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Best Pack Ever – The Alice Pack

Best Pack Ever – The Alice Pack

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  1. If you need need more weight why not add a file for re-profiling your axe blade just in case its needed. I bought a file when I bought the sharpening puck. It just seemed like a really great idea…
    Its a good video you put together for a lot though. I'm looking at buying a Large ALICE myself as well to replace my Large ACU ruck.

  2. Not trying to take away from your pack, just saying what I use. I used the large alice pack for 5 years and loved it. But then I found the large molle II pack. I've used it for 2 years now year round and see no reason to change. For the most part its just like the alice, but I can configure the outside of it the way I like.

  3. that is a big heavy load, too much stuff, but you can always abandon gear on the trail if it is too heavy.

  4. Nice job. Im about to pull out my large Alice pack "Ranger Ruck" from my attic. Hey…look into some two quart canteens instead for bulk water storage.

  5. Nice set up. Your swede saw needs to have more bow to the frame, I own an antique Boy Scouts model with the triangle shaped frame and I have found that the frame touches down and lifts the blade if I don't keep the stoke short, everything else looks great.

  6. sorry brah, alice sucks molle is sweeter yet
    if youve ever humped one for any time you know the upper frame digs into your shoulders and the waist belt sucks
    at least upgrade the hip belt to a molle
    wear the flc, dont pack it up, this makes no sense to me

  7. Having used the large Alice for years and still like it. I prefer the Molle II Medium for civilian use. The Alice Large may be able to hold more gear but the molle II medium is more comfortable, more customizable, and fits my current needs.

  8. Did’t see a water filter. Do you carry one? If so, what kind? Beyond that, you had a well thought out and well organized pack. I have the large ALICE pack also and like it real well. Good vid, thank you.

  9. great video man. The ALICE has been worn out since around 2007. And yet I still use mine for all official business!

  10. My favorite pack ever. I have jumped and humped this bad boy for many years. Just fantastic pack.

  11. The trouble with these videos is these people want us to see them .. Nothing more or less in these packs then any one else's has.. Its look at me …

  12. Dude that was the best gear dump ever… you gave me a great view of your Alice pack and your gear… great.. J

  13. Good loadout. I carry a tiny lightweight hammock also. We used to wrap 550 cord around the frame horizontally and a few bungees.

  14. The webbing on the sides of an ALICE pack fit some MOLLE pouches by sheer coincidence. The large ALICE can haul more than you want. The Medium is a good three day pack.

  15. I have the US Army issue Alice Pack, I call it the bottomless kit pit lol. But there is no better pack for quality and space. I use the rucksack for my primary bugout pack and the Alice for my bushcraft pack that is loaded on my ATV. Appreciate your review on the use of military gear and I use very similar gear as yours.

  16. The Alice Pack is the best,be it camping,bob,shtf,(IMO)I’ve seen nice(Molle)packs zippers break off,Yes you can rig it using a safety pin.But I’ve also seen the teeth on the zipper shear off.Even on )100.00 packs.Any Alice Pack(IMO)is not superior it’s far superior.Than that Molle CRAP.

  17. The pathfinder canteen kit you have is awesome you should use it some time. You will find it works very well. I have an Alice pack as well, I replaced it with the new Mollie 2 large ruck sack. Way more comfortable and way stronger

  18. My best hiking buddy loves his…..usmc…2 tours…..he is my hero …..I use the ILBE……look up our channel NUCLEAROUTDOORPRODUCTS….we have a lot of info paralling yours..".our company makes the IRIDIUM stove…. the AK47 of pack stoves…..check it out…..

  19. I suppose everyone will have their own idea of how to pack a ruck, unless it was issued to you; in which case, you'll pack it the way you're told!!! LOL!!! Back in the day, we called those medium rucks you mention as "baby rucks"………. simply because we never used anything but the large rucks in our units; which are nearly twice the size…………which means, unfortunately, you carry twice the weight. LOL!!! When you're doing it, it sucks like nobody's business; but now that we're considered old men, I guess it's a good laugh to reminisce. Either one, which ever you use though, will be a reliable piece of gear. There was nothing high-tech about them; just basic, strong & durable, and lightweight when it was empty. My last eight or so years, the army was pushing hard for a replacement, trying the hi-tech route, and we were forced to use all the crazy ideas from folks that never had to carry it full of gear; but absolutely nothing was worth a damn compared to the ALICE pack, which I could carry over 120 lbs worth of equipment in (when I was young). Couldn't tell ya what the boys are carrying now, or if the stuff is any good, but I do know the stuff is godawful expensive. I retired just before the GWOT started, so I no longer get gear for free. Save a heap of cash and get yourself one of these if you can find them, either the smaller one here, or the large, and make sure you have the frame. I still have my two large ALICE packs I was issued, both are over twenty years old now, and still holding up with no deficiencies. Us old guys can't do much anymore, but our words are still pretty strong. I'm sixty-three, and I haven't found a pack that can do the job for less than 50 bucks yet. Stay Outdoors ~ Stay Alive in your Heart & Soul

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