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Bizarre Mating Rituals (GAME)

Bizarre Mating Rituals (GAME)

Animals do some crazy stuff to get
a mate. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and that means not only have we
beautified the set with hearts and love – things,…
– And red stuff. …but we’re going to be focusing all week
on love and relationships. Every episode has something to do with love and
relationships. – Love Week.
– And don’t worry: if you’re not in a relationship, maybe by the end of this
week, you’ll be happy that you’re not in a – relationship. Love gets weird.
– Welcome to Love Week. No matter what relational status you’re in, you’re
welcome here. – Please.
– Today, we tackle the most bizarre mating rituals in nature known to man. And don’t
panic! I am not gonna make this awkward if you’re watching this with your mom or
your mother-in-law. – Okay.
– I’m focusing on the attraction phase, – okay? Enticing a mate…
– Alright. Not the next step. – …but not the next step.
– Right. So, you won’t be seeing any of that. Even
though I will be showing you some –… – Okay! Sh.
– …some visual aids. Okay, I didn’t know what you were gonna —
I didn’t know what was happening, I gave – you the “shhh!”
– (laughing) Oh, no. (crew laughs)
– Now, my buddy, Rhett, here… – Hey buddy!
– …has successfully enticed a mate. – Yeah, I did.
– So now, I’m gonna — but that was many – years ago!
– It was. Maybe I lost it. – And you’re not an animal.
– Hold on, I’m not performing, am I? You’re not performing, you’re not being
tested, except in your knowledge of animal – mating rituals.
– Oh, I know a lot about that. It’s time to play: Can Rhett Reckon If a Mating Ritual Is
Real, or Is It Really a Resourceful Roose? – Ruse.
– (laughs) – Ruse.
– “Roose! Ruse.” It should be “ruse.” Not “roose.” Okay,
Rhett, so if you get five of these – correct…
– Oh! …you win an amazing animal mating ritual
ability. You will be granted the ability! Like an instructional DVD? What are you
talkin’ about? – I’m not going to tell you.
– Okay. – But, you want to win it, trust me.
– I’m intrigued. Let’s get going with these, though. True
or false? Did you know that male hooded seals blow a pink skin bubble out of their
noses? Then they shake it to make noise, thereby attracting a female. It’s like a
bubble gum bubble coming out of a seal’s nose. And it’s made out of skin, not
bubble gum. – Out of the nose? Out of the nose?
– All the way out of the nose. Real ritual – or ruse?
– I feel like that could cause a lot of trouble. I don’t mean with what happens
next; I mean I feel like it’s just — it’s – a trouble bubble!
(crew laughs) – False! Nature didn’t make that!
– Right off the bat, no. (buzzer sound)
– Aargh! – It is real. Check it out!
– Eww… Eugh! Whoa, shake, shake, shakin’ – it! He’s shake, shake shakin’ it!
– That is a skin bubble. – Out of the nostril?
– And then he sucks it back in. You know what? It is a little
attractive. And then he starts over. Or — actually,
we GIFed that. I can see how the ladies would be into
that. Would you believe that a dude porcupine
will stand on his hind legs and dance for a female? Then, to seal the deal, he’ll
bust out his signature dance move: peeing – on her.
– Oh-ho-ho. Porcupines are into that, huh? You know that signature dance move,
“Peeing on a Porcupine?” Yeah. There’s a name for that. I’m not
going to say it. Okay, uhm, I don’t think porcupines are dancers. I mean, I
definitely know they pee on each other, ’cause what animal doesn’t? But I think
he’d have trouble dancing with the ol’ – pricklies. (laughs)
(crew laughs) I don’t know, man. I feel weak. I feel
like I’m not gonna be strong today. – (laughs)
– (laughing) Because I’m going to say that that’s not real, but I think you’re gonna
be like, “Watch ’em pee on each other right here, Rhett!” I’m gonna say it’s
false ’cause I don’t wanna see a video of porcupines peein’ on each other. Or do I? – It is real.
