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Black Watch Int. Unit Trailer (2019 edition)

Black Watch Int. Unit Trailer (2019 edition)

This is Player 765 765 611 765 611 937 765 611 937 101 765 611 937 101 837 765 611 937 101 837 66 But let’s call him 765 for now Player 765, likes to play Arma3 in fact, it is his favourite game He has been in many Arma3 units but he got bored of constantly playing the same faction using the same guns always being the same grunt and eventually he moved to another group Variety is the spice of life after all Untill one day he happened across unit named Black Watch International. They’ve claimed impossible things! 2 hour operation every day International playerbase Highly customized modpack They even claim playing as different factions across BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDEP! Outrageus! But what caught Player 765 eye was not the International playerbase nor the custom modpack No what caught his eye was the promise of being able to play as a different soldier every day… Thinking it all was just an outright lie he applied anyway… …Gotcha Red is on left, Notrh-East Eyes on BTR! Don’t! Go! Anywhere! AT, look left! LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!
(HIT THE DECK!) AT on it Turret is still operational! Get down! 83 Pushing right Heading out [Sickle on the move] We’ve got set of buidings to out South-East Foxtrot-1, let’s focus on that You want us to get on that Northern AA and take it out if we do? To your left! To your left! Hurry up!
– Yeah, I’m rotating! Rotate faster! Woah! Somebody check on Cerven

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