitter son of a bitch and maybe a woman will want to be around you for more than a second. Hard to imagine you even have friends if that's how you talk about your "good friends."

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  10. tex, partner u have idea hw much help u did to me by this video…. totally loved it.
    and greeting from INDIA. take care buddy!!!!!!

  11. You blouse em so you don't get debris in there, and if you NEED to be wearing bdus, you're not gonna worry about them looking good. there are also more reliable cheap blousing garters on the market, many trousers also have a drawstring at the cuff for the very reason of blosung, and or rain/wet conditions.

  12. I just use the built in blousing straps & tuck them inside my boots, I usually blouse too keep shit & critters out/off my legs or where ever a critter (ticks, w/e) happens to wanna go

  13. what a dont blouse your trousers because they are made to be bloused or because they look like shit when they aren' blouse your trousers so trash doesnt get up into your cami bottoms and shit when you're out in the field snoopin' and poopin'.

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