(buzzer sound) – Aargh! (laughing) Gosh!
– Check out this video! I’m not going to show you peeing, but I’m going to show you
the dancing part. – Oh. What?
– Look at that porcupine dancing! He looks like he should be on a Mario
game, and then you should like jump on him – and he disappears. What in the world?
– Alright, so you are off to a horrible – start, Mr. Animal Kingdom Savant.
– Yeah, I don’t have a wife. I mean, I do have a wife, but why do I have a wife? I
don’t deserve one… – Well, she’s human.
– …with this performance. – I don’t know how you got her.
– I danced a lot. What about this one? In the mating
season, one thousand — well, I meant to say thousands — thousands of female —
’cause I don’t have an exact number. – The Dating Season 1000!
– (laughs) That’s what I thought you were — like
some sort of — okay, what is that? – Let me start over.
– Sign me up! In mating seeding, thousand — In.
Mating. Season. – Got it.
– Thousands of female carrion beetles gather in one huge patch on the forest
floor. Males then kamikaze dive from the tree limbs headlong into the gathering as
a grand mating performance. I’m going completely on just test logic at
this point. You’re not going to have three true in a row. That’s all I’m doing at
this point. – Okay.
– Because I’m picturing these beetles, and I’m confused. They’re diving? “Carry-on?”
You bring them on the plane with you? – No, they climb trees and then dive.
– Oh, they eat they dead things? “They eat they dead things? Do they eat they dead
things?” – True or false?
– False. This doesn’t happen. – That’s true, it is false.
(ding noise) – It is a ruse.
– (claps) Yeah! Even I can get things – right.
– Totally made up. Just going with test – logic.
– “Mate” up? Heheheh. – Ha.
– (laughs) Real or ruse? Female norrow moles will dig
a 15-foot deep hole in the ground… – Yeah, they will.
– …and fill it with fruit to lure males inside, and then if the male doesn’t meet
the female’s standards, she exits and – seals his body in the hole.
– (laughs) They make a fruit hole, huh? – He dies in the fruit hole, alone.
– Men are typically not into fruit holes. Ya know, that’s something that — Bath &
Body Works, that’s something that gets the ladies excited. Fruity-smelling things.
(laughing) I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. I’m not making generalizations,
men like fruity things too, okay? Gosh! Did I make this up or is this real? The
blue norrow mole. Then you get sealed in the fruit hole,
which is great for a little bit and then – you die.
– You die. Right. It’s like being trapped in a big bag of
gummy bears. Which is a dream of mine. – Right.
– And because of that, I’m going to say… I’d love to suffocate you in one right
about now. …that this is false, Link. There is no
such thing as a fruit hole. – Right after the last one that was false?
– You know what? You know what? I guess it – must be true.
– Is it true or false? Final answer. – True.
– No, it’s false. (buzzer noise)
– Aargh! You — – (laughs)
– What? What? Dude, what? You made — I – knew the fruit hole was made up!
– Well, you changed your answer. I also made up the “norrow mole.” That ain’t even
real! – Oh. Really?
– Nope, none of it’s real! The anglerfish. When a male anglerfish finds a female, it
bites onto her belly, permanently. He holds onto her forever. Forever. Until he
dies. Dies. (crew laughs)
– True or false? – Uhm, going off of…
– You only got one right! – …some kind of TV special.
– You really need to get all these right – to get your mating ability.
– Yeah, you shouldn’t have thrown me off on that last one. That was unfair. It
wasn’t very loving of you, on Love Week, – to throw me a curve ball like that.
– All of my love is towards my wife and – children.
– I feel like I’ve seen some version of this on, like, a Discovery Channel thing,
so I’m going to say, yeah, this happens. – It is true.
(ding noise) – Yes!
– And if you check out the picture, you can see that little thing on top of the
female anglerfish is a male that then just becomes a sperm delivery device, and all
of his other organs just — go away. (crew laughs)
– Is he just a little guy and she’s a big girl, or is this just the way they all
are? He starts off bigger and then he goes
away. He — what’s the word? Dissipates. – That’s quite a diet.
