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Best of Pawn Stars: Collection of Restored Indian Motorcycles | History

Best of Pawn Stars: Collection of Restored Indian Motorcycles | History

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  1. Corey was trying to be as fair with the offer as possible. And Rick was like, no I have to low ball him. I gotta get it back to the shop, frame it, make it look pretty….

  2. God if I only knew…my dad had a very old Indian bike years ago. When he died I was cleaning out his garage…..I know ZERO about bikes…nothing….Thought it was a piece of junk….sold it to a neighbor for $100.00 and I thought I was ripping him off….

  3. This guy did some seriously beautiful work on those Indians. To be able to up your garage and see those? INCREDIBLE!…:)

  4. Indian the great iconic motorcycle of America
    Wtf your most famous bike is named after an another country


  6. He should have said "Indian Marque" not "Indian Marquee". A marquee is a tent not a motorcycle brand.

  7. Rick is a Fool when it comes to Old Motorcycles… He just lost 100.000…..He could have bought all for 395.000 to 410.000….All the Bikes would have brought over 600.000…..easy…. Wow what a collection….

  8. Why would anybody try to sell a high value item to a pawn shop guy, if you can sell for what it is worth to a knowledgeable  buyer.

  9. Owner.I will sell my Brian May guitar for $200,000. Rick. 200,000 dollars sorry I cant do that I will do 100,000 dollars

  10. There's nothing like a classic if you're not going to be around to take a flight off this Third Rock to see something new why waste your time with anything current the classics everything is where it's memories were made and Future's were born

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