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BEST STORAGE EVER? $7000 GAMBLE PAYS OFF! I bought an abandoned storage unit

BEST STORAGE EVER? $7000 GAMBLE PAYS OFF! I bought an abandoned storage unit

like this is like turning out to be one
of the best units of every bot in my life ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
packets of all ages here we are with our third installment and we spent $7,000 on
one storage unit we are this far into this unit you’ve seen everything we
found so far some stuff just laying on the shelf still I still haven’t gone
through that box yet we’re just getting here I think we’re gonna start over here
I’ve been itching to see in that Bosch box right there just getting to me
I ended right here in the last one you can see we’re hardly even into this unit
in any way shape or form and we’re gonna get to it and steel we got make sure if
you haven’t watched part 1 and part 2 of this 7010 by 30 that i bought because
i’m loco looking for silver gold and gems we’ve already found amazing stuff
amazing Louisville Slugger collections huge Louisville Slugger collection Canon
cameras nikon cameras and peaks police stuff world war ii missiles shells and
trench art ‘no sits like it’s a nuts all the things we found so anyway i’m gonna
get started off the bat we’re gonna go with something good bosch hammer SDS max nice what is that got bits bosch hammer
turbo 1 1 2 3 5 EVs oh that’s a good shape there’s in real good shape right
there SDS max Bosch gotta look that up right off the bat if I had to stop and
if I would say right now somebody walk by this storage unit said how much you
can sell for I wouldn’t hesitate I was just quoting 450 without even knowing
but I do not know what it’s worth that’s what I’d do if I wasn’t make quick sale
he probably offered me 350 I jump on it hopefully I would make some money I
don’t know if I’ve been losing but that’s the way I would do it and that’s
I had time to look it up and I took the time to look it up real quick and I
would all lost the customer why because it’s selling for 250 used on eBay so
that’s what I’m gonna probably ask the flea market well 250 see what I can get
since it’s on ebay used for that that’s what we roll with what was in here at one point looks very
military ish Bern’s
OMB let’s get the cord out of the way we got cowboy boots there’s like a
cowboy boots box but there’s lots of cowboy boots you never check each one
for money Phase II boots boots could be like 20 bucks and then they could be
like 500 bucks it’s like any other pair of shoes it’s crazy made in Mexico Thanks
hello hello hello and genuine Filson hmm I don’t know what
I feel about that sound you like a quality jacket it’s got traps on got his Oh ray-bans nice they’re reading
spectacles but still those are cute broken broken so we got a little fish
here we got a cool little trophy here that’s nice P Applegate definitely
sterling BB c BB BB C winner and P Applegate cell Paolo have to look that
up we got some made in England duct up I don’t know if anybody knows anything
about duct cups top somebody bought him into Miss sale got a wood box what else
was here we have some lighters for this lighter collection nothing really fans
you dissing Winston lighters and these right here I thought were pretty cool
too shucks piston Oilers and San Diego
Chargers pinned it those are kind of cool except on the side note good pile
like sports memorabilia busy careful here I don’t know about that
is it a whole box of really fragile stuff that I don’t really want to touch
because it’s all fragile let’s pull it all out and see I don’t even know where
to begin artists signed vase right here this one
is not have any signature just drop a couple coins out of theirs and pennies
Michaela is gonna be sad but I don’t know I like this one doesn’t have a
signature doesn’t have a sticker I like the style I like the way it it looks I
just showed you this one here and then we have this with the ship oh great
there with the piggy bank this one has a chip flamingo this is pretty cool right
here it’s like somebody’s woodshop project or something it sounds like
that’s changing it cuz somebody has put change you know what do you want to
break it $20 I like that piece right there this tool bench drawer look there’s a
fishing string or what is this scale agent interesting stuff oh-ho-ho –
vintage Pendleton robes only get them on the ground those are some good money
right there like on eBay I bet you that’s 40 50 bucks if I to
guess each one of those we gonna hear next the North Face jacket the gourd
thing I was just being facetious this is a this is a North Face it’s a
Gortex straight to Eva Han that one guys you know anything about Gor Tech North
Face it gets three more eBay items right there the military but some good
military boots no maybe they’re not okay we just have some boots and shoes the
box was not it’s too exciting as I would like it was been that’s kind of cool