– True or false… – Probably not worth it.
– …after finding a suitable partner, two white-fronted parrots will begin
kissing. – Oh, kissing parrots?
– Then the male will vomit into the – female’s mouth. Mmmm, attraction!
– Parrots don’t kiss, they don’t have lips. Have you tried kissing with a beak
before? – Well, maybe I use the term loosely.
– One time I put on a Big Bird outfit — – just for Halloween — and (laughs)…
(crew laughs) And tried to make out with what? What’re
you trying to kiss? …beaks don’t kiss well. That’s all I’m
gonna say about that. This is false. – No, it’s true!
(buzzer noise) – Golly, I lost!
– Look at that bird vomiting into another – bird’s mouth!
– That’s not kissing! Well, I guess it is. Yeah. Yeah, that’s very involved
vomit-kissing. Alright, Rhett. You still – got things to learn here.
– Mm. Okay. To stake his claim to a harem of hundreds
of female hippos, the dominant dude – hippo —
– If I get these next two right, please still give me the mating tips. What is it?
I don’t know what it is. – I’ll help you out. I’ll help you out.
– Okay. The dude hippo will spin his tail like a
propeller… – They do that.
– …while pooping, spreading it everywhere and saying, “You’re all mine.” Now, hippos do the propeller poop thing; I
know that they do that. I thought that they do that to mark the territory, not to
attract the females. – But why d’you mark territory?
– For females. No, because you — I don’t know. I know that they do that, so would
you have made up half of it? – No, I wouldn’t.
– So, I’m going to say that it’s false. – (laughs) It’s true.
(buzzer noise) – True.
– It’s true! It’s true, that’s why they do – it.
– I don’t know if you’re being — True. – True. Yes, they do that.
– You can’t change your answer after I – give you the answer. Alright.
– Oh, look at that. Oh. – Oh, my goodness!
– There it is. – Yeah.
– Going everywhere. Lookit, the females, – they come a runnin’.
– That’s a bad Friday night. Oh, gosh. A male Arabian camel spits a skin
bubble — Shouldn’t have ordered that extra thing of
nachos. (tongue trill) (laughs) (laughing) A male Arabian camel spits a
skin bubble out its mouth… – Oh, skin bubble time, huh?
– …then makes a low gurgling sound. – No way another animal has one of those.
– Hello, ladies. A camel has a skin bubble? I woulda seen
that. Yeah, all my camel riding that I’ve – done. I would have seen that.
– (laughs) Yep! Okay, there’s nothing at stake, except my
own pride, which has been completely – smashed. So, I’m going to say…
– Along with your mating ability. …there’s no way that there’s another
skin bubble. False. – It’s true. There is another skin bubble.
(buzzer noise) – Check it out, man!
– What is up with you, nature? Oh, hold — what? How come you don’t know about this? That’s a skin bubble that he can throw out
there and then retract back in when the – ladies come a runnin’.
– Why don’t they put this on the Geico – commercials?
– Alright, Rhett, you didn’t win, so I win the mating ritual ability. Thanks for
liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing this video with all animal lovers. You know what time it is. Greetings. I am Ick, King of the Trolls,
coming to you from the eighth wonder of the world, Rock City. And it is time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality! We’ve got two new sticker packs at! They will stick on – any surface, including human skin.
– Click through to Good Mythical More, where we are going to play Surgeon
Simulator. You’re the right hand, I’m the left hand. If you’re on a mobile device,
you can just click the “i” up here to conveniently take you to More. It’s just a
point and click away with your finger! – “Beatboxing turkeys.”
♪ (syncopated gobbling noises) ♪ ♪ (outro music) ♪
– Just get a drink. Hold on, I need to put a hole in this
speaker so it will fit. There we go, – perfect.
– Oh, wow. You’re good with that. Yeah, I’m just — Oh, I’m making a lot
of room! Right there. – I think he’s going to die.
– No, no. He’s doing just fine.

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