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Best Portable Generator of 2019 (MUST HAVE Survival Gadget)

Best Portable Generator of 2019 (MUST HAVE Survival Gadget)

– What’s the fastest, best iPhone charger? How about a personal generator
that will fast charge your devices and give
you personal backup power on the go. We’ve got a massive deal
and it’s coming right up. (gently chiming bells) Massive deal, small product. Slim, hundreds of dollars in savings and your key to replacing
all of those backup power and personal generators
where there’s gas fumes and cord pulling and things
that will not safely power modern devices. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I love finding deals. This deal is located right
under the video screen if you expand the video
description box under me. I’m gonna show you what is
basically a power generator meets fast charger meets power bank unlike anything you’ve seen, and I do wanna mention that
this power bank right here, just to give you some
perspective is 4,500 milliamps. This is 40,000. I’m gonna show you what you
can power, how this works. We’re gonna unbox it and again
if you do wanna score this at the lowest price that
I just found this at you know where to go (clap) all right! Let’s unbox! All right, so unbox this. I’ll flip this around so you can see it. You get the set up quick instructions. And then it’s funny, this is a lot smaller than the box, right. Look at this. It’s very well packaged.
I love the handle. But it’s very, very small. Beautiful device, again stunning
given what’s on the market and I mean there are so many things that look like this, I mean what is this? This is a good deal, this
is an interesting product, but this looks like it was
made at RadioShack in 1985. So, I just wanna give you
an idea of what a modern day charge product looks like. So let’s take this off the screen… This is nice! Two AC outputs, you have
the four USB outputs here, the blue one is obviously a fast charge and then you have the three. And then you have another
DC output depending on what it is you wanna power
and then this is the input. The input is what you will
use to charge the device. So here we go. So, to begin the charging of this product you’re gonna plug this in to a wall outlet and then we’re gonna plug
the DC input into here. These are the two AC outputs
you get and then on the back… Now I wonder if this is
powered when you take it out of the box? Let’s turn it, it is! Woohoo comes fully charged
or almost fully charged. That is amazing. Okay, so you have that and
then now I can show you, I thought we were gonna
have to shoot this video in a few parts. This is the bright light,
really really bright. You have the SOS mode. (laughs) It’s really really bright. Different pulses. And then let’s turn this off. That is really beautifully bright. And it’s a very quiet
operation, which I love. There’s no fans or moving parts and this is a very lightweight device, this is if you carry around a
MacBook Pro it kind of feels as though it has similar weight to that and obviously a smaller footprint, although it is thicker
than a typical laptop. Okay, I have this hooked up. I am going to power a MacBook Pro, a shoulder massage system, a power bank with an LED light. I’m gonna charge an iPhone 10. I am going to power a
portable air conditioner and a Bluetooth speaker
all from the same device. And you’ll see right now
while all of these items are plugged in and drawing power, ’cause I am gonna take you
through a demonstration of this, it’s not losing power at a mile a minute, which some of these devices do. I should mention when you’re using this, you have two controls. You have the AC, which
turns on the outlets, see where it says AC on, and then you have a
separate control for the DC, which activates the USBs,
so just keep that in mind if you do buy it, as I did,
and they’re not working they do have their own
on and off switches. You can see USBs are on and then that’s your
AC switch right there. Let’s start with the easiest
part, the iPhone 10, charging. On top of that, this power bank is, what is the power bank milliamp? This is a 15,000 milliamp
an hour power bank and this is now charging and you can see this has a light on it
as well. That is working. This is a portable USB-C air conditioner, portable air conditioner. (click)
This is on now. And if you can hear from
my microphone, (buzzing) it’s on. Cold air is coming out of that. On top of that, while that’s working, let’s turn on the shoulder massager. This has a big draw. This is on, I’m gonna
leave this over here. That is powered by USB as well. On top of that, we got
the Bluetooth speaker. This is a really good Bluetooth speaker a while ago that I featured
if you wanna look back at the video for that. This is charging as well, you can see. And this is a MacBook
Pro with the touch bar, so again, a demanding unit. You can see that it’s charging. Here I’ll plug this in
again so you can see it. Charging. So, and it wants to connect
with my Bluetooth speaker. While all of this is going
on, and this is still at 70%, let’s turn the lights on. The light is on. The massager is working with heat. The air conditioner is working, the power bank is charging. iPhone is charging. Bluetooth speaker’s going
and the computer is going. Absolutely incredible and
I will show you again, this is still at 70%. I have not seen a portable power station with all of the benefits and
features that I just showed you at this price. So if you do wanna check it
out, you are scoring this for under a 150 bucks and
given how many devices it can power and the functionality, this is great for camping,
hiking, road trips, it could be your emergency kit, you could put this in
different areas of your home. It’ll be great if you have a work shed, it’ll be great for even
hosting a party outside, right. So many times we don’t
have the outlets we want. This would give you
those outlets on demand and again that safe charging is key. Score the deal by expanding
the video description box right under me. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you want more huge deals like this. We got Prime Day right
around the corner. (clap) I am all revved up and
ready to save you some cash. Click on my oversized head
right here to get subscribed if you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment. Click here and that last
big round up of deals I did, over here.

