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Birmingham Proof House Tour (Part 1) by RACKNLOAD

Birmingham Proof House Tour (Part 1) by RACKNLOAD

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  1. 11 shots hmm
    but on the range with others shooting and 20m target
    prove to me you can tell the difference. they look like light loads so add stress of competition

  2. I have visited there many times taking guns for proof etc, but never beeen inside as you have, Thanks for Sharing enjpoyed it m8y.

  3. Suggestion: The examples that were attached to the wall of guns that blew up had written explanations next to them- if you had focused on the explanations just for a second, then viewers could stop the video playback and read each one. It would have been interesting.

  4. I'd love to work somewhere like that. All the technical aspects really appeal. Thanks for an extremely interesting video.

  5. Very informative, thanks for sharing. I looked for part 2 but could not see it so I guess its a work in progress. Best wishes 🙂

  6. Many thanks to the proof house and yourself for this. Great video. That 45 barrel is unbelievable, should have been a Darwin award winner.

  7. Really good stuff ! Yes there is more than just a bunker and a sand bank in there, a lot of science going on and very clever people. will have to go one day as I have a relative that still works there I think, I will have to ask the question. Thanks for uploading Rack, enjoyed that a lot.  atb  phil

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