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Biden’s dramatic and shifting story about a U.S. soldier’s medal

Biden’s dramatic and shifting story about a U.S. soldier’s medal

-I’ve been in and out of
Afghanistan and Iraq 28 times. I’ve been in and out of
Afghanistan and Iraq over 29 times. I’ve been in and out
of Afghanistan and Iraq over 30 times. At the PRT in a makeshift media
room surrounded by rocks, mud, and sand bags, but filled with
flat screens and computers, a two-star general
travelling with us performed an impromptu
award ceremony. He gave a bronze star
to a corporal, who looked to me
to be about 25 years old. I found myself in Iraq being
asked by General Odierno, a four-star, to pin a silver
medal on a young captain. I had been asked
in a foreign-operating base in the middle
of a godforsaken nowhere in the upper Kunar Valley
in Afghanistan to pin a Silver Star on a young,
coincidentally, Navy captain in what they call a FOB —
a foreign-operating base. I pinned medals on — Silver Stars on soldiers
up in the Kunar Valley in the middle of a firestorm
the poor guys had gone through. Young Navy captain —
Navy, Navy — up in the mountains in
the Kunar Valley of Afghanistan. Who had pulled a badly-wounded
gunner to safety, returning fire
to repel the enemy, and then keeping his buddy alive
until Medevac arrived. Who had pulled someone
out of a burning Humvee, risking his life. One of his buddies got shot, fell down a ravine
about 60 feet. This guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up
on his back under fire. He had gone down a ravine
to rescue one of his men who had been shot, brought him back
under a hail of gunfire, was wounded,
but the young man died. I know it sounds a little corny, but I don’t think there was
a dry eye in the house. And the general wanted me
to pin the Silver Star on him. And when I went to pin it on him
in front of the entire brigade. I went to pin the Silver Star
for General Rodriguez — pin the Silver Star
on his chest. I got up there,
and this is God’s truth, my word as a Biden,
he stood at attention. I went to pin him. He said, “Sir, I don’t want
the damn thing.” He stood at me, looked at me,
said, “Sir, I don’t
want the medal. I don’t want the medal.” “I don’t want it, sir. He died. He died.
I don’t deserve it.” “Do not pin it on me, sir. Please, sir. Do not do that. He died. He died.” “He died, Mr.
Vice President. I don’t want the medal.” How many nights does that kid
go to sleep seeing that image in his head,
dealing with it?

Reader Comments

  1. There is a really easy Littman‘s test that you can use to see if your politicians are lying to you!

    Just look and see if their lips are moving, if their lips are moving, their lying to you!


  3. Joe's gaffs vs King Toilet Tweet's blatant outrageous lying… hmmmm??? I will take the guy that didn't float the idea of nuking a hurricane.

  4. Yep, that did for it me, Establishment Joe should be the next POTUS. I can't wait for the Fireside Fibs. I especially love how he changes the anecdote for his audiences. He is such a clown.

  5. Don’t you have to be a pathological liar to become President of the United States? The American people believe this is the highest qualification required and celebrate and elect the man who has the least integrity and gravitas in the field. Either way, if he is the Democrat nominee, you can’t lose for the next six or so years.

  6. Wow a 3 time difference, when they cover him they say that they hate him when they cover Bernie the same exact way thy say it’s biased and they never cover Biden

  7. Biden is in a state of severe mental decline. He is confused and disoriented and loses his memory on a regular basis. He even forgot Obama's name. His family must intervene. He is a train wreck

  8. Yeesh! He was cringy enough fondling those kids on video. Now this? What a fake disgusting person. I don't know if this is dementia I think it's just lies. The proof of dementia is that he can't remember that he is being recorded while he tells different lies or fondles kids.

  9. Let's not get our panties in too much of a wad, Joe's ONE story is based on facts. If we want to reveal a seriously unhinged world record history of Presidential serial lying let's review Trump's over 11,000 dated, cite, and documented lies. Until then a story based on true events about heroic sacrifice, the point of the story, is a point well made. 1:11,000 is probably acceptable, especially to make a point

  10. Mr. Biden, you didn't finish the story.  After all the pleading for you not to, did you pin it on him anyway or did you pin it on the general instead?

  11. Let’s face it…. all war stories are silly, but Americans love them. They have to justify the money wasted somehow.

  12. Joe gets his facts mixed up. Trump just makes all his facts up! And his hateful moron base doesn't even notice?

  13. Where's the perspective here? trump lies about everything all the time. And he's an un-indicted criminal to boot. And we're harping about Biden telling tales out of school. Come on people!

  14. Just like Hillary’s lie, about taking fire in Bosnia when she landed in a helicopter. When a Democrat lies it’s called a gaffe. When a Republican makes a gaffe it’s labeled a lie. Main stream media standards.

  15. So what, the basic story is the same, nobody tells a story the exact same way every time. Also he visited many places in Afghanistan over 8 years, at least he can say the names.
    He can even say ‘the United States’.

    I’m not saying I’d vote for Biden, but picking out this as a talking point for senility is pretty bad. Check anyone’s record on telling the same story – I DDD you.

    It also isn’t respectful of the soldier you carried someone he knew out of a skirmish, only to have him die on his back. We should at least hear the end of the story.

  16. I am no Biden supporter, I am Warren all the way, but I can't see how this has anything to do with issues facing the American people. This, to me, seems like a distraction from substance to gotcha entertainment. It's not unusual for people to change details of stories. I'm sure every one of us has told a story repeatedly, and the more you tell it, the more it changes; not as a conscious deception but as a human inability to act like a computer.

  17. Compared to Trump…
    He can't even remember which leg hurt that saved him from enrolling the military. Say no more.

  18. Sounds like most Democrats … always having to create some story to entertain their crowd because they lack any actual ideas.

  19. "I was there when president… My boss, pinned a five star silver medal on a solider who had pulled a Barack Obama out of a burning ravine in Afghanistan…"

  20. Big deal! I speak a great deal to many people and the stories always get fudged a bit. Are you really gonna hold him to account on this? Let's talk issues instead. He's a good man and deserves better.

  21. By the this time next week he’ll have a story about getting a BJ from Amelia Earhart while Charles Lindbergh flew them to Saturn

  22. Biden is finished but the longer he staggers around the better for Republicans. As the campaign and its schedule picks up, he will get fatigued, and worse mentally. It will be too hard for everyone to watch him by then. The family will get him out.

  23. There was no recoding device of any type in his era. You wouldn't really needed to remember things you said back then😂.

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