we like game boys definitely like Game Boy colors Jana’s pajamas pajamas shoes
tons of shoes some boots like that they really like their boots
I just got boots there’s some good ones there’s but those are but those boots
right there cost somebody three four hundred bucks interesting get a boot specialist and I
gotta go to every boot what do you think when you see a box like this federal
remington remington gun antiques arms Angela I would love to find a couple of
these priceless bad boys right here sponsored by Texas gun collectors
Association nice yeah please can I find like that one right there that’s not
what you want to see when you start seeing all these boxes like this this
one’s heavy what is in there not what I expected to
see a really cool humidor though now there’s like a suspensive humidor made
in France Wow don’t want to overlook that box you microscope see maybe a cheap glass
collection found this right here this is a cool statue it’s not made of wood
but I like what the bottom says plastic maybe the Franklin Mint it’s a plastic
sculpture I dropped a little gun here that goes
with it maybe it doesn’t go they just put it there that is pretty nice holding
rope pull the extension cord 10 15 20 bucks apiece we got ahold of James might
be actually a 40 $50 bag we were not there I think like this this pair right
here I think I’m getting 25 bucks on that right there
that’s what I honestly think for that one on the top that right there is 10
this right here is probably 15 10 or 15 for that rope hooks here so far I’m not
really too fond of books but we’ll go ahead and flip through here artful
Dodgers I like that inside the Third Reich whoa we’re talking German stuff
now here Saima anybody know hope we find World
War 2 you guys know anything about some of my best find well my best finds ever
was the world war ii german military item savage gentleman that sounds like
me milli that looks like a good book Petros
that’s probably not truthful 70 scroll Ted Williams played the game we played
the game nice now we’re talking we got some cool stuff look at this that is one
of the world’s largest rolling pins I’ve ever seen right there Mirabella meribella marbella tutti
frutti sift shine for your flower look at this baking pan Wow some really
cool stuff we’re gonna to really take our time on this I don’t know what to do
about that like I’m gonna be taking some of the stuff out tomorrow right away and
asking money that’s cool I like that looks older maybe that’s 15 or 20 this
looks like it’s made in Taiwan nope 1998 John right a blender so someone’s a
blend of people but not dad and some cool stuff oh we have to take the time
on this one I’m gonna lay everything out real quick then we’ll just go through
and look at it once it’s all spread out cuz I’m by myself today and I got to do
it that way to begin on this stuff guys like I wanna go right here oh I thought
this was being real but it’s a cap gun some form don’t know much about this bad way right
here looks like parts is broken but I might actually be a real crazy look at all that stuff right there look
at these right here they don’t have any marking on em oh yes they do the mayor d Maya these are nice right here we’re
gonna go right here from left to right because I’ve found several of these we
have a vintage that’s Jean she’s a dice player got the vintage dice we got lots
of these bronze pieces like this or copper and we got tons of vintage
antique gun monsters careful there Michael Eubanks led their Boise Idaho 5
and a half like I don’t know where and what air these are from but these look
like a western-style like this is old stuff right here this is not modern-day
see how they took care of it they put paper inside of each one they really
appreciated these things made by a in horn or heart this one say right here
didn’t have a words this one’s pretty dope right here like wild wild west
stuff right here like real legit stuff we got a bronzer no it’s the maybe a pot
metal Buffalo right here this right here is a bayonet very crude very that World
War one like I don’t know I this could be super rare I don’t even know what to
do with any of this stuff right now I’m bewildered I have not found a unit where
like every single thing like this just one after another after another after
another was just really good items Junior marshals 1979 how dry I am Japan
a booze flask this is really really nice stuff there’s some tubs in here I didn’t
take the cups out there’s like a whole set of cups they say something on them
like sh o tore off so I don’t know it’s like some Illuminati looking stuff
I don’t know comment below if you know anything about these gun holes I’m gonna
really need a lot of help with this stuff guys a lot of Hell this little do
a satchel official official comes like this and this and this it’s very neat I
don’t know where looks military issue to me a lot of great military items in this
