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Blackhawk Operator Series Watches at SHOT Show 2013 Video

Blackhawk Operator Series Watches at SHOT Show 2013 Video

Here we are at Blackhawk. Right now I’m with Todd McDunn and Blackhawk has recently come out with a new series of watches called the Operator series. So Todd, tell me what you really like about your new watch series. The best thing about the new Operator series is it meets all the requirements of what an operator looks for in a watch. We’ve got tough, durable watches that are reasonably priced and they are, not only, functional but stylish. You’ve got the perfect combination to start right over here, you’re looking at it. Great looking watch, but it’s going to work. I know, tough like anything from a 100 meters to, you have, 300 meter watches today. That’s correct. So you’re covering all the bases right now. Just, really, they look good but are functional and you guys have a perfect combination of that right now. That’s correct. What are the MSRPs going to be on these? In the Operator series, we start at $160 up to $300 in the advanced version. The deep sea Operators version. Perfect, so yes, something for everyone right now and I think some of these are already shipping and then these guys are going to be coming out really soon too so we haven’t seen these in the stores yet. When are these going to be out? These will be out probably within the next three months. Nice. Deep sea Operator. Great, Todd thank you so much for spending time with us today. Thank you.

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