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Blind Devotion | Jubilee Media Short Film

Blind Devotion | Jubilee Media Short Film

I love my husband I love him even though his snoring wakes me up every morning. So I’ll scare him awake. It’s my daily revenge. Argh… Say sorry! Say sorry! I don’t hear you! I can’t hear you! Ok, ok… I’m sorry! I’m sorry! (laughter) I can’t go back to sleep now that you woke me up. Oh God! Boom! Food Network says you should only put one item in your eggs. But Louie likes everything in them because it’s how his mom made them. He calls it “eggs with everything.” I call it gross… but that’s how he loves them. My favorite! It’s so good! And I do all the laundry, because my mom told me that a man with dirty clothes is a man that’s not loved by his wife. Yeah, I know it’s old-fashioned. But now his whites are always white,
and all his co-workers will know he’s loved. He always promises to do it next time
but I’ll never let him. And I know he loves me. Because every time I head off to work, I feel him watching me leave. Hey Cill! You look beautiful. One of my favorite things is my commute to work. It’s my time to myself, and it lets me clear my head
before the stress of the day. (car honks) Cecilia It looks like you have FCED or Fuchs’ corneal endothelial dystrophy. ([Doctor] It’s a build up of the…)
I’m going blind. A rare disease I can barely pronounce is taking away my vision and I will probably lose my whole career over it. I won’t be able to scare Louie anymore. Wake up! Don’t do that! You ok? I’m sorry. Just leave me alone. What am I supposed to tell him? Are you ok? Yeah. You sure? Oh gosh… (No, that’s ok. Let me do it. Let me do it.)
I can’t make his silly eggs with everything. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about what I just said.
[Cecilia] Can you just stop it? Let me just do it. Did you just have a bad dream? Can you just lay off? Alright?! I’m sorry about what I did today. I didn’t mean
to scare you. I’m sorry… sorry about that. The people he works with are going to think I stopped caring about him. Just talk to me, ok? I don’t want to talk about it right now. Just come up here. Something is wrong. You’re not talking to me. Please tell me what’s going on. And now when all I want to do is just breathe and walk to work alone. I can’t… because Louie won’t let me. How do you tell the person you love that you’re going blind? I can’t help but think that I’m becoming his patient not his partner. Maybe he’d be happier with someone else. Someone who won’t be a burden. My wife is going blind… and she doesn’t want my help. I want to wake up every morning and tell her that I love her. That it’s all going to be ok But she doesn’t want to hear any of it. I wish I could do all the cooking but she insists on doing it on her own. She’s even figured out the laundry. She still insists on going to work and taking the bus alone. My heart stops every time I think about her crossing the streets of downtown. So even though she doesn’t want me to I follow her everyday without her knowing. Because that’s what true love is, right? There’s more than just a feeling. It’s an action. Cecilia will never know how much I do for her,
and I don’t ever need her to know. That’s how I still love her even though she doesn’t want me to. Subtitles by the community

Reader Comments

  1. It was sad and it really hurt but I'm glad i watched it was so beautiful at the same time not many people try to get both perspective it's usually only one

  2. Cecilia.
    From the former Latin (and now Italian) Cecilia, which means blind. Rather poetic, I wonder if that was done on purpose…

  3. I just smiled at the comments that said "who's cutting onions", "im not crying, you are" etc.

    But in the end I did.

    This kind of relationship is something I dream of having one day. And honestly, I'm scared of being blind one day too. I have really bad vision and I'm still a teenager. It's scary to go blind especially if art and nature is your happiness..

  4. My parents been divorced my whole life and they always resented to each other, with fair reasoning of course… is this was love looks like??? lmaoo

    no but really

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  6. When you're both peopleI'm not going blind, but I can feel her story. Depression and anxiety make me feel just the same way she does. I want to work just the same without feeling like I'm someone else's burden or patient. I want to be me and not feel like I'm even less because I have episodes. I'm also the one who understands what it's like for some other people even if I don't go through them the same. I won't think of you any less or as baggage. You're a whole package and I want it, and I wont impede on what you feel.

    Kuddos to this film for making me realize this. Heartwarming and emotional.

  7. This was such sweet clip and I believe that love isn't just saying how much you care but showing how much you care. I'm a man with a few words but I surely know how to show how I feel about someone.

  8. my name is Cecilia and i know the meaning of my name is blind.
    this short movie is everything, i love it so much!