unit like I don’t I’m bewildered guys and they just flabbergasted I can’t even
hundredth US Open Pebble Beach signed by who are the signed by guys we got a
signature but then a good pile which can’t even expensive it’s cool the box but it doesn’t open
out we’ll set that aside because Native American stuff is automatically cool wow
it’s just getting better and better look at this little game marks that isn’t
like you guys here to my voice can you guys hear in my voice that I don’t even
know what to do because there’s like just so much stuff this is overwhelming
this is like a Mustang emblem for a car classic Mustang call you the rarest
Mustang alive and of course who would have thunk we have the foul the
loudmouth Billy no I lied there’s a real fish like this man’s caught this fish
and he’s like hi I’m a fish how are you doing let’s be I can’t even sing it wet
but the billy song I would do it right now I thought we got coming here holy Wow
let’s see here real quick black-and-white photos are great look at
these cars military men what a good time this was
try some we collected a lot of people collect military black and white all
sorts of black and white photos for the best one vans much love to this person whoever did all
this serving of our country that’s nice basically that Mike the mothball fleet
out here in Benicia we used to have all those who 1854 I know that’s not on that
plane is from electrical supply cars shortage cowboyed
in the world nice good photo sure the vintage dyes
have a market they collide bow and whatever those could be we have to have
that looked mmm Mexico army nice that looks real primitive – it looks old oh so much to have looked at guys swimming so Leave It to Beaver no not leaving me
where’s that one I’m drawing a blank on my shows for once Andy Griffith Show
look at these freaking photos man this is just personal mainly to this right
here I don’t even know what Wow argh 1 1 7 Wow movie that John Wayne okay I think
we’re getting somewhere but still these are definitely parties from the movie
scenes cuz he all they have the numbers there am i holding something extremely
valuable and I don’t even realize it somebody has the police tell me those
are something rare they’re pretty nice look
argh 46 like I think these are like from the movie still shots or something like
a scene I don’t know I’m from I’m like running out of thought process here guys
literally running out of thought prize I thought that was John Wayne I can’t even
keep up with this stuff it’s just coming out of me so fast so vast then we find
the Spurs these are not locked did I see what do you know about Spurs guys guys
I’m like a kid at Katie’s door I like a kiddy Katie store I don’t have to come
back tomorrow finish the end of this video look the sun’s going down so I’m
gonna try to squeeze in as much more as I can but this is crazy do you guys know
about marbles does anybody know about marbles right
now I thought I’ve lost my marbles it’s amazing what I’m finding in this unit
cause there’s like marbles everywhere it’s like I shouldn’t say marble this
stuff it’s just coming out of the boxes like nobody’s business I don’t even know
what to do like this is like turning out to be one of the best units I’ve ever
bought in my life I’m not even kidding with you Sheffield cutlery the original sheath I’m so Gary it’s me military snapshot this guy collected
black point photos you see we got military guys this is phenomenal this is
phenomenal the beach right here – beach boy train picture right off the bat
let’s go backwards because it’s easier to click slide show Oh military
destroyers you sunk my battleship look at this stuff
oh ho now we’re back in a family stuff not so pleasant stuff family stuff train
stuff school wow this is a very unique guys this one is empty sadly this one is
empty but that is nice black and white photo album used to put photos on
running out of room running out of room I don’t know what to make of this like
these like this could be the retirement photos it was somebody doing this these look like Ansel Adams man if I
could prove that these are Ansel Adams I’d be retired I could retire literally
we’re just discussing Ansel Adams there’s so many of these Wow look at
that and I want to pull my up to be just if
we’re going we got so much to do but Wow look at these cigarettes right here oh
my god I’ve seen at all see you know huh all right I’m calling it a day I was
gonna start this fishing box here and I have to go it’s almost time to get out
of here but we are just this far to this unit on the third video it is nuts the
things you see you see tools and you see boxes and you see things and it’s just
every box is just full of stuff that’s been coming out like crazy I’m so
excited and I just can’t huh I’m about to lose my mind and I think I like it
thanks for watching this video I love you all stay tuned to finish watching
what is in this $7000 beauty ooh

