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  1. I thank you. I drove these vehicles in the 70s and was an Army Mechanic. What a man, yes a MAN. A hard time. I have had these vehicles down to the diff. A very hard day or days. So bad was the noise in the cab and the smell and the heat. My left leg would get burnt from the heat from the motor. No power steering or power brakes (Air over Hydraulics ). No such thing as aircon. A crash gear box (YouTube for you young ones). A Big Petrol engine in the cab with you. You would smell an oil leak before the gauge would show you had a problem. The heat did I mention the heat, in northern QLD in summer. We were in the Army, we did what we had to do. This Man did it to serve his community. A Hero does not play Football and get paid Millions. This man is a Hero. I wish he had had the MK5 6×6. Hey Eddy M if you want a challenge to repeat this I am here.

  2. Hope that dog found a home in town. What a great story. Real Australia right here. Billy what a champion bloke and hero.

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