  9. Love like this is gone in 2019 ..
    It's barely possible ..
    If somebody would have loved me to that extent I would have given her my one eye then we would both see each other from only one Eyes ..

  10. How beautiful. What he said at last. "I dont have to have her know how much I do for her. This is how much I love her. Even if she does not know, I love her and do these" 🙂

    It gave me all goosebumps. I think that is one way to define what "love" is.

    It reminded me of God loving me and everyone even if I do not know it sometimes cuz I forget it or because he does not necessarily say "I did this and that and all cuz I love you so much." He does good things to everybody even if they do not know or even hate him. 😢

  11. Talking about real love in the 21st century is like the debate of is the earth flat or round , and obviously the debate goes nowhere.

  12. My biggest question is what ethnicity the wife is meant to be. I mean seriously, does anyone know?

  13. THIS !!! This right here is the kind of movie people should go n watch appreciate and spend their money on . U guys are an art of work . Wish i cud really work wid u guys but well i live in india so thats not gonna happen but just gonna say . U guys are on the right path n thr are people out there actually rooting for u guys . Thank u sooo much

  14. how did i just discover this 4 years old vid from you guys?!?!?!?! i'm literally bawling my eyes out. I love the way you guys tell your stories from way back when, and now. i've said this before but it would be so cool to intern or be apart of your videos/help out one day. Love you guys! For now all I could do is just watch from my computer screen and take in all your messages you're spreading.

  15. My best friend lance is the brother of Mei. She’s the most down to earth person and honestly a great actress wish Hollywood would make her s start

  16. Everytime I watch this video, I cry. In a way it resembles my relationship with my partner. I've been going through counseling for the past 3 to 5 months. Trying desperately to mend my mind from my past. I have a good head on my shoulders. But not a stable mind in my head. A lot of times I think I am a burden to him, a patient. I know he would be happier with someone else. But for some reason he stays, for some reason he still sleeps by my side. And I wonder why, who would want to tolerate what's wrong with me. It's nearly impossible for me to see what love is, I grew up with absolutely none of it. I know he's trying his best. The thought of all his efforts going to waste feeds the feeling of burdening him. I am broken. He's trying to help pick up the pieces and put them back together. I hope he never leaves me, I hope he knows what he's doing is helping even though I don't say anything. I hope I make it through so that I can love him as much back.

  17. No. This is not cute or heartwarming or anything. How can you get this kind of news and NOT TELL YOUR PARTNER? And flip out? Without any explanation as to why? Keeping it quiet and pretending that nothing's happening is not going to magically fix things. Couldn't possibly get more infuriating.
    And him stalking her is not helpful. She needs to learn how to do all these things now without sight. And yes, it's tough, but she has to. And he becomes a crutch she doesn't need to make him feel better about it. She's blind. She's perfectly capable of doing these things without his help. What happens if he is suddenly not there? She'll have to learn these things for the third time? Wtf?

  18. I highly doubt a wife would have that much devotion to her husband sadly. One co worker lost his wife because his finger was chopped off.

  19. This is a beautiful expression on love, and something that I, as a young soon to be adult should strive for and imitate.

    My mother suffers from chronic migraines and fibromyalgia that has taken much of her quality of life but seeing this gives me hope that I can become a better son to her.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do.
    – From, A man becoming.

  20. thanks for lovely video while I'm watching this video i can't stop flowing tears on my eyes i hope the couple love not end up forever ^^ thanks again have a good night

  21. FCED is actually treatable. There are a number of promising medications, topical and oral, that offset the effects of corneal dystrophy. There are even custom-designed contact lenses that improve the quality of vision while helping the eyes to heal. Your eye doctor can help you find the treatment that is right for you. As a last resort, a corneal transplant is conducted as an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic. Although recovery is relatively quick (a week or less), your vision could be inconsistent for as long as a year after the procedure.

    I know what it is like to be going blind, as I'm a cyborg with the lenses of both my eyes having been replaced with acrylic lenses.

  22. This kind of video make us have false hope .
    Ultimately 99.9% don't get that experience , and movie industry capitalize on this unfulfilled yearning .

  23. This made my cry so hard, because I never saw this kind of love with my parents – whenever something hard happened, my dad just moved out, and then expected my mom to take him back whenever he felt like it. This was amazing and I'm so glad you guys made this. Thank you 💕

  24. Just reinforces the idea that blind folks are dependent and that this man is great for doing so much. In reality many blind folks are completely independent and many even live alone.

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