Reader Comments

  1. Does anyone know if this would provide enough power to operate a power lift chair during a power outage. My mother lost power and was stuck in the recline position overnight. I would like to find a power bank that could assist her if this were to happen again. All other options I’ve seen are too heavy and expensive. Thanks for any replies.

  2. Hey, Matt! We always appreciate your diligence in finding, not only deals, but the "best" product in the category — thank you! We'd really appreciate it if you could review * personal alert devices * for the elderly and infirm. If you could compare a selection, so viewers could choose based on individual circumstances that would be perfect!

  3. ohhh…. I was kinda hoping for something like this but with a solar panel. Like an all in one device. I get a lot of sun where I'm at but the weather can change at a drop of a hat. So having something like this would be helpful especially in emergency situation.

  4. I tried to buy this item two hours after your post in both colors and was advised “out of stock “. I am not blaming you or complaining just wanted to let others know.

  5. I truly need to order one of those soon. As I live on the Mississippi gulf coast this have to deal with hurricanes from time to time. It takes a long time to get power after one hits. Thank you for sharing.

  6. But you can't plug a reg plug in? It would be nice if you could plug something in. Can you charge off your car?

  7. Too bad the battery pack(not a generator) doesn’t have a integrated charging plug. I’d still buy this for its storage capacity. Thank you for the video.

  8. This seems like a nifty device except it is more of a power storage unit than a generator. It must either be plugged in to charge or use a not-included solar source (the generating part). “This power station can be recharged using Solar Panel technology or through an AC outlet using the included AC adapter.” Could you please suggest a solar panel (I believe Amazon carries them – but, how to choose?) which is best compatible (and affordable!) to go with today’s deal? I live in Florida, so a non-AC power source is pretty important. Thanks so much.

  9. Great review….they always are! But I have a problem…I'm trying to find your review on the bug light…help!?

  10. Matt, is there any level of weather resistance for this product. I’d love one for camping type trips, but would have to to at least be splash proof.

  11. Sooo, did you time how long it would charge all of that until it shut off complete?
    Curious minds want to know 🙂

  12. This is amazing and would work.great in my travels when boondocking in my RV……thanks for bringing it to us!!#

  13. Thx Matt! My desktop computer broke. It was a Dell. So I need a really good deal on another one with tons of memory. Any good buys available?

  14. Its a great product matt, esp, in a emergency situation. Nice keep it up matt, I wud love to have any product u have in case urndoingna give away 👍.

  15. Would love to find a portable or car charger that is able to charge a electric chair. My chair dies while out sometimes and have to hope I have the charger and an AC plug for power

  16. There is no industry standard solar panel plug on this unit to recharge it like falsely indicated in the specs. I hope it's waterproof as you slober all over yourself in Glee doing this review.

  17. Matt in the advertisement for this generator it shows it being powered up by a solar charger. Can you find out more about that or give info on a solar charger that would work to charge that? I live in a sunny, hurricane prone area. We get bad storms that knock out the power often. Can't charge if I don't have power. Can you help with this? Someone else asked this same question.

  18. Be nice if the link worked. How is it made by and do they have a web site. I would like to know if it will be able to power a c-pap and what the amp hour rating is. Can it be charged by a car or motorcycle?

  19. You've gotta be kidding me, your link in your description box for this portable generator does not work either. Great video anyhow tho. Thank you! 🎩

  20. I went to site many times. Got error messages, looked like not available, etc. How many WERE actually on sale? Is it still available? Thanks for your help!

  21. when does it generate electricity? I thought you were going to show that feature by the title.

  22. I live in Jacksonville, FL. This is super awesome! Be it hurricsnes, tropical storms, anything pertinent to inclement weather or just vacation travel, this just might be a MUST HAVE! I haven't seen anything like this!

  23. I can’t find this item anywhere on Amazon. Lots of alternatives, but not this one. Help? iDeaPlay BP200

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