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Billionaire 2020 Dem: Unlike Trump, I’ll Release My Tax Returns | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Billionaire 2020 Dem: Unlike Trump, I’ll Release My Tax Returns | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. This is how the media rigs the elections for their corporate friendly candidates. Instead of the candidates like Bernie Sanders that are friendly to the working class And why you keep getting terrible candidates winning the nomination. It's not hard to see.

  2. Berni will be the only one to give the American people a fair go… the rest are corperate shills who are no better then trump.

  3. I know this beautiful female Chinese surgeon with the most beautiful porcelain coloured skin and long black silky hair. Her name is Chin. Chin is married to a very cool muscular dark-skinned black American
    pizza delivery man. One day whilst eating fried bee pupae, Chin told me and her black husband that most Asians love Trump.

  4. That investment in private prisons is disturbing, but I am glad the changed. It is good that Mr. Steyer is trying to be transparent. The money of the candidate is not the problem. He has money and brains. But I still like Elizabeth.

  5. You're right ms tom wish you the best to fix the big mess in America but don't forget every race rights matter

  6. Ari ask him How does he feels about the tax cuts for the wealthy Trump just handed to him. Have him put his money where his mouth is ..The answer is the tell. tell sign

  7. I really am going to stop watching MSNBC. Do they do everything possible to not acknowledge Tulsi Gabbard as a candidate? She is qualified for next debate. They smear her and snub her. She isn't at Iowa state fair because she is doing a 2 week military stint but gets no mention because they don't want to mention her serving her country. That is trash media behavior.

  8. 21 people frothing at the mouth 2 become filthy rich like the Obama's & Clinton's , who wants 2 be a multimillionaire= reality sad T.V..

  9. No, Tom, you are very much mistaken. Sen. Sanders has been bringing the message of eliminating the poison intrusion of Big $ upon our elections/govt. for quite some time. Moreover, there are quality groups of everyday people working on this, once again, for quite some time, as well as other genuine Representatives of the People who are not bought off/sold out or clueless. While his work with the Need to Impeach site is needed, he does not have enough or broad enough experience to serve as our next POTUS, like many others in the current field. Sanders, Warren, Gabbard all excellent, dedicated to the People, our nation, the greater good of the world, and know how to get it done.

  10. Hedge fund vs a builder debate, that should be interesting to watch. The rest of Dem clowns are becoming too boring.

  11. I've said it before, until Mr Steyer releases his taxes, I amongst many will not support him. He promised to release his taxes just like Trump promised and look where we are now.

  12. as soon as he said USA s a Democracy he lost my vote. USA is a Republic . A democracy is mob rule . obvs Tom Steyer sides with Israel

  13. Lets put it this way; if Trump was forced to produce several years of unredacted tax returns or leave office, he'd leave office. His tax returns are Trump the man without the lies and why he'll never release them. His image matters more than even the country he pretends to lead.

  14. The Democratic Party is Dead , open borders , higher taxes , no more cows , have to swim to Hawaian Islands , santuary cities , health care for illegal's , only a few fools would vote for this…

  15. Being rich doesn't automatically qualify you for a political office….. I'd rather have a grass roots salt of the Earth president.

  16. Steyer is the real deal. As much as I like the views of a number of Democrats, I think what this nation needs is a dynamic, amiable, photogenic, well-informed, bright and articulate person whose interests are in line with average Americans. Steyer may be rich, but he's compassionate and has a true and impressive record of philanthropy that few can match. I'm also VERY impressed that he is dead set to get corruption out of government and realizes its threat to democracy. He's a man we can trust. I'm not saying for sure I'll vote for Steyer, but there's every good chance I will.

  17. It is highly likely that if we saw an honest balance sheet of Trump's finances his debts would be much greater than his assets.

  18. He keeps saying he is an outsider like that is an asset. He is 4 years behind the times. It should be obvious that what people want is someone who knows what they are doing. Voters want someone who can fix the mess trump has created not someone who is going to make their own mess because they don't know what they are doing.

  19. Tom is well spoken and seems sincere, however a real billionaire isn't what we need much less a fake billionaire such as Trump. An outsider is not necessarily a better choice which is what he is selling himself as.

  20. This guy is interesting enough, but I have to wonder if the cabal of elites have decided this guy should be the front runner for the Democratic party. A billionaire has no place as President. Just who will he side with in regard to legislation. I have no proof–it's just something intuitive. Will need to research him.

  21. No thanks! We don't need anymore white knight billionaires thinking they are God's Gift to the country and somehow know more than us peasants just because they have money! Bernie 2020!

  22. Tom is acting like Bernie Sanders doesn't exist and its instead him who's the activist that's been fighting the corporations and corruption. Hahaha give me a break!

  23. o lord another billionaire wants to rule America his way please
    give Americans a break buddy. Enough is enough Yang where are you?

  24. LOLa billionaire bought the votes of a city because he figured out he can make money as a politician. This guy is a joke

  25. Steyer bought his way on the debate stage.
    What are his policies other than impeachment of trump.
    He’s just another candidate with nothing but platitudes.

