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Bliss Elementary & 36 Cav

Bliss Elementary & 36 Cav

are we bliss falcons bliss elementary students visited with their partners in education the 36 cap they showed the students around and educating them on their equipment so today the kids are seeing what our PI soldiers do they’re looking at the different helicopters they’re looking at the drones that they use and they’re being explained how the drone is being used as a scene to give them coordinates when the soldiers have to do their missions and they’re looking at vehicles that are for maintenance that have to be either pulled or towed and what the soldiers work on every day when they’re here at the hangar it’s my favorite thing is to save the kids light up when they come to the aircraft just to watch them being excited about being over here and being with different vehicles I was amazed i think the helicopters are and everything i’m really excited to come to Fort Bliss to see how the helicopters oh I think is really fun but did you see all the weapons and helicopter stuff I’m glad I was able to come to see all those helicopters me I was excited info on the field trip today and I’m glad we came as the military liaison and bliss elementary school I am so proud to be here I am proud that we can give our children this exposure to what Fort Bliss has to offer and I hope we make them proud

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