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Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

You’ve been over, visited me. – Yes.
– I know your kids… Is this being passed on to… – Yes, Yes.
– ..your children? Our two year old right now,
I’ll say, “How old are you?” And she goes, “I’m four and a half.” Which is,
her older sister’s four and a half. And I go, “No, you’re not. “You’re not four and a half,”
and then she grabs my face and goes, “FOUR AND A HALF.” [Laughter] That was also kind of
a Schwarzenegger a little bit. [Schwarzenegger voice]
“I’m four and a half, father.” [Laughter] “We gotta get out of here!” [Laughter] “Get out of there,
there’s a bomb in there! Get out!” [Laughter]
“Dad, come on, get out! “We got to go!” “I need a pull-up on, now! “We’re going to watch Peppa Pig, now! I love Schwarzenegger as a baby,
so much fun. “I wanna watch Doc McStuffins.” [Laughter] “And then I need my yoghurt. Come on!” “I threw up, I need Pedialyte!” [Laughter] [Applause] That’s great. I can only think of him that way now. [Normal voice] He’s little, this baby
with his head, just running around. He’s gotta have the same head
that he has now but with a little baby’s body – and a diaper.
– Yeah. – But a cigar.
– Yeah, a cigar going… [Schwarzenegger voice]
“Get in here, come on. “Change this.” [Laughter] “We got to go.” [Conan does Schwarzenegger]
“We got to go.” “We got to go.” “State of California.” [Laughter] – “California.”
– “California.” [Bill laughs] What kind of… – [Laughter continues]
– What kind… I’m just curious, were…were you… I’m trying to pic… [Laughter, applause] Now you can’t stop. [Normal voice] Now I can’t stop, sorry! You gotta do something more
with him as a baby. I know, no, what am I going to do? I don’t know if it’s been done,
but it’s just so… No, I’m saying, like,
you’ve got to produce this. You’ve got to make a cartoon
where he’s a baby. ‘Cause that’s the only way
I want to see him from now on. You’re going to see that billboard
while you’re driving down Sunset, like, “Schwarzenegger Baby”. [Schwarzenegger voice] Come on! I would watch every second of that,
50 times. I was a PA
on an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called Collateral Damage and, um… – [Solitary clap]
– Hey! – All right.
– [Laughter] One person’s like,
“Oh, hey… Hm.” Uh, no, and that was the big line
in that movie, was, [Schwarzenegger voice] “Open up the door,
there’s a bomb in there.” [Laughter] And the first time I met him… The first time I met him, I go… He comes up to me and he had his cigar
in his mouth and he goes, “Where is Jeff and Peter?”
That’s his hair and make-up guys. Yeah. And I go, uh, “I don’t know,
I’ll find them.” And he goes… [Schwarzenegger voice] “Find them.
Show me your leadership capabilities.” [Laughter, applause] I love… I love when you hear a story
and you know it’sexactlytrue. – Yeah!
– Yeah. [Normal voice] It’s like,
“Show me your leadership capabilities.” I was like, “They’re right there.” [Laughter] “There they are.” “They’re sitting
in little director chairs over there.” [Bill laughs] Oh, my God. Oh, I’d like to do this
for four more hours.

Reader Comments

  1. Finally seen the real unedited video of this. The one where Bill Hader's face didn't magically transform into Arnold's face. I guess that's one point for someone who can press a few buttons on a laptop. Fooled me plenty.

  2. Maybe I've had too much coffee but his face even looked like arnie if he never lifted weights, then went back to his own face. I'm creeped out tbh… Maybe shape shifters are real after all lol.

    Update: lmao I've just found out why he looks like arnie for a second..
    1: I feel stupid..
    2:i feel worried also..
    This is amazing and worrying.. Like when nuclear power was harnessed.. Great things can be done with it.. Equally evil stuff too.

  3. This man is a shapeshifter. Pay atention at 2:55, his face structure changes, his eyes for, his forehead, everything….

    He's for sure a shapeshifter.

  4. No entendi el chiste, pero el rostro de ese hombre es estraño, es hijo de Arnol al algo asi? O un reptiliano, hasta el periodista resulta raro, parecen mascaras o que coño … …… ………

  5. Сходство есть, но при том что Арнольд далеко не красавец, у него есть природное обояние. А это противная рожа.

  6. I'd like to think this is a sketch made by an talkshow host of an alien shapeshifter race making fun of humans.

  7. I'd like to think this is a sketch made by an talkshow host of an alien shapeshifter race making fun of humans.

  8. У меня крыша едет или его лицо меняется прямо во время разговора? Да ну нахер, не ну ты это видел?

  9. You know what? Use this technology to edit remake freddy face with the englund freddy face if they ever make another new elm street movie

  10. А на заставке подумал что это Арнольд Шварцнегер в молодости даёт интервью…. Облом-с)))

  11. This is my favourite Ctrl Shift Face video. #1) The effect is artfully subtle and (#2) the story is genuinely funny.

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