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  3. I nearly laughed out loud when the humidor had a “Gone with the Wind “ black mammy in it. I could almost hear her telling anyone who opened it up the dangers of smoking! Brilliant!

  4. It someone approached you right now and said " Omgosh that's my Great Grand Dad's belongings " Could of would you be able to give it back? Just curious😒

  5. Another unbelievable video, Pirate! @19:44 If the landscape photos are Ansel Adams, they could be very valuable. @ 21:06 Yes, I think those movie photos are $$$! @22:06 I 💔 marbles! Are those for sale? I've been trying to fill up a huge old jug forever, but I don't want to put new marbles in it. Hopefully this $7K unit will get you a house and your trip to Hawaii! Tyfs.

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  7. Just so you know the knife you found that was from Sheffield is from england, some of the best cutlery you could buy used to be made in Sheffield. By the looks of it that knife was made in the 50's, my dad (who came from Sheffield) left England in the early 60's and used to own a knife very similar to the one you showed the sheath however I don't think is original to the piece as it didn't look like it came with a belt loop on it but that could of been damaged and cut off.
    Good luck Mate

  8. Double or triple your house money, have money for vacation, plus pirate upfront wupout cash and some savings? That’s my thoughts for you!!! May have to do an eBay store bidding so subscribers can bid maybe good good stuff. Going to need appraisals, wow!

  9. As someone from the UK i watch you quoting prices for stuff that you have no idea how much they are worth,some cowboy boots are not what think,they can go up to $1,000 and more depending on the make.i notice a lot with americans looking at books that they are looked upon as not being worth much money when first edition harry potter books,these are modern books but they are worth $500 or more,james bond first editions go for hundreds.i have seen that locker buyers do tend to flip stuff way too fast and sell things for a few bucks when they are worth way more but they just do not take the time to look them up.i see art pottery and glass sold at flea markets for a few bucks when they could be taken to a good class auction house to be looked at and maybe even sold there,when you find a really great locker that does not come along all the time it is always better to take time to check things out,how would you feel if you sold a vase for $20 at a flea market to find the person who bought it sold it for $100,000? I know a lady here in the UK who bought a ring for $10 thinking it was costume jewellery and having it for 20 years not knowing what she had,one day she was in need of some cash and took all the jewellery she had to see what she could get,that $10 ring turned out to be a huge diamond that sold for $900,000,it's a true story,look it up on the internet,i see her most weekends,she lives off that money.

  10. Please do not sell this stuff without taking them to people who know what they are,every box you open there is big money here.

  11. Pirate at the 7 minute mark is a bunch of cordage or rope. I am interested in buying it. You never showed all of it that I saw so far. What would you want for it?
    At the 15:30 mark you held up a bayonet. Based on the triangular shape it looks to be civil war era.

  12. GORGEOUS FINDS! Definitely worth what you spent on it. Min. 18:49 you show a coloured photo with palm trees. I guess it is THE most beautiful hotel in the world which is "La Mamounia" in Marrakech, Morocco. It was renovated several times but still assume that it is correct. I'm not as old as the photos which you can sell at a very high price! (Try to not touch them on the upper glossy side with the image on it.) The album should at least be sold for $500.- to 700.-. Small one as well as military photos.

  13. Check out the marbles for aggies. Some marbles were made from agates and sardonyx until the glass industry produced cheap knock offs and killed the market. Up to US$50 each.

  14. you said some stuff looked illuminati,,,it may well be masonic if it has symbols on it,masonic stuff can get good money

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  16. ok Hollywood pics…. not my area….
    Ansel Adams did landscape photography but it's the most important natural lsndscape photography of our country by anyone. Glass negatives.

  17. They look like Mexican made there might be some kind of number small on near the spur the studio movie pic dates back in 50 to 60 they take pic before color come out then see they should do scene the guns are millatary issues that pic might be in early 40 and 50

  18. 2:06
    Russian ammo crate. Would have held 2 440 round "spam" cans of 7.62x54R rifle ammo, for Mosin Nagant battle rifles.

  19. Great series.!You stumbled on a highly affluent and cultured, collection of historically valuable materials! Whoever collected this stuff had good taste and a lot of money.

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  26. Amazing and great finds. We know it's about making a profit, although Pirate Mike needs to become more antique and collectible educated, and take more care when unboxing in order to preserve history. These people collected these things for a reason.

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