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Blackhawk Level 3 Holster Review

Blackhawk Level 3 Holster Review

hi I'm Karl from Harry's army-surplus here to tell you about the level three circle holster from Blackhawk this platform also not only provides you with mobility stability and flexibility but also make sure that your pistol is locked upon reholster this platform holster is equipped with two quick-release swivel Clips to allow your holster to pivot and move with your leg even in a kneeling position it comes with two sure-grip leg straps which ensures that your holster is stable and it's not going to move around it comes with a pivot hood guard with a flip of a switch you can change your holster from level three to level two upon returning the holster to the covered position it protects your rear sights and not only locks your weapon in a level three position the breathable platform allows you to be comfortable even when you're wearing it for a long period of time the two mounting brackets on the side allows you to mount extra magazines a knife pouch or a carrying pouch this level 3 blackhawk holster is designed not only for the professional but also for the novice and you can get yours at Harry's army surplus or @ww Harry's army surplus net

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  1. Hi, it's Niocle from Tactop, a tactical equipment manufacturer in China. And we have designed a new dropleg holster. Any interest?

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