  26. So, Tom Steyer says, that he WILL release his tax returns. That's exactly what Trump has promised, several times, before being elected. We are still waiting… Anyway, I agree with others : ":No more billionaires for the presidency", because there must be something very wrong with all this very rich people. Every day brings us closer to the inevitable death. Therefore, every "normal" person, who has so much money, that he doesn't have to get up any more, every morning, and go to work to pay all his bills, etc., should be expected to want, to have every hour of this short life to himself and with his loved ones, enjoy it and live it to the full. In other words, they should want to enjoy as much as they can, this short, remaining time they have left. This is the common, and quite natural desire of all "normal" people – to be happy, through various pleasures, and "the more, the better". And here, come some very rich people, who want us to believe, that they do not want to spent the remainder if their time on this earth all to themselves, but want to be , literally, "robbed" of many years of their lives, by being forced to attend countless briefings regarding security of the country, regarding economy, international politics, meeting heads of governments of many countries, attending countless meetings and conferences, making countless speeches etc, etc… which means exactly, to be robbed of the precious, priceless time, which they could spend for themselves, and perhaps have time yo think about, what is the purpose of this very short life…In other words, those billionaires who want to be elected the President, are, in my opinion, are simply extremely vain, people, and after accumulating huge amount of money, now, they are ONLY craving power !! It is just VANITY, why they want to be come the President and the "most powerful man in the world". Nothing but vanity! Regardless of what they say or promise, they do not want, or are qualified, just like Trump, to contribute much to the country and its citizens. They don't care about the people at all. They want POWER ! That's all to it. Trump, before election was criticizing Obama, for occasionally playing golf, and said, that if elected, he would not be playing golf at all, because he wouldn't have time, as President! Liar ! Now, he plays golf ten times more than Obama did…..

  27. Air, WTF? U use Bernie's voice, talking about corruption, to tie him into this tale, but he said nothing about this.Then showed only one person directly attacking this millionaire. As for him, I will put Bernie's 40 year record, against his 10 year record, any day!
    Bernie for President in 2020!

  28. I hold MSNBC as the most negative factor towards peace in the UNITED STATES. Fake and Biased news pour out the mouths of puppets funded by the democratic party 24 hours of every day. Absolutely NO respect for the President or pride in journalism-sick, worthless sensationalism. You must be proud.

  29. If Trump can do it, so can Steyer !! Steyer has supported the Dems for years as well as charities so I will hear what he has to say.

  30. I can never understand why someone with a lot of money (in the billions) would give a flying fornication about being President. Sure, the position gives you prestige, but it comes with a lot of headaches and responsibilities. And if you're sincere about the job, you're not gonna be able to profit off of it either. Meanwhile having billions of dollars would still allow you to do a lot of good in the world if that's what you're really interested in, just ask Bill Gates.

  31. Bernie Sanders has been beating corporations for 30+ years and has been the outsider within not only the Senate but his own party! This guy is a billionaire, how is he an anti-corporatist? He's just trying to use Bernie's message to bait and switch.

  32. Warren, Sanders, Yang, and Mayor Pete all hold the same position Mr. Steyer.
    Don't let your ego make YOU a SPOILER in the Nov. 2020 elections.

  33. Well we know that Tom Steyer is in fact a billionaire and we also know we have every reason to think trumpty dumbty isn't a billionaire but only claims such. Steyer is ready and will show his tax returns while trumpty dumbty is fighting tooth and nail to keep his secret even though he said he'd release them. We also know Tom Steyer can speak in coherent sentences and doesn't whine and bleat lies with every breath like trumpty dumbty. Ergo, I'd say Tom Steyer has a lot going for him with just that.

  34. Kamala is wrong for America and California, Booker can not lead average Americans to Burger King, Beto should run for US Senate, Klobuchar would make a good Secretary of State, Pete Vice President, Bernie Bankrupt in Chief should teach, Biden should retire, glad Castro is not in the debate picture; allows core democrats to focus and all others candidates that are not in the next debate, thank you for distracting us in 2019. Yang should be appointed as Secretary of Commerce. Warren is currently best candidate to trip up Trump.

  35. Why? Why have someone that's not struggled to make a living ,to pay the Bill's and education,healthcare? I bet hes got platinum cover for healthcare, and his kids go to ivy league school, with no debt. He benefits from the current tax cuts!

    Bernie Sanders by leaps and bounds represents the best hope, if your low and middle income.

    Only Bernies been fighting for civil rights, even literally marching for them, his entire life. Outsider? Lol!

  36. Everyone running bought their way in. Either with their money or someone else's. I find it more problematic when other's pay for candidates to run. Trump has spent special interests, foreign, taxpayer and is selling America for his friends and family. Let the man spend HIS money and not other's. Public servants should WANT to SERVE the PUBLIC.

  37. 30 seconds in and I can tell how biased you are just by looking at the graphic. All of establishment candidates up there next to Biden (who I will not vote for, I'd rather have another Trump presidency). Warren and Bernie should be up there next to Biden seeing as they are his competition and the rest of these people have little to no chance. Honestly, at this point you are almost as bad as Fox.

  38. Are you kidding me? Bernie Sanders has been preaching all of this for 30 years. You got nothing on him, go away.

  39. He is in the way ……..and he sounds like D. Trump 2.0000 it's to many still and it looks to me that a group of people are a little scared of seeing History take place again…….CHANGE IS COMING

  40. Money bought Tom this interview. Money bought his mild popularity, but no amount of money can buy the trust of the voters.

  41. I think America is sick of Billionaires. Glad Ari reported on Tom Styer's investments. He should run for Senator, not President.

  42. This guy conned his way to the donation threshold and now will get in on rigged polls. Dems REALLY going all out to lose